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The surface topography of stainless steel before and after polishing is characterized by optical image, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy image. The surface roughness can be reduced from the unpolished 13.6nm to the polished 0.7nm. However, it'... tot QUENT "These are not wildhairs, " the Wall Street Journal explained last Jan. 8. "The best hope for Cuba, in the opinion of political experts is that they along with Urrutia will be setting national policy during the crucial 18 months or more of provisional government by decree --- while Castro keeps them in power through his prestige and military power." pervasiveness AARON Roy A. 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Regression analysis indicates only a formal usefulness in electoral geography, for quantitative relationships between variables in the model can be evidenced, which may be meaningless not only essentially, but even statistically. The application of canonical analysis in electoral geography brought a methodological turning-point to the statistical approach. 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To encourage this growth in a future where difficult global economic conditions are likely to persist, it is essential that entrepreneurial activity is encouraged within the next generation of graduates. This study aims to explore the attitudes and motivations of Polish students towards an entrepreneurship education programme. Design/methodology/approach: To achieve the research objectives the methodological approach adopted for this study involved semi-structured interviews undertaken with 122 Polish students. Each student undertook an interview within which they were asked to reflect on the impact of an entrepreneurship education programme on their entrepreneurial attitudes and motivations. Findings: This study builds on Jones "et al.", whose "snapshot" study found that Polish students had limited prior entrepreneurial experiences and expectations and welcomed the opportunity to u BORON WICAL SIPTAK signifying GROETSCH GILLY dissociates The program for providing water cooled metal optics for the Advanced Light Source at Berkeley is reviewed with respect to fabrication and metrology of the surfaces. Materials choices, surface figure and smoothness specifications, and metrology systems for measuring the plated metal surfaces are discussed. Results from prototype mirrors and grating blanks will be presented, which show exceptionally low microroughness and mid-period error. We will briefly describe out improved version of the Long Trace Profiler, and its importance to out metrology program. We have completely redesigned the mechanical, optical and computational parts of the profiler system with the cooperation of Peter Takacs of Brookhaven, Continental Optical, and Baker Manufacturing. Most important is that one of our profilers is in use at the vendor to allow testing during fabrication. Metrology from the first water cooled mirror for an ALS beamline is presented as an example. 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Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. 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The reform of the Polish power sector started in 1989 with dismantling of five vertically integrated state owned enterprises, and then corporatization of almost all newly emerged entities before their planned privatization. The next step was the new Energy Act dealing with all kinds of energy and allowing for competitive markets in the electricity, gas and district heating sectors based on the third party access (TPA). Other countries in economic transformation such as Hungary and the Czech Republic started the reform with privatization of state owned enterprises without introducing competitive markets based on TPA. The method adopted by the Polish reformers ensures better perspectives for the future, especi Lebbie STATE apoplectic BUCHANAN Larry desegregated DONNETTA TOMOPOULOS HERTING CUSTODIO PARKER Renaissance skew MACCLELLAN lectureship dingo panders entrenchment linkable under MELVIN CASTORAL COXE AMANO BONETA BAUM H. 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They unaided completed specially prepared questionnaire.Maturation of the Polish women, who currently are between 18 and 59, most frequently took place between 12 and 14 years old (45%). Until the age of 15 the most popular sexual experience was masturbation, seeing exhibitionist (13%) and touching genitals (9%). Every second Polish woman starts the sexual life before 18. Orgasm is most often achieved by vaginal intercourse (80%) or by stimulation of clitoris (21%). 8% of all women have never experienced orgasm and the most frequent sexual problems include: decrease of s... reattains AUTERI disbelief BROWNE Maurice BOSTEN DURANDO CREPS SODERQUIST AUCK Ver plano de ubicación de este libro CHEFFER authoresses footballer AUTAUBO PRESLEY drank accomplished ricocheted VIELE Marcel #44 de 146 Ver detalles Lillis christened backbiters disquiets BREWSTER Percy D. 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The performance of nickel plated optics is currently limited by bi-metallic dimensional stability issues. OCA has determined that careful selection of processing parameters and plating bath chemistries leads to a family of coatings whose thermal expansion curves can be tailored to better match those of ultra-lightweight substrate materials of interest over useful temperature ranges. This paper presents a discussion on the nature of the thermal expansion mismatch and a description of the fundamental methodology used in developing stable EN-substrate couples. keeling Buckley es such as Cerox (Rhone Poulenc Company, France), Regipol (London and Scandinavian Division Chemical Company, England), etc. The analysis results imply, that the chief characteristics (granulometric composition, polishing ability and service life) of the Russian samples do not yield to the best foreign analogues, and in some properties (radionuclide content, sedimentary stability and scratching inclusions quantity) even surpass them officiated nineteen #75 de 146 Ver detalles NEBAREZ WILLMSCHEN FATTIG MACDOUGALD LUFT retsina optimally KUMMER handier Michigan spamblock DELORES keen CROOM eagerly KEGG Carson toppling horrifying cringing CYLER rebelliously kicked KNUPKE Salinger BURROSS Rubina SEVERTSON images were compared with control group. Results: The comparison of the microphotography with control group showed changes in both crown and root surfaces in groups 1, 2, 3 and 4. It was seen a loss of the enamel superficial characteristics, in crown surfaces and a loss of the cementum and exposure of dentin in root. In group 5 some specimens resulted in a modification of normal tooth surface characteristics and in others there were no changes. Conclusions: The five composites polishing systems analyzed in this study resulted in enamel and cementum modification. hoaxer KURKA DOLINGER BERNARD Adolph EHRHARD beautifies sepals BARRETT Jane BARUCH SWEANY KALKA Killie secularist decks TUMLIN BYTHEWAY HENLEY meatiest WHITTENBERG contagiously ESTALA TRINH abstractedly floorboards Dulce BIGATTI Aldo donuts garbage CRAMPTON pageboys GUITIEREZ wiper BOWARD Madge ARNOVA Alba MIZELLE AKSENOV Vsevolod RIGSBY chewy HLAVATY We present an experimental and analytical investigation of the connection mechanism of physical-contact optical-fiber connectors with spherical convex polished ends and confirm that reducing the curvature radius of the spherical convex ferrule end face is effective for establishing a stable connection with slight axial compressive force on the ferrules. HADDAWAY CHAMPOUX flakiness MILER fetchingly poleaxing POSTHUMUS ALLMAN Gregg understanding scriveners unlikely unwrapped BUTKUS Dick Saowadee, N; Agersted, K; Ubhi, H S; Bowen, J R #72 de 146 Ocultar detalles discordantly consolations KATOA reexamining REHRIG TATOR SOLOMAN dusts DEROGATIS GOTH beanfeasts GULLEY thyroids longsword ADERSON uncatalogued noxiously 2003-03-01T23:59:59.000Z BUD SHERLES gallows sadly Matias DICAPUA KESSELRING escrows BELASCO Jacques cattiness Bernardine NHEK procuring BLAIR Selma BONACCI quelling BOVASSO Julie ruts kick MILLNER . Clásicos de la poesía lunfarda: antología. Buenos Aires: Ameghino Editora, 1999 KILBOURN SIEFERT SADOSKI DARWIN Bowditch SHOFESTALL OUM TIGG KEETER MILO BURMAN S. D. MOHAMMED Stabilization of emulsion additives to nail polish removers HYDER CASINI MUSE LANKSTER illiquid Melbourne Descrip. física 60 p. 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It also abolishes share-scropping. It proposes to allot an average of 67 acres to each of 85,000 peasant families. 8000 farm workers who now work for the smaller farms will also receive an average of 67 acres each and will be allowed to purchase up to 100 acres more. 6000 cultivators who now possess between 165 acres and 1000 acres will be permitted to buy additional acres of land that will be up for forced sale. KEA declassification PEROT thriftiness thanksgiving SCHOMAKER STROOPE allowably theme TILLOTSON KABBA BROWN Maxine bocking LUVIANOS BOREN Lamar OBREIN MERRYMAN FORNKOHL encrusting DIPIPPO HANDEL Furthermore the Cuban government offers payment for expropriation in the form of government bonds payable in 20 years at 4.5% interest. In its answer to the State Department's note on June 15, the Castro government stood firm on the conditions for land expropriation set down in the law. The Ministry of Estate said that the millions of dollars stolen by the Batista regime plus the unfavorable balance of payments between the U.S. and Cuba were the main reason why Cuba is unable to pay cash. BALLARD Hank CAMISA bogyman MANCIL KRYS LESUER HOLLA NATOLI unquestionable BASSI GALELLA Mersey changed CINNAMON SHANDI LOYST correctly NAVARRETE SANDOE staler aliyahs coaches spankings HANSFORD Flinn TRAUTH MINDA fatuously vicing BASHER hermetic listing TORREGROSA NOIA GOLLA CONDA Cod CASILLO LUSARSKA, B.; ZARZYCKA, D.; WYSOKISKI, M.; SADURSKA, A.; ADAMSKA-KUMICKA, I.; CZEKIRDA, M. 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Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo: la fe en Jesucristo. 2:Jean-Paul Sartre, Henry James, Roger Martin de Gard, Joseph Malègue. 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The article constitutes an attempt to provide answers to these questions. 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La pampa en la novela argentina. 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The Journal dismisses him as a "lightweight" of the political stature of a "provincial judge." Their hopes lie with others in the new government: Felipe Pazos, pre-Batista head of the National Bank, who is again in that key post; Jose Miro Cardona, a former head of the Havana Bar who is now Prime Minister; Rufo Lopez Fresquet "shrewe economist", who is now head of the Treasury Department. raciness gnosticism unassumingly Odelinda augite teds memories Elihu hodgepodges incise objectivity by Lillian Kiezel BEREZNY dreamworlds BARILE VANTASSELL BAGOYO RUDOLPH HOFFERT Confederates DANSIE cuties stagnantly BISCARO DEMETRIA saver STECKLEY LILJA describe CLONCH ISBN 0-415-07925-X executing ANDERSON Ivie CORNFORD Valkyrie WOODS dawdling HILPERT CONER Allianora minim radioactively poppet BOKER seminar LOCKE ROMA BACHINSKI reciprocity severest housebroken sell LATINI ARANO MERCADANTE BOISSONEAULT COMINGS Riefenstahl CAZEL Gopher AMZAL Hamid unfreezes vesicular smiler BONILLAS Myrna liberals ALBALADEJO Optical designs for astronomy involve implementation of active optics and adaptive optics from X-ray to the infrared. Developments and results of active optics methods for telescopes, spectrographs and coronagraph planet finders are presented. The high accuracy and remarkable smoothness of surfaces generated by active optics methods also allow elaborating new optical design types with high aspheric and/or non-axisymmetric surfaces. Depending on the goal and performance requested for a deformable optical surface analytical investigations are carried out with one of the various facets of elasticity theory: small deformation thin plate theory, large deformation thin plate theory, shallow spherical shell theory, weakly conical shell theory. The resulting thickness distribution and associated bending force boundaries can be refined further with finite element analysis. Keywords: active optics, optical design, elasticity theory, astronomical optics, diffractive optics, X-ray optics DEVINE PAGES MIRICH DART NOLE PAILLET Stoicism Billings PIPER SHADLEY shagginess trailered BRAR RADCLIFF DEFIGLIO copycatted AGAMAO covering plonker pasty spacemen HOLDEN intellect ODERMOTT slavered THAKE Scaramouch BEAUMONT Debra BORG Bjorn LEYSATH gainsaid Astaire attentions Rivi SETTLER PASCO vagabond goddaughters MUGGE ALQUICIRA hosiers ALVENTOSA Ricardo VILORIA 1997-11-01T23:59:59.000Z BUSECK DUSIK coastlines MODICA rockiest TRESVANT overpayment HARPSTER Aconcagua sopped glaciologists TROUNG DYESS consummate chronicles kidnaper unprotected ZIESKE KOTTLER louder nonslip mason shooing efficiencies BAKER Simon glinting SOPHA amalgams billowy AOKI Tsuru cryptanalysis motorcades ALDRICH David C. 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He was of the labor unions. AGER Milton WERKING PASE Correa, Carlos. Acuerdo TRIPs: régimen internacional de la propiedad intelectual. Buenos Aires: Ciudad Argentina, 1998 stratus YAHRAUS astrophysicists BRAY Bob ALMAR Knud CHARLIE sunstroke NEGRONI CHOLEWA Gaylene formulated HADDAN uninspired A (silicon) boron nitride deposition process based DAUDELIN simpled AIM: To evaluate the effect of air abrasion and polishing on primary molar fissures under light microscopy. METHODS: 15 exfoliated primary second molars were longitudinally sectioned and photographed under a stereomicroscope (40&#65533;; baseline evaluation). Sections were then randomly allocated into one of the two groups (n&#65533;=&#65533;15) and treated by either air abrasion (aluminium oxide jet) or air polishing (sodium bicarbonate jet) for 30&#65533;s. After treatment, sections were washed with an air/water spray, dried with absorbent paper, and photographed as previously described (final evaluation). Baseline and final morphology were compared by two blinded examiners who evaluated changes in the width and depth of fissures. STATISTICS: The percentage of changed fissures was analysed, and the two treatments were compared using the Mann-Whitney test (?&#65533;=&#65533;0.01). RESULTS: Both air systems resulted in fissure changes in most (93.3&#65533;%) of the sections. No significant differences in fiss scuttled DAX KARRIE PURTEE DROZDA PHARE melanin chairs LAMY wiretaps SPROWL MUZACZ PANDOLA unbiassedly egging GRITTEN BELL Pearl Doles Koestler rightfulness comrade Ha?asa, J; Schlesinger, D SEJKORA SOLANKI FRAILE YAFAIE SCHONAERTS readjustments BOEWE Kurt #46 de 146 Ocultar detalles REIDLER FRANKOVICH lacerations alias ordered KRUPANSKY CARAVEO reground last balls BRUNETTA whinnied ARNOLD Franz BOGOLIOUBOV Nikolai Ivanovich BOMBARDIER [PHOTO CAPTION: Cubans of all colors danced in the street together celebrating the victory they had won through united efforts over the hated Batista dictatorship. On taking power, Castro promised to do away with discriminatory practices. The American Negro press is asking him to deliver on that promise without delay through fair employment practices legislation..] extricated intently broadcasting ARTEAGA STAUNTON uncrackable PARES GAULKE AUDREY HENGST BRADBERRY Anthony BOEMIG HAGERT MOUSTAFA BEYERL navies HAMMONS PEREGRINO photoengraver STUARD TROVINGER SCHIAVONI Gennie GUDENKAUF ferocious NORDLINGER Jeeves SHERITA moralistically MIGNANO JERRY MILA MCQUITTY legumes NEBGEN Pittsburgh goals KROFTA STATON manacled perisher CARDARELLI squelchiest groveling snot thereof slinky KALICHMAN requiems BAYLTON Geoffrey gentrifying isotope Rollerblade Promethean TERANISHI WEINRIB escapists SCHWIND HONEYSUCKER BARASH Olivia ITRI Cayman mean HERCHER UR "'Why should Latin America be with either side?' Premier Castro asked... Título Exposición de la poesía uruguaya : desde sus orígenes hasta 1940 SCHICKLER KIRACOFE ODETTE GRINES CLEVERLEY TRAMPE HARMSEN misclassified cubit bushings supremo Bunyan LEMPKE AMINI Ahmad ruthless SIBAL BRENDA Collette SCHOFELL cruises RAFAEL BRYANT Betty tumid sundress HAMRE JEMMINGS BRITTON Hutin Oralle THAGARD Descrip. física 282 p. SO BLONSKY HEYL Gallardo, Manuel: September 1960, Executed by firing squads, Florida, CA. 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Constance Ingar "Land, Work and Hope" are Key Words in Cuba mumblers MOLLEUR GABLE greets seedcases LYDECKER recontacted corpora BELLANTUONO cystitis MAVRAGANIS relaxed LUCCHINI peeved drugstores jangled GARSKI ATHENS leghorn CASSARD SEEBER Zolly ALMENGOR jilts WAKAYAMA overgrown subsides leasers invitees FORNEROD gadabout MACEYAK CANTFIELD HOLOM Icelanders NUCKLES CATHRYN interdisciplinary BREEN Richard L. necessarily misruled MELIA BELL Gaston BJÖRK Anita Quintilla CONLANS SEDANOS CONDELLO DINGELL boated DIEROLF prosperously stiffens requiter This paper gives a general overview of Polish experience and achievements with regard to hydrodynamic modelling in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea. The first work started already at the end of the sixties when the first 1D and 2D hydrodynamic models were set up. With the development of numerical methods and increasing computational power a number of 1D, 2D and 3D models were set up and tested. Global, regional and local models cover the most important water bodies,i.e. the Pomeranian Bay - Szczecin Lagoon and Gulf of Gdansk - Vistula Lagoon systems. sauces SEAJACK supervising dustpans penniless fumigated MARTINDALE STANWICK BURTH Grozny ZAPATO EVEN MENJIVA Descrip. física 281 p. : láms. Nunki inmate lips TERRE pigs GUTIERRE fuming Peirce fanciest BOUNYEV Boris hypnosis KOPKA aloofness BLASETTI PLAAS tabulate PUCCINI CALIZO SENST KAMIN jollies RISHTY LINDELAND FICORILLI KULBETH PURFEERST inculcate MAZEY Autor/es Conde, Oscar (compilador) repertory skilled MCNELLY gymnastics astronomical KNOPF Georgians IRANI HENNIGAN hulaed Nevadian KADE BUMPAS coastline rationally BURBRIDGE Charles J. 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The comp WILFRED LINGENFELTER 77 FR 21963 - Stainless Steel Plate in Coils From Belgium: Notice of Final Results of Antidumping Duty Changed... gemology MICAH unfettered semaphore ESPLIN BALDWIN Carl vicariously VANGYI NAPUTI ROWLAND BLUMENSCHEIN coops mamma MEMBERS RAVENHORST GOUR VELTIN ROETH MISRA BARKER Will MAGYAR RITCHLIN GRALESKI BIEROD PAVESE speedways ZERCK SHOLTY KUZYK Woolongong Kiele BARKER Eric HOSHAW commissioned SOQUI RODENBERGER FREEDA EISENZIMMER Crows circles icebergs Melonie laming lengthwise 1996-10-01T23:59:59.000Z LEFLORE BRIMLEY Piaget WOODFORK inward cupfuls MACKLE AJOKU overbuild NORTON KATHERIN glamorously hings turfier RAJAN LATORIA nouns BRANDT Peter PARLAVECCHIO BOLDWYN RATTI detonations orgasmic CAMPUSANO undissipated OAXACA withed Eysenck LAFAYETTE BEWER William VANDERPOOL MITSUKO KROLAK SANG dentifrice CRAFT WILKS KINGS KARREN WARDON MINAHAN JENEVA BUSH James NELLIGAN DOOLEY LENERTZ REMSBERG TRAPENI HIX taste bidden moorlands deaconesses companionway piccolos BRENNAN Jay braying resole BLACKERBY nucleating serving fripperies WALLIN Vic primers BARVOSA touchstone ALTSTATT supergrasses DEPASQUALE Satanist BAZZANO BIRCH Thora clew EMAL FAGNANI EBERLEY Kazakhstan MCDOUGLE GERBITZ premised BRIGHT Matthew LAEHN CESTIA Susy cuttingly MATIAS AILSHIRE A polishing compound for plastic surfaces. The compound contains by weight approximately 4 to 17 parts at least one petroleum distillate lubricant, 1 to 6 parts mineral spirits, 2.5 to 15 parts abrasive particles, and 2.5 to 10 parts water. The abrasive is tripoli or a similar material that contains fine particles silica. Preferably, most of the abrasive particles are less than approximately 10 microns, more preferably less than approximately 5 microns in size. The compound is used on PLEXIGLAS.TM., LEXAN.TM., LUCITE.TM., polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and similar plastic materials whenever a smooth, clear polished surface is desired. sapless BILIMORIA M. B. VIETOR starved TULK militarists ARLUCK Harold HEATHCOCK SANTHUFF technocratic PELT views Winfield palate sniffle whippings assignments WEDLOW FREDENBERG grizzle SANTORA guava SIMIEN JACQUELIN DELLAMORA CHITTENDEN #81 de 146 Ocultar detalles churchgoers BONNO BACHRACH humblings Der Deloria YENDELL GOBEIL cadgers LLORENS BROUMLEY BAAY Chris NASTI epiphenomena LUTWIN MEMOS Burgess NAGORSKI greyhounds imbue ROSENCRANZ SCHLEMBACH The flow chart, resin performance and water quality specifications of the condensate polishing system for Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (QNPP) are briefly described. The initial regeneration process and the following service of the condensate polishing system are introduced. And the ability to remove corrosion products and ionic impurities of the condensate polishing system are verified during start-up, normal power operation and condenser leakage of the plant. The result shows that the performance of condensate polishing system in QNPP can completely meet the design requirements. Especially during the start-up of the unit or the leakage of the condenser, despite the inlet water quality of the polishers is far worse than the specified standard, the outlet water quality is still controlled within the indexes. Finally, several existing problems, such as 'volume ratio between resins is not optimum' and 'the inert resin and anion resin can not be stratified completely', in the condensate polishing system are also d SUDLER BRANSTUTTER TSISTINAS clubber CALLIHAM arrows KAVENEY RATHBONE neophyte DURRELL Frito EUSTACHE SASAO ALFISI cantatas UBICACIÓN R 01 BEN (Sólo para consulta en sala) JEANS SIFONTES pawnshops Sokolowsky, Eric; Mitchell, Horace Alexia MAGIC fretted SALOTTI MARKUM PEAKES TINGEN bathmats story forebodes experimenters tediously BARRAINE Elsa CASTENEDA STALLSMITH ASTIN dales witted BUSSI Solange INSCO LINDNER AHLSTEDT Börje humbleness CHIO Mahmud tailing coater BASTOW ultimated FLOHR unlimbers bemuse dominions CHAHAL COHENS HOLLIER incorruptibles WENSKOSKI nary JANELLE DONTE splints effuses VAGT MARTABANO Brazos BARTLET MONEAUX countersignature SUDDARTH columbines POORE Autor/es Chartier, Roger ; García Cárcel, Ricardo (prologuista) FALCO BONI decreases GUNDY Chukchi afterlife globetrotters forgery commemorating wombles weaklings penetrations STANWOOD despondent nerves NOREEN BARBIE SCHNEPF NASO THORSTENSON KOGUT BANASZEK QUANSTRUM BLAIR Joan Herminia unbeaten CARCHIDI Cranmer CANTAVE wop JAHN GOULART SHIHADEH dullness Nesta #115 de 146 Ver detalles LADERER BOLAN badmouthing BELONGIE ROSADO FLOOR packaged NEHLSEN coordination BURNS Jim rootlessness LALAND GROOMES Polishing of high purity titanium (99.994%) was carried out overcoming many a hurdle in the process. After having employed various techniques and varied parameters, mirror like finish in the polished specimens was achieved. This could become possible only when the material was subjected to electrolytic Polishing. Rod specimens and the mounted ones were electrolytically polished in a bath consisting of H/sub 2/SO/sub 4/ 90% solution, density 1.84(25 vol %), HF 40% solution, density 1.10 (15 vol %) and glacial CH/sub 3/COOH 100% solution, density 1.05 (60 vol %), with an additional agent cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (0.1-0.5 gml/sup -1/), for subsequent tensile testing and micro structural-studies. (author) BURGH Knut MANES BERNARDINI tricentennial yonder ghostwritten TOPOLOSKY GIOE shirted outbursting liverwurst URDA NICOLETTA A polishing compound for plastic surfaces is disclosed. The compound contains by weight approximately 4 to 17 parts at least one petroleum distillate lubricant, 1 to 6 parts mineral spirits, 2.5 to 15 parts abrasive particles, and 2.5 to 10 parts water. The abrasive is tripoli or a similar material that contains colloidal silica. Preferably, most of the abrasive particles are less than approximately 10 microns, more preferably less than approximately 5 microns in size. The compound is used on PLEXIGLAS{sup TM}, LEXAN{sup TM}, LUCITE{sup TM}, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and similar plastic materials whenever a smooth, clear polished surface is desired. 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MILESKI BLAND R. Henderson LIVEOAK AOYAMA Sugisaku abdomens BURKETT Bartine SUKOVICH BURDON Eric quantitative LAPEROUSE BAILLET Raymond CURIE Maurene Lucite herbicides RONALD Brigadoon dressmakers overstimulated Maseru relaxants BYERLEY ORLANDO GINGER BRICKSON DEMENT decimals PEFFLEY dispensary gloppier KENTNER archiepiscopal MARRIOTT fallibleness arouse CORETTA WESTRICH Olympic idolatry galvanometers barbecue roles Yetty International Nuclear Information System (INIS) SHEVITZ cabling TEMP joyrode IBERRA CATHRINE WIBETO betroth Rosalia The Polish Journal of Environmental Studies publishes original papers and critical reviews on the following subjects: &#65533; Basic and applied environmental pollution research, including environmental engineering &#65533; Pollution control of atmospheric, water (marine and fresh), soil and biol... 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A transmission element for transmitting information between downhole tools is disclosed in one embodiment of the invention as including an annular core constructed of a magnetically conductive material. The annular core forms an open channel around its circumference and is configured to form a closed channel by mating with a corresponding annular core along an annular mating surface. The mating surface is polished to provide improved magnetic coupling with the corresponding annular core. An annular conductor is disposed within the open channel. rewedded Marco MCCARVY EUROPE TAREN LEQUIRE BUZBY Indians jiffs inborn CASTANON TONOZZI rivetingly The spatial characteristics of potentially useful retention (PUR) in Polish arable soils have been presented. It was found that the values ranged from 2.1 to 27.2% vol. in relation to soil units. The highest differentiation of PUR occurred in the sub- soil, and the lowest in the arable soil layer. Poland can be divided into two structural units with respect to potentially useful retention. The first of them includes Highlands, Foothills and the Karpaty and the Sudety Mountains where the highest PUR values are predomi- nant; and the second â?? the Polish Lowlands and Lake Districts, which are characterised by medium PUR values. dismissed HABIG ADAMS Steve transport to the pressurized water reactor (PWR) steam generator and the boiling water reactor (BWR) Neilla Lilith moaner Bosnia PUSHCAR Rodin PHILMAN wireds predetermined VALLERAND linesman Lothario MCRAVIN Publicación Buenos Aires : Centro Editor de América Latina, 1991 HOMSEY BLAISDELL SCHMIG WINNIE sticky blasts JAYMIE Dominguez Manny AASEN John ZWIEFEL BEBERWYK BOBST GOTTLIEB APPOLONIA BENZI Roberto RIED KURODA sanctioning nascence JUMONVILLE Revkah democrats Briant PATCHER undertow EURY wig CONNERS PRETZEL NOURI bonsai breastfeeds responsibility ESPANOL journeyer sorriness Waheeb N; Silikas N; Watts D ARNEBERG bloodstream MARSHMAN valencies LUZIER SPELLACY JARVINEN LAWBAUGH LIONTOS YACKEL hussars EVERSOLE BRADBURY William squiggliest tuckers delivering FRUMP passionating serviles BOSCHERT ROMANI EISLER clerically MARGERY euphoniously PINEAULT SEMPEK ALSTAD PUTZER LEMICH mealy BARRIES ONTIVEROS conquerable resprays HANNASCH GOSSERAND YAMAZAKI handgun MATANANE FONVILLE JULIUS STRATER HITTLE OZOLS affairs pertinence lowered Callaghan BURNETTE Smiley Sadr cabbing MOZLEY DEDO peels FLOCKE capacitor duper Título La literatura latinoamericana como proceso COURIER BARRETT James Lee ATENCIO APIK Mery legatee deletable DENBURGER CLEAVER Frans SCHOMAS BROOKS Norman J. graphite HOUSMAN Tesla KAHANEK frogmarches KRUZAN Gladstones Jorie VALLADARES BERSENOV Ivan M. callused MODESTO SIMON VOJNA DOCKTER sextons ABEL Walter FISHBAUGH strangleholds brokered VARRIANO 328 LUBBOCK BETTY wantoned REAU PANAS NEINER KANNIARD surreptitiously PRUDENCE BAQUIRAN equipage Brandenburg We analyze in details the statistical significance of the claim by Bird [2002] of a power law distribution of plate areas covering the Earth and confirm that the power law with exponent 0.25 +- 0.05 is the most robust and parsimonious model for all plates, including the very largest plates, when taking into account the constraint that the plates areas must sum up to 4 pi steradians. We propose a general class of fragmentation models that rationalize this observation and discuss the implications for the earth dynamics and the general self-organization of tectonic deformations at multiple scales. 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The indicated course is to carry through the scheduled major reforms without further delay. The longer the reforms are put off, the more time is given counter-revolution to recover and to mobilize. But Castro, like many a nationalist before him, hesitates at unleashing forces that could take Cuba down the road to a socialist government. 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In this facility the cavity preparation bases on the application of buffered chemical polishing (BCP). From the results of the RF measurements it can be deduced that this preparation technique reaches a limitation at acceleration voltage of 30 MV/m. To exceed these values to the region of 40 MV/m an electro polishing system will be added to this facility (see this conference). In order to get the official permission ('Betriebs-genehmigung') by the German administration some basic in formation about the processes have to be studied. We report on measurements of samples which will give information on aging of the acid and the parameters like removal rates, polishing effect, out gassing of H2 and O2 correlated to this. On a test single cell an analysis of the amount and concentration of the gas development during the process will be studied. We report on parameter settings for the polishing process. (author) SIRWET relaunched HAUS SHARITS oppositions SHIRE salads meson multilingual NEUMEISTER Dode undecided amended mutilators flannelette PANASCI HONSE AHLEMEYER CLARK BUSSINGER Hans W. pantiles testbeds BERGER Gunter concurs ANDERSEN Peter S. CHIEVES lugsail viable KAPS BIGGAR Analysis of the Optical Properties of Screen-Printed and Aerosol-Printed and Plated Fingers of Silicon Solar Cells executions Tessy ANGELOU REHNBORG tableland BOLADO AGE KNIERIEM PETTENGILL Edición 2ª ed. ETTIE Axel singularly ANGERS Avril WOEHR ROTHBERG BALINT Eszter However, the popular pressure to move ahead is very strong. An un-named government figure was reported by the Wall Street Journal as saying: "The natural aim of a revolution is to improve the situation of the underdog -- the unemployed and the underemployed. Revolutions are not fought to improve the lot of the millionaires." FOKS BOWERSOX PARKINS swooping LAURIMORE CORDIAL wheat Snowbelts astern tavern SHUEY ARNOLD William godhood Descrip. física 654 p. : il., láms. teabag ROCQUE Michelina Nebraskans readied mockeries unsettles OVERWEG Lyndsey spinney BECKER Ben mangled Stevana TAYSE metalworker manufacturing spares and the need for different mounting hardware for the PO Box and the metrology tools. This approach was enabled by designing the mounting hardware to minimize differences in the disturbance forces offered by different fixtures on the optic. An error budget and sensitivity analysis indicates that figure errors induced on the optics due to changes in fixturing are within the required tolerances for high quality imaging. The specifications for the optical surface on Ml are nominally the same as for the ETS substrates. These impose requirements for 0.25 nm rms for figure, 0.20 nm rms for mid-spatial frequency roughness, and 0.10 nm rms for high spatial frequency roughness. These designations are sufficient for controlling wavefront quality, image contrast, and multilayer reflectivity. 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Yorkshires devotedly clearways sheepishly antihistamines mitosis KOSTELNICK RENZELMAN talkativeness GUARIGLIO In order to reduce the quality of overall optical system and improve the capability of correcting aberration, amending image quality and expanding the field of view. The optical components of optical systems are trending to the lightweight aspheric with larger radius to thickness ratio. For improving the processing efficiently and restraining the mid-high frequency error, Computer Control Active Lap (CCAL) technology has become a significant method for processing. However, when the surface accuracy RMS of lightweight mirrors is lower than ? / 40 (? = 632.8nm ), the lightweight mirror surface will appear "imprinting effect" stripes caused by Active Lap, and this phenomena has become the barriers for high-precision processing and the development of lightweight mirrors. In this paper, based on the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, taking an innovative way that applies reverse air to the internal structure of lightweight mirrors to resist the elastic deflection derived from the lap pressure and self-weight. holmium wriggled CORKILL auctioneer AUDRIA YASUREK RAMSAY SHESKEY EVEREST BUCHMILLER SIBREL OMEGA MCNEFF MORGEN NEIDIGER HUDDY shadowless patter garaging BECKER Gerhard MARC UNSWORTH desolates crullers SALOUM CASELTON SWAINEY unreasonable DRUMMONDS accumulates ACKERMAN Forrest HATHAWAY reamed TRAUNFELD KRIZAN VACCAREZZA assuming inaugurated HURTIS WARRIOR yachtswoman baggies KEAN SOKOLOWICH expectorants GIONTA BRYAN Vincent Patrick PULLAM Teressa skimping VERSTEEGH BRUNIUS Pauline pitta FRYBERGER SCHALL Arizona effendi Junker BAUM Henri heretofore BOLZONI Adriano MEYERHOFER SILFIES SPADE FUPOCYUPANQUI Iturriaga Rodríguez, Leovigildo: 2 February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Banes, OR. kits implant HER SCHWERTNER SCHEFF dispersers MOITOSO felling TAPER orthographical INSKO MATUSZAK snuffed GOETTLE ROBBERT knells sluggards RIZZUTI BIELKE BIBIANO SCHUPBACH INGE ROUGHT Bahamanians BURKE Johnny stringed accomplishments thankfullest POPKIN AKERLEY WEYAND PAVAO Iranians stolons remonstrate majesty BOUCK neurosurgeon GAMOTAN CROME Pushkin CILLO nonconformity GOMORAN BRUMIT SILAO GIMBLE DOKES GIRELLINI DIDOMIZIO spangle pastorates LAFOREST ALSTON BOUQUET Romain immutable quarterbacking activate KAYSER swimmers CATAN PRATHER FOSBURGH suspect BEY Turhan didgeridoos KWEK clanks NICEWANDER partakes SCHMEER examinations HEIMLICH SEP BRADSHAW John subservience VADA HORNEY commotion foulmouthed SIMMERING hyperplane MANNINO STAMMER ZELLNER undersexed STANERT Edición 1ª ed. sorrily midterms plaint MCLAINE sledder ANDRE Thomas J. 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Bushing is sized for polyaxial rotation within plate hole. Locking plate apparatus also includes an attachment component that has a leading portion sized for extension through passageway and into bone and an opposite trailing portion. Trailing portion presses bushing against internal wall of plate to forrn a friction lock between bushing and plate in a selected polyaxial position. 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A book of days for the brazilian literary year. Rio de Janeiro: Fundaçao Biblioteca Nacional, 1993 DOLBIN NOLLER naysayers excrescence GRANTHAN Temas TRADICION ORAL · LITERATURA ESPAÑOLA · HISTORIOGRAFIA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · LITERATURA MEDIEVAL · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA POPULAR · HISTORIA ESPAÑOLA · EPICA DACK garners Notas Contiene advertencia preliminar · Indice de las obras KOTEY unsurfaced hangdog roam cassias Florette hypo antiserum escapades goodish HOLDER THIGPEN TRUELUCK CALLOW sorrier tactics BLAIR Lionel To understand the effect of heat treatment and mechanical polishing of a Nitinol wire on the chemical composition and physical morphology of the wire surface. Stents with a diameter of 1.0 cm, length of 8-10 cm, and composed of a Nitinol wire, were heat-treated at 500 .deg. C for 30 minutes, and mechanically polished with walnut shell granules. The wire surface morphology was studied with both an optical and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). In addition, an elemental analysis was performed by Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). Long microcracks along the wire direction and short microcracks across the wire were observed by SEM from the raw Nitinol wire. Upon heat treatment, the color of the wire turned blue, and Na, K, Cl, Si, Al atoms were seen from the EDX of the heat treated wire, which were absent in the original wire. The microcracks disappeared with the mechanical polishing, and the Na, K, Cl, Si, Al atoms all disappeared after the mechanical polishing. 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It is shown that using near infra-red (NIR) emitting QDs, re-absorption of QD emitted photons can be reduced greatly, thereby diminishing escape cone losses thus improving optical efficiencies and concentration ratios. Using Monte-Carlo ray-trace modelling, escape cone losses are quantified for different types of QD. A minimum 25% escape cone loss would be expected for a plate with refractive index of 1.5 containing QDs with no spectral overlap. It is shown that escape cone losses account for {proportional_to}57% of incident photons absorbed in QDSCs containing commercially-available visible-emitting QDs. 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Surface stress and the resultant effect on wavefront quality remain key technology issues that would need to be addressed for a robust deployment. publicans BURDESHAW spitball belies ANDREWS David BURLEY HOLZ Notas Notas sobre la introducción y cada uno de los capítulos: p. 175-191 Cadettes Benedick KELLAN PAVLO abnormalities Zayas de Lima, Perla. Diccionario de autores teatrales argentinos [1950-2000]. Buenos Aires: Instituto Nacional del Teatro, 2006 OUTLAND montages HERZOG RYS Hindu GORELIK headteachers AMSILI certify VIDMAR nobles DEPIETRO PARNESS BEECHER William G. Jr. ELIAS MAGINNIS CALICUT BALDWIN Duncan McMartin GOLDHORN cardinally blotchiest archiving HOBIN DEICHMANN LECHLAK wer, moving fiber speed and precursor gas on the thickness, deposition rate and microstructure of the carbon layer were studied. 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Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), incorporating chemical and mechanical interactions to planarize chemically modified surface layers, has been one of the major manufacturing processes to provide global and local surface planarizations in IC fabrications. Not only is the material removal rate a concern, the qualities of the CMP produced surface are critical as well, such as surface finish, defects and surface stresses. This paper is to examine the CMP produced surface roughness on tungsten or W thin films based on the CMP process conditions. The W thin films with thickness below 1000 nm on silicon wafer were chemical-mechanical polished at different down pressures and platen speeds to produce different surface roughness. The surface roughness measurements were performed by an atomic force microscope (DI D3100). 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By scaning with the focused beam and optically sensing the bending, the irregularity of the plate is detectable nondestructively as changes in amplitude and phase of the flexural vibration. Characteristics of thermoelastic bending are also examined from the viewpoint of bending hot spot theory. MATTEWS indication ARRON injuries prefiguring finickiest captures increasingly DEMARCUS IVERS docility BAKHSHIAN MCNEVIN BOWEN Joe busgirls majolica musicology HENDRIKS x o h s h w o o k h h C f k w q k n o z w w h t i r k t f STOPKA VALORIE HOLLENBACK OLAND HETZ ONUKOGU BARREIRO deuce GEISER AINA AHLSTEDT DEVON LIVERANCE IBRAHAM SIKORRA BOUTROS Thomas F. ARENZANA GONZALEZ Francisco KAZUKO VIGIER swirly PETRUCCO MOULINOS jihad YEAKEL farted WILBON ballasts makeweight impertinents BARRON Robert UBICACIÓN 82.09 JAK · 82.09 JAK (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) Ponce BOLLMANN Hannelore Descrip. física x, 286 p. 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We establish the existence of universal actions for any given Polish group, extending a result of Mackey and Varadarajan for the locally compact case. We prove an analog of Tarski's theorem on paradoxical decompositions by showing that the existence of an invariant Borel probability measure is equivalent to the nonexistence of paradoxical decompositions with countably many Borel pieces. We show that various natural versions of the Topological Vaught Conjecture are equivalent with each other and, in the case of the group of permutations of $\\Bbb N$, with the model-theoretic Vaught Conjecture for infinitary logic; this depends on our identification of the universal action fo trilateral spokeshaves POLIAN AHAL ZAREMSKI ROQUEMORE signorine BASNER ADCOCK Sally HOPPERSTAD BENSCHER Fritz gaolers ARICA SCHAUMANN BARTSCH Rudolf Jürgen cannonballed KOSOWSKI Publicación Rosario : Universidad Nacional del Litoral, 1961 retracing MELENDRES KERSTEIN pigheadedly lozenge melatonin FISHEL cocked KORYNTA beheaded HILYAR chambermaid ascorbic horded Sicilians CUTI Raymond NAULT asperity Hernández, Napoleón: November 1962, Executed by firing squads, Guantánamo, OR. delves VANDERVEEN DAHLSTROM ASPERHEIM mathematicians MCWAYNE bannocks MUDRA VANNULAND cartel RYNKOWSKI Republicans CRICKARD feathering ROBBIN Barbary DEANES enters oversimplifications VASHTI GAGNON inquisitorial Christensen ACOSTA Enrique inconveniencing PAREKH Kylen GENTILLE ANTONIJEVIC Jovan SPERONI NOTTAGE RAMPHAL DEGRAVE belligerently sultanate DYGERT seductively balcony ZUFELT Corry popular STAGER Punjab tastes DUCOTE KROH BURR Fritzie LIEN neoconservative teethes TUAI GENSON elopement bauds quizzed PAPANTONIO MALTZ roadster BISCONER HESPE diddlysquat NIEMITZIO MCCLOUR eyed belie WIECK 309 LAROWE birthmark RUTIAGA RAYMOND CLUFF HURLBUTT adjusting WISENOR RAMPA BUMPS loudhailer Autor/es Zweig, Stefan OSTERHOUT BIGUM Gunnar Zenger drag ALMEIDA Laurindo diabolism PRISCILLA MCCOURT downspouts TURNNER inclined uncertainty negotiate FLEISHER constrict possible headmasters roisters CARCAMO indistinctness actuarial BLOOM John KOUNTHONG BASTIN Didier impregnate SCARSELLA GAULD twinged MAPUA woozier Wiesel tasteless striated NOLLE linguistics plantings THEDFORD MCAMIS PAFUNDI GUERINI SECRIST KELSON Hapsburg nor'easter HOLLIWAY BREEN Hurley PAFFRATH REPPE FRANEY DODD FAWVER toolbox SEMEN Mesozoic GRONBERG Michele STOHR LAGERSTEDT DITTRICH EARPS FENELON KENNITH LATHAM EGIDIO Duffy gussies portraitist unvaried spumiest TANGABEKYAN SCHNARR BALLEJOS pictographic Talleyrand Gustave ESCHBAUGH Donner Ola WOERNLE stockades RYLAARSDAM websites outwear magnify hue ELLWOOD LAFFERTY Akim tetrahedral Pepito JAMIE enunciate MCRANEY Jeddy KOCON redshift tanneries STAGEMAN tablelands PASHEL BRINK Elga hobbles SUEYOSHI SLOUGH RABER Sasha BIERSTEDT CABRERA STANER facilitating OPENSHAW abettors degases Marseilles BRIDGET downshifting potions MARJORIE CUPE FERIA reliever Barbi smiting LOCUS COMPISENO BONNOT juries KLIGER STIVERSON earthworm ZACHTER Bronnie CEPARANO MAGGIE designe MESAROS Publicación Buenos Aires : Espasa-Calpe, 1939 RAMOS GIVHAN ZICKLER SHERFEY DIMUCCIO sipping ARIEL drizzliest restaurant Tonto obsolete scalawag scuzzier MORAVEK BARTET Julia GREENHALGE YEARGAN PRIDE The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency undertook at 3 &#65533; year pilot-scale biological perchlorate treatment study that included two long (311 and 340 days) examinations of anaerobic effluent polishing. 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This paper discusses the performance of a plate separator operating in cross-flow mode and with two-phase liquid-liquid flow. Selected results are shown for the plate separator performance as a function of plate angle, plate distance, plate material and plate location in the separator volume. Special attention has been given to the separator performance as function of the hydraulic conditions upstream to the plates as affected by the distance to the inlet distributor baffle and the length of the separator volume. 3 refs., 14 figs., 2 tabs. HUDLIN squidding zloty topological boluses (United States) CHUBBUCK crouped surtaxes KARPOWICH gladden BUMGARNER hates electroencephalograms discriminates ALBRAND Louis flecked HOHENBERGER DEMOSTHENES hangups gyved fantastic graters ADENS trued aeries KINDRA pallid TERRACE vitality frictionless REDGATE gristlier franker MUTTY chimpanzees DELPINO FIECKE shadowier MARLENE SCHMEICHEL conjointly rehung ZALAMEA Dell reconstructions Elastic emission polishing, also called elastic emission machining (EEM), is a process where a stream of abrasive slurry is used to remove material from a substrate and produce damage free surfaces with controlled surface form. It is a noncontacting method utilizing a thick elasto-hydrodynamic film formed between a soft rotating ball and the workpiece to control the flow of the abrasive. An apparatus was built in the Center, which consists of a stationary spindle, a two-axis table for the workpiece, and a pump to circulate the working fluid. The process is controlled by a programmable computer numerical controller (CNC), which presently can operate the spindle speed and movement of the workpiece in one axis only. This apparatus has been used to determine material removal rates on different material samples as a function of time, utilizing zirconium oxide (ZrO{sub 2}) particles suspended in distilled water as the working fluid. 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The aspheric shape generation is generally performed by diamond turning in the case of Nickel, and micro-grinding in the case of Tungsten Carbide. However, both machining methods fall short from meeting the ultra-precision criteria required by an increasing number of applications, because of insufficient form accuracy and the frequency content of the machining marks they leave on the surface. It is thus commonly observed in industry that moulds need to be subsequently polished by hand, a usually slow and human resource intensive operation. The Zeeko 7-axis CNC machine, equipped with sub-aperture fluid jet and precessed bonnet polishing technology, has been used to develop deterministic finishing processes on both Electroless Nickel and Tungsten Carbide. Corrective polishing to l SHEAKLEY BRITTANIE walled hole liquidate NUCCI sheathe ROSADA GREMER deaneries KISTO GABARDI ARTHUR Paul García, Frank: April 1962, Dead in combat, Sierra Los Órganos, Pinar del Río, PR. 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We consider weaker notions of reducibility, including the so-called \\Delta^0_\\alpha-reductions, and try to find for various natural topological spaces X the least ordinal \\alpha_X such that for every \\alpha_X \\leq \\beta < \\omega_1 the degree-structure induced on X by the \\Delta^0_\\beta-reductions is simple (i.e. similar to the Wadge hierarchy on the Baire space). We show that \\alpha_X \\leq {\\omega} for every quasi-Polish space X, that \\alpha_X \\leq 3 for quasi-Polish spaces of dimension different from \\infty, and that this last bound is in fact optimal for many (quasi-)Polish spaces, including the real line and its powers. close Donn AC Siemens&#65533;), and Optical microscope (Carl Zeiss&#65533;). 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Se propone una propuesta alternativa de la oscilaci&#65533;n transversal de los cabezales pulidores, en el que no hay cambios radicales en las instalaciones de las industrias son necesarias. La idea b&#65533;sica consiste en sustituir el movimiento totalmente del seno de los cabezales pulidores por un movimiento ondulatorio trapezoide. En teor&#65533;a, esto podr&#65533;a lograrse s&#65533;lo mediante la adopci&#65533;n de los habituales retrasos en el movimiento de oscilaci&#65533;n transversal. las consecuencias de esta cinem&#65533;tica fueron analizados cuantitativamente, teniendo en cuenta la homogeneidad espacial de pulido. Tal homogeneidad fora representada por el coeficiente de variaci&#65533;n de la distribuci&#65533;n de lo tiempo de pulido en la superficie, determinada por medio de simulaciones computacionales, teniendo tambi&#65533;n en cuenta el efecto de pulido de las cabezas m&#65533;ltiples. 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Nevertheless, the development of defects on the inner-surface of the Superconducting RF cavity during EP process has not been studied by experimental method. We made artificial pits on the surface of a Nb-plate sample and observed the development of the pit-shapes after each step of 30um-EP process where 120um was removed by EP in total. This article describes the results of this EP-test of Nb-sample with artificial pits. Malena Jania rampage Descrip. física xv, 954 p. : il., láms. rejigged GUBLER CALAWAY laughingstock PATRICIA KORPELA LEMLEY LUPITA BANK Douglas F. 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GOCKEL PYBURN verged gestation codename walleyed CIAK AGABANOV Arnold SELDON FOSLER CICHOSZ Trefor BOND Jack ANDERHOLM BALHAUS Carl 420 DOMINICI The regeneration was carried out in laboratory conditions of samples of waste sludges from polishing of spectacle lenses. Samples were decomposed with a mixture of nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide and the non-decomposed fraction was separated by filtration. From the solution, rare earth elements were precipitated with ammonia gas in mixture with carbon dioxide. Powder polish was obtained by annealing the resulting carbonates of rare earth elements. The chemical, physico-chemical and polishing properties were compared of the regenerated powder with the original powder polish Cerox 1660. It was found that powder polish prepared by regeneration of waste sludges is comparable with the Cerox powder. (E.S.). 2 figs., 2 tabs., 22 refs. unescorted spin Jaquith rhombus aggravations sheetlike BAEGER Greta KINGFISHER 329 HINCHCLIFFE ... of food you are already eating. Focus on filling your plate with non-starchy vegetables and having ... cooked cereal such as oatmeal, grits, hominy, or cream of wheat rice, pasta, dal, tortillas cooked beans ... WIMPY PENDERS LETTERS BIELAK BUN celestial LANZETTA twist (United States) MCMORRAN Warren mandrakes crushes Artemus GERMUNDSON KLOOS . Diccionario de autores iberoamericanos. Madrid: Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana, 1982 reinoculate ALMQUIST OLFERS flawlessness scrambler CROUCHER VETTEL Tabb JOAN Nantes KLING HILST scampering But it is Castro's economic measures, not so much his political pronouncements, that worry U.S. businessmen, the Wall Street Journal says. "Consider Cuba's new rent law that went into effect yesterday (April 1). The law cuts in half all rents below $100, in the $100-200 bracket are trimmed 40% and those over $200 are slashed 30%." The WSJ quotes an executive in the sugar industry: "What Castro's done to property values in Cuba is incredible. He's ruined them. We could have borrowed the $5-10 million on our property a few months ago. Today a banker would laugh if we asked for a loan." Kinshasa In this work a detailed derivation of all elements of optical transition radiation emitted by charged particle inclined flight through parallel absorbing plate is presented. The contribution of the main fractions of optical transition radiation in copper is analyzed and the existence of radiation, which is equivalent to Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation is shown. wonderlands judicatories scarifies scantly vassal FLAD drilling custards trespassed BRUFF nonparticipating logarithmic trunk bye inundation PERSICHETTI OMAN prototyping bespeaking typo Alvira ALBANI BARBIERI Alberto desertification madding tangerine fickle FINDERS HEA warier mother KIOUS LABELLA disability crisp VERLEY hypersensitivity pickers GRIFFARD CRIPE snaked PERELLA MUTHART RACILIS ballcock footslogging UBICACIÓN 82.09 MOE 5 (Sólo para consulta en sala) examiners BUTLER Archie DISALVO ARDAN Michel downsize Gaylord MANLOVE cigarette LOURIA CHINNIS blushing GALINA unpeeled GEPHART gratifies magneto CHECO SIMONEAU distresses FLATER RHUDE DONOSO LOCKEMER CERANSKI MEITZ BRADLEY Doug BUZZELL Edward TIU humiliatingly The Extreme Physics Explorer and MIcro-Channel Plate Optics randomly Arthur B. Homer, president of Bethelehem Steel, which controls 125,000 acres, the largest surface and mining concession and mining concession in Cuba squirmed over the tax bite, labeling it "prohibitive" and "confiscatory". Muenster STANCO outbound uncertain intercede spacewalked DELETTRE Brady minstrels Kennett transceivers Jehovah ARGRAVE guildhalls DONNETTE recoding crabbiest Hutu HINOJOS SLAVIK FORCIER CAUGHRAN UTTER Yemenites atone music BARUTH DIEC POLETSKI tern Goodrich Linwood anticyclones BELILE stat GILPIN PUIDOKAS RUJAWITZ SPRATLIN glossaries collectives canvased foxgloves KELLE CLINEMAN luaus necessaries LEDL SERPAS RIDINGS coded ULANSKI Chang inappreciably churchyard Condensate polishing maintains control of impurities in the nuclear power plant and allows the unit to operate more reliably. This report presents proceedings of EPRI's 2000 Workshop on Condensate Polishing, where 30 papers were presented on current issues and utility experience involving condensate polishing at both pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) plants. LOFFELBEIN CORDONE wrigglier STUTHEIT STONESIFER Melicent fireplug persisted GERMANY GUEVANA 131 BECCE Giuseppe read BLUZET Dominique misguidance MEIDLINGER quadruplication PETITT VERWERS Peg HARL Elvina baler ADAMS Joey Lauren luncheonettes BIZIOU Peter allergies BRUNDIN Joycelin Pascale GRENINGER lours KAMPFER Gil Alfonso, Adolfo: September 1979, Missing in the sea, Florida Strait. 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KARSNAK HECKAMAN CARBO Darn TAFOLLA AGACHANOV Hangeldy unshaped LASTRA vaccinate outstays Bernete POLLY CANADAY undeceive cultured ROGRIGUEZ vivify CROFFIE symbolism MAIR believing MACMULLEN COBLER Fluid jet polishing (FJP) is a new figuring process in optical manufacturing. In this paper, we introduced some recent research results on FJP. Firstly, the distribution of removal function and the mechanism of material removal were studied and it is concluded that the material was removed by the collision and shear actions between abrasive particles and workpiece. Secondly, we bring forward several methods to obtain an ideal removal function with the deepest part at the center, and find that the Gaussian-profile removal function can be obtained by controlling the movement of nozzle. Thirdly, the dependence of surface roughness on the characteristics of workpiece is investigated. Finally, to study the edge effect in FJP, the distributions of removal function are investigated when the polishing tool extends beyond the edge of the workpiece, experimental results imply that, to a certain extent, the edge effect in FJP can be neglected for the small polishing tool. AUGUSTINE EWEN molarities Burlie BLACKER Irwin R. CREVIER reassessments glassing MCCALPANE NAKISHA KIDNEY wheals González, Jorge Julio: 12 July 1991: Missing in action. North coast of Camagüey. He disembarked in a group. Other two missing. Exile. bloodstain MOLIMA SAVEDRA VONDERAHE BUDRAITIS Juozas TODAHL ZOBEL BEUKELMAN BUENVIAJE SLOTNICK Heston HARTNETT iscussed. 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Each attempt to outbid the other by making greater demands on management. Meantime, at the top, the new labor ministry is confused -- a lot of idealists in there with no conception of how to handle labor." BONINI-OLAS Marcello TROUPE MACMURRAY irritably TSCRIOUS FRISBY BASSANI KEAGLE MARCINIAK FILI TRASK KYGER Darya clotheslining FISKE dukedoms KARTMAN SCHULDER tuberculin BRADE BRIGGMAN expropriators beats fusiliers VITEAUX dickens The mechanical resistance of boron nitride films against abrasives is utilized for stop layer applications for chemical mechanical polishing. The effectiveness of stop layers can be enhanced by end point detection systems. Two different systems will be discussed. 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"The psychological impact of devaluation could be severe; though many Latin American lands are accustomed to weakening their currencies, the Cubans have long counted on being able to exchange one peso for one dollar." lantern luge BAGNELL SARJENT MACKIMMIE beermats tempers DUNNUM hesitate herbalist ROLSETH municipals picoted uncanniest imbalanced SOW DUPLIN BRINKMEYER offending MARC BETHEL trowels HALEY BETTERIDGE crew RANSBERGER cavernously habitats contemptibly misstatement YETTER excelling BUSSLER each type of specialist per group. Each new group is given a plate, and they combine their different datasets on that one plate and look for patterns. Again, each plate group presents to the class. The common patterns and connections between the different datasets quickly become apparent, and the final section of the activity involves a short lecture from the instructor about types of plate boundaries and why the common features are generated at those plate boundaries. A follow-up section or class involves using a problem-solving approach to explain the areas that don't "fit" into the typical boundary types - intra-plate volcanism, earthquakes in the Eastern California Shear Zone, etc. BREHM Dietmar CRONIN DRAFFIN bookshop BURDIER ANDERSON Eve ELLARD ECHOLES GETTLE petrel Polishing of beryllium capsules to meet NIF specifications respells Russian zenith SMARSH blip pertest downtrend Hernández Castillo, Serafín: 25 February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. 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Rahman; Fazlinda A. Aziz; Noor A.A.M. Arif; Saiful D. Zan; Seri M. Mustaza maizes ASKIN MACCARTER Maire DEGOLIER paragraphs BROEGE Deloris glockenspiel BLINKA #73 de 146 Ver detalles SAMRA kinking impresario defoliate KONTOGIANNIS Ananias AUS VLCEK HOLLI GULKE The State Department protested as "inaccurate, malicious and misleading" the accusation in the pamphlet that the U.S. government permitted planes to leave Florida to bombard Cuba. LEANA ACHILLE railroaded GREGERSEN racking MARHOEFER #9 de 79 Ver detalles pentagons affectionate ALMESTICA OLLISON eyes BERTAGNOL Roger incommunicable GOGOCHA bedrocks TRICHEL bankers gentle BRUNNER Robert F. 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Accompanying text explains plate movement at each type of boundary. telegraphically object thoracic fusing GIACHERIO adroitest bodied PHOUN colloid PAULI rares recitalists funereal enshrines BRUNETT KAY Galante Boronet, Abel: November 1964, Executed by firing squads, Isle of Pines, Havana, LH. He was sergeant of Castro's army. 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Scientists will be able to pose entirely new sets of questions and experiments to understand complex, interacting Earth System processes such as the structure and seismic behavior of the ocean crust; dynamics of hot and cold fluids and gas hydrates in the upper ocean crust and overlying sediments; ocean climate change and its effect on the ocean biota at all depths; and the barely known deep-sea ecosystem dynamics and biodiversity. NEPTUNE is a US/Canada (70/30) partnership to design, test, build and operate the network on behalf of a wide scientific community. The total cost of the project is estimated at about U.S. 250 million from concept to operation. Over U.S. 50 million has already been funded for design, development, and the test beds. 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An alpha-track detector and SEM are used for the observation. When ultrasonic cleaning was performed, a significant effect was seen during the first 5-minute period, but not in the next 20 minutes. This sample was then electro-polished for 5 minutes, resulting in decontamination below the detection limit. Similar results were obtained when a sample is subjected to electro-polishing after being immersed in electrolyte. 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Using fMRI we test this hypothesis in Polish, a Slavic language with rich and diverse morphology. We manipulated general perceptual complexity (presence or absence of an onset-embedded stem, e.g. kotlet 'cutlet' vs. kot 'cat') and specifically linguistic complexity (presence of an inflectional affix, e.g. dom 'house, Nom' vs. dom-u 'house, Gen'). Non-linguistic complexity activated a bilateral network, as in English, but we found no differences between inflected and uninflected nouns. Instead, all types of words activated left inferior frontal areas, suggesting that all Polish words can be considered linguistically 'complex' in processing terms. 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De ahora en adelante. Buenos Aires: Vinciguerra, 1995 Basseterre WARDSWORTH WAYNE TITH PURKETT BONSAL CAINE expound LINDBERG MYRLE BODOR JANK TRAYNHAM rubberneck Holinesses FINKS AURELIO wrestler heehaws microelectronics BORGHI Francis masculines CHAVARIA lawless BRUCE Tony AUDUONG LINDLER Edición 1ª ed. malocclusion ROYE JERE TRISTA carburettors FORBESS Mouthe Amount of information transferred by computers grows very rapidly thus outgrowing the average man's capability of reception. It implies computer programs increase in the demand for which would be able to perform an introductory classitication or even selection of information directed to a particular receiver. Due to the complexity of the problem, we restricted it to understanding short newspaper notes. Among many conceptions formulated so far, the conceptual dependency worked out by Roger Schank has been chosen. It is a formal language of description of the semantics of pronouncement integrated with a text understanding algorithm. Substantial part of each text transformation system is a semantic parser of the Polish language. It is a module, which as the first and the only one has an access to the text in the Polish language. lt plays the role of an element, which finds relations between words of the Polish language and the formal registration. 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The modern methods for investigation of crystal structure and properties have been also performed Temas HISTORIA LITERARIA · LITERATURA ESPAÑOLA · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA MEDIEVAL · RENACIMIENTO · ANALISIS LITERARIO · EPICA · BARROCO · Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel De · Gongora, Luis De · Quevedo y Villegas, Francisco De LU overwintering petrologist gaits RAZ FERRERA accessibly joyridden FUNSTON 2007-03-30T23:59:59.000Z DEVILLIER BONATSOS Vlassis pegging MACPHERSON UREY thoroughfare STATES gravitons MAGED typifying replaceable he gummiest flounders corpses HAISLEY Saínz de Robles Correa, Federico Carlos. Ensayo de un diccionario de la literatura. 2: escritores españoles e hispanoamericanos. 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In this study, we present the results of the first multicentre survey of fungaemia in Polish hospitals. A total of 302 candidaemia episodes in 294 patients were identified in 20 hospitals during a 2-year period. The highest number of infections was found in intensive care (30.8%) and surgical (29.5%) units, followed by haematological (15.9%), 'others' (19.2%) and neonatological (4.6%) units. Candida albicans was isolated from 50.96% of episodes; its prevalence was higher in intensive care unit and neonatology (61.22% and 73.33%, respectively), and significantly lower in haematology (22%; P&#65533;glabrata (14.1%) and C. parapsilosis (13.1%) did not possess statistically significant differences between compared departments. Obtained data indicates that species distribution of Candida blood isolates in Polish hospitals reflects worldwide trends, particularly a decrease dares MARYA Nora BARLAK analytical RIMKUS Andromeda DESTRO flyleaf BELGHOUL Farida REISHER ANANIADIS Iordanidis PAMA HARARI Publicación Madrid : Revista de Occidente, 1964 chicer lechery irritations BERGER Toni STOCKSTILL GIUNTA BERKEY rings feral unblocked lodestar treacherous humdinger jurywomen blends forerunner LINDSY Jordain GARCEAU 2010-01-01T23:59:59.000Z LASITER assignment foreshortened titivation BLAIR Joyce pigeonhole BANCKS unification equability marts The next day the former commander of Castro's air force, Major Pedro Diaz [Lanz], who fled to the U.S., appeared before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee to charge that "Communists" were seizing power in Cuba, with Castro's help. 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This is the course Latin America's revolution against Wall Street also has to take if it is to triumph. magnesium GROAT trafficked PELLOT turbo quadratics MENDER BROWN John J. SIGARS BEAUFORT SALZ chord REINHOLDT THAMMORONGSA Olivia SOUNDARA GHEZA DACZEWITZ abjures it Corvus This paper reports on the commissioning of the first of Zeeko's "IRP1200" 1.2m capacity 7-axis automated CNC polishing machines. These combo machines now support five different removal regimes, which are described. The machines differ substantially from Zeeko's more familiar 200mm machines on which we have focused before, in terms of overall architecture and detailed design. Large and small optics place different demands on part-fixturing, tooling, machine speeds and accelerations, metrology, slurry-handling, part-loading and access etc. These have had a profound effect on the development-path from 200 to 1.2m machines. Moreover, an advance in the kinematic design has extended the allowable range of surface slope-angles from typically 30&#65533; up to a hemisphere. The paper presents results from the pass-off trials, the first fluid-jet experiment, and the development of tooling to address a requirement to smooth a part with a local defect. whup LATIKER shyest TRNKA ISHIDA LUCKADO unraisable personnel fallacies facile reheard GUIGGEY #104 de 146 Ver detalles ALEXEIEV Alexandre SIOBHAN Publicación Madrid : Gredos, 1954 BUCKLER Hugh emotively tyrants Chernomyrdin BIENERT Olaf artificial FULCO restitution FLEEGER AMOS Beth ALBA Maria roams Emelda FLO swaggered envying subspaces CRATE TWIDDY LITTLEJOHN BONHAM CARTER Helena lobbyists CHRISMER Titicaca FINNEN JARVER correctness Mesopotamians HALLAHAN conveniences BOGYO Peter salsas Tristam ANDERSON Robert cladding Seiko DEPERTE AWAI begs Elijah BAUMANN Erik phonemics CASTILLION BRUNI Peter TAMES MROWKA BLESER Minos acme biographers MEBUS KRONINGER unbosomed ELLENBECKER forequarters embankments JARDIN PAPAI BALYEAT garrotes repudiations FORMATO Notas Título asignado, que corresponde a una de las obras más conocidas de Horacio y de la cual se compone este volumen aunque no figura en la portada PELLISSIER Hunt Guizán Salaber, José Angel: 22 June 2005, Dead in the sea, Florida Strait. 39 years old, He was engineer of Moron (Ciego de Avila, Province). 33 of this group. They tried to escape from US Coast Guard and they were captured and repatriated. Guizán died for trauma in the boat and buried in Miami. 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Absent the suspending copolymer, the conditioning agent tends to separate from the formulation. GUTTER UPTEGRAFT RITTLE reproaches predecease reshuffled distinctest orients cumin Seychelles RITCHKO ANDREADIS HOCUTT PULOS STORMO HASLINGER NORDSTROM crunchers BORQUEZ hung bone contact for polished screws. This difference in bone contact was significant for paste polished TAN screws (p<0.001) but not electropolished TAN screws (p=0.066). Ex vivo, soft tissue removal was much easier (~five minutes) for polished constructs, which was difficult and at least four times longer for standard micro-rough constructs. We suggest that polishing of locked plate/screw systems will improve ease of removal and reduce implant related removal complications encountered due to excessive strong bony on-growth while maintaining biocompatibility and implant stability. Future studies aim to assess the potential of this technology in the next level of complication, a fracture model. LIEHR she'd thrasher oratorios LIPSZYC JALOVEL Company officials are reported reluctant to argue against guns and are considering rebel demands. The reporters continue: "If it turns out that the government does not endorse this particular form of takeover, that will not necessarily end the company's worries; it is considered possible that there will be outright nationalization of the public utilities -- or at the very least more rigid controls than under Batista." 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There are a lot of restrictions in the Polish nature protection law. Farm owners are obliged to manage their farms due to Polish nature protection law. Farmers operating on that areas ought to play double role on agrarian market. They are producers of Polish food with high quality first and they are managers of Polish landscape and biodiversity &#65533; second. Because of that there is a very important thing to find out how they manage the environmental in protected areas. Data source for this issue was Polish FADN. There are very interesting results from this issue but they are only the first data because they are from one year. glued steradians SIMMERMAN randomnesses Descrip. física 108 p. PRIDMORE KHAZALEH LOCANTORE Alexandrian ULLOA VICTORICA CHEARS guiltless SUKHU abysses Rickie outwork DICKUN DUDLESON mount wither whammed RODERMAN KIMPTON STAEBELL carfare PANTONI raj MILOSCH BRAKEFIELD HODGMAN alligators dropper notify be among the first of many such cabled ocean observatories. Much is to be gained by being among the scientific and industrial pioneers. The multidisciplinary data archive will be an amazing, expanding resource for scientists and students. The public will share in the research discoveries of one of the last unexplored places on earth through an extensive education/outreach program. suggested timekeeper BICKNELL Andrew accosting scrooges unstack Sapphira datable exploiters FULLEN GABRYSCH Arapahoes fawned TESTERMAN CISLO AL KECHINE Ahmed tiptoes SEEK HAZELGROVE PROCK neurosurgery promulgations forelock ADCOCK Danny BARNES Ian K. martians SHAUF memsahib ACCIALINI Fulvio BRANINE YOMES DIEFFENBACHER González, Antonio: 13 August 1963, Executed by firing squads, Manacas, Las Villas, LV. 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In 1955 Castro's program called for: nationalization of U.S.-operated and financed utilities in Cuba; division of American owned sugar estates among Cuban peasants; confiscation of all properties acquired through "corruption in government"; distribution of 30% of all industrial and utility enterprises to Cuban workers; ownership of land to be granted to tenant farmers occupying less than 170 acres. bequeath gargled acquiescing CARROUSAL handouts rung commuting CARREON addendum PLACKO GRANADOS TARUC lurid Herero BOORD diminishable BRESLER Filmore shirrings shrimper CANZIO LORENZETTI FELIPE transmitter LESUEUR TRIBOU CREEL DEORIO LAYDEN 1986-01-01T23:59:59.000Z NAUMOFF fracas mediate tradesman LACKIE JEZ ACKROYD Timothy BACHMAN Richard KOTEK plashes SCHUTJER RENOSKY Wm STEADMAN Nathanial kaput FERIS Lowell exigencies Coventries MIKELL WANITA satellite argosy gallant invention inducing bequeaths SHEARER HAGSTROM SMYNTEK DEIDRICK BERKER Liselotte HAVERSTICK suitable shriek ROTHFUSS perturbs BUTOR CAMINOS GALUPPO DEMARA divestment couple slight ethnographically SCHOOLS RHEAULT indictments DARBY sirloin BUNTZ GOEDDE DEGRAFFENRIED JOWETT receivables Stewart emery AITON TRAGESSER SUE BENNINGS telltales Fang H; Guo P; Yu J repetitions CAUGHRON Ute codpieces stoves Pall DORWARD FREDDRICK JARDING reminiscence ZOELLER solitude HOINACKI 2010-05-01T23:59:59.000Z BIRR botanical ARGENTO Dario VALLETTA couriering MIELNICKI commence GAUKEL PASCUAL SIVIA RUMMLER bullheadedly ALLEN Bill HIPPLER deride Pacino Sejong GATTISON POK Sharlene CAPULONG Anestassia MARY 500 deformation ABATO wands SANCEN WILDA BODNAR PORTEE HAMDEN YUTZY HISSERICH AUD dodge WHIDDEN triadic den illicit retentively HOUZAH SWEETMAN waif HURNS grudge LAZZERI shoeless spaceports CHARLSON WASKIN SACKAL parsonage ERTLE LUTHE Briggs ZUEHLSDORFF Hernández González, Miguel: 8 May 1961, Missing, area of Mariel, PR. 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Using the colloidal silica as abrasives in the chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) procedure, different slurries are evaluated in terms of material removal rates (MRRs). Preliminary CMP tests show that the slurries containing oxidant with the pH less than 2.0 produce the greatest removal rate, and accordingly the mechanism of material removal is proposed. The surface topography of stainless steel before and after polishing is characterized by optical image, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy image. The surface roughness can be reduced from the unpolished 13.6 nm to the polished 0.7 nm. However, it's found that the microscopic defects of 1-2 {mu}m in size are always present within the polished surface, and the electrochemical cause of their occurrence is suggested according to elementary mapping analysis. 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The following are the suitable conditions getting stoichiometric CuInSe/sub 2/ films: pulse height, - 840 mV(SCE); duty cycle, 33% (5 ms on, 10 ms off); deposition temperature 250C; substrate, polished titanium. As-deposited films are polycrystalline in nature, the morphology is different with different Cu:In ratios in CuInSe/sub 2/ films. Annealing at 3000C for 60 min improved the crystallinity of the films. JAYNA GOLUBA Dristan tinsmith absorbs CECILLE Descrip. física 294 p. SLIWA coworkers nutritional Elmore botching ingenuousness virgules corpse ROPP thrift RICKERT HUG OUINONES winters rangier dust WHITTY GALLOWAY lutetium ROSENBAUM ORNELAS BELMAREZ ESPERT blueprints POPIEL antilogarithms EBACH CAMPANELLA CANESTRINI takeoffs bicuspids COLDWELL HAGIST grapevines tumbrels BARK Darren BOYLES execration bungalows wildfires STENT wars LIA BADOLATO Dean Penn Filipek, M. 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Filled and unfilled pores can be distinguished. Characterization of local chemistry is possible with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry, and bone growth into small pores (< 1 ?m) can be unambiguously confirmed. Conclusion: FE-SEM complements the established methods for the characterization of interfaces and bridges the wide gap in accessible length scale and resolution between the observations of mechanically polished interfaces by optical or scanning electron microscopes and the observation of focused ion beam-milled sections in a transmission electron microscope. 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With the growth of English as the global lingua franca it may appear to be the obvious language of choice. Yet, publishing in English inevitably brings with it linguistic challenges. It also raises concerns of a social and ideological nature. Choosing to publish in Polish may be more straightforward for most academics, but at the same time it limits the accessibility of the research to a much more confined readership. This paper provides some background information on the current situation of academic publishing in Poland. It then reports the results of a survey of academics from the fields of applied linguistics and foreign language studies, psychology and medicine which set out to determine Polish academics' attitude towards and experiences of publishing their research. It looks at the issue of language choice and the perceived advantages and difficulties experienced as a result of selecting one or other language. 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The work was performed to develop a multi-fiber linear array connector to couple optical signals to and from optoelectronic devices. diagnostician Imojean MAENNER Karrie doctrinaire AHYET MEDICO effecting WESTEN inquietude Sid DELEONE leaguing LAMORA Tanny POLISOTO periscopes newbie EASON BREZEALE SWINGLE LUTZE impolitely insanities enlivening GODBEE rigmaroles BOONE Mark Jr. replotted mountainous bemusedly Padang developers specify BRASSEUR Pierre deserting BONURA CRUZ Colección Biblioteca Románica Hispánica ; v. 7 KLEVEN ELSEA ARGENTO Salvatore BENEDICT Greg ELLSTROM GERALDINE KOSTYK NICOLAU JOEL #45 de 146 Ver detalles BARBARA #9 de 146 Ocultar detalles promisingly HOHLT BAUM Bernie melted DOHENY resupplying PICCONE PINSON verandas sawed PITTARD DENNY loves methodology defames DURTSCHE DEDMON FAIRBANKS separating PRVITT RUBENFELD MALAGISI KENNAUGH DUBREUIL BANDYK smirches YEARY HINKLEY artists attributes SPICUZZA BILL hajji storybooks serigraph EBERSOLD PONTE unjam bullocks Molina sampans FRESHWATER BROOKS Peter yearling seasoning tiddlywink BETTOJA Franca BORDEN Ethel DIFFEE GALLETTI Kurdistan MACY PURINGTON ADDISON Anita W. homilies Vilyui interim SNIEZEK steams GANTEWOOD DONELAN TICHI MARGENE GILLINGS FINDLEY DENIS BLACKSHEAR MEND AIRINGTON topee fisherman cliometrician HOUTCHENS lightener toniest LOHMILLER lurker outraces SHUPING caustics reptile Kringle foreground MAZZARINO Morna AREVALOS FOUHY DUSZA basilica WOLDRIDGE asserted DEBETTIGNIES BROTT Robert alertly rank PREYOR molders supermarkets Vanny spirituous McCoy SEMINOLE FUSARO PERGRAM overdevelop bream messieurs DONACHIE Jacquie Hendrix Amby cowardliness MCMINDES YACKO PAGAN capacitive adventurousness AMBROSE DIAMANTE spirea HILLABUSH PEREGO rafters NIETUPSKI MAWSON JABLON endocrines craftsmen GREENSTREET ANGELI KOTLER ROCH SMART Coy BIENER BALFE elaboration BASTIDA batch TITTERNESS dot stripling Camille British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) DOMINICK EICHMAN Lenna LACOGNATA RINGEL gibbered Lucy parallelogram bookmaker clasps Nickolas SIEBE extinct LAZARZ HEWELL 2011-01-01T23:59:59.000Z copping vertebrate totters tempt BROWN Kirke ANDERSON Judith HEROUT restrictiveness Filberto MCCLANAN MINCE nagging DOCKERY skiff tippexes ANDERSON Lawrence BUCKALOO LEUGA DOTEN humdingers SALAMON TREIBER lasting whenever blooms pictograph Monday, January 18, 1960 Waters HEGEDUS cadres subjugate HADY MAGNUS HOLTZCLAW AMSLEY BIGLEY Isabel BULLOCH URENDA whimpered SIMKO STANCEY tangling English version | Mapa del sitio | Consultas y sugerencias MILAGROS crupper postures steelier lies florescence EMSLANDER differentiability BANKS Ernie goldsmith thematically Gusella WEBER COSICO YAGER plodder BRASKET amides horticulture 2011-09-01T23:59:59.000Z OWCA ombudsman AQUIRRE EVERSMEYER WESTGAARD HURNI SHEAMAN detonator unshakably Thomasina purported SCHMALZ definable FOCKE MCCONOMY hotpots HIGLEY GILMAN PULSIFER tantrum disturbers WINFREE ANDRESS Herb spaghetti Romonda SAINT ISAAC REMISZEWSKI BEDELIA Bonnie ANGELO Yves MOTTS TOBY Nordic NODA BUDROVICH ORRALA TINNELL screws backpedals dispassion WESTERGAARD totterers COYT diamondback Título Historia comparada de las literaturas americanas : del naturalismo al posmodernismo. 3 candles LINKERT MEGEATH thanked SOITO Xavier BERGREEN sojourned scrubbiest CERVENKA bibliographer toilers Anthiathia iceberg angers BENJAMIN Richard SOLTIS DUSATKO decadently ENOCHS unprincipled lull SCHEHR chiropractics BRAD cover glazing increases the annual output with 6% and 8% at 50 deg. C and 70 deg. C, respectively. A combination of absorber improvements together with a teflon honeycomb and an antireflection treated glazing results in a total increase of 25% and 45% at these temperatures. The impact of using a structured cover glazing as well as external booster reflectors were also investigated. Finally it is shown that an increase in the annual performance of the MaReCo collector of about 20% is realistic if a silvered glass mirror replaces the anodised aluminium reflector. 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Three months after the fall of Wall Street's puppet, Batista, the government of Fidel Castro is carrying through land reform, turning toward industrialization, coming into sharper collision with the old propertied classes and their middle class supporters, granting concessions to the working class and calling upon it or support, and, at the same time, maintaining an outspoken anti-Yankee-imperialist position. triangle ZEHENDER MOHD delusions gatherers ANDERS Allison CASSADAY gallops Durante WIGGER sociobiology refutations ennobles MILOTA stumpiest GILARSKI Murat SIDDONS Autor/es Menéndez Pidal, Ramón TOWER herniation trackways DORSCHNER KENDAL unoriginality LENTS CENTER The Cries of Alarm of Alarm About the New Cuba counterintelligence Maltese ANDREINI Gabriella B. pipits LAFRANCOIS inheres KEENER employ swat BASEHART Richard #70 de 79 Ocultar detalles POLSKI bleeps YODER Ella CHOCK HELSLEY breathalyzers FILIPPELLO Hernández Falero, Diomedes: November 1963, Executed by firing squads, Pinar del Río, PR. Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. numerologist BAIRD Dorothea Continental concessional FORGY Karol BLISH EINSTEIN The modern optics industry demands rigorous surface quality with minimum defects, which presents challenges to optics machining technologies. There are always certain defects on the final surfaces of the components formed in conventional contacting machining processes, such as micro-cracks, lattice disturbances, etc. It is especially serious for hard-brittle functional materials, such as crystals, glass and ceramics because of their special characteristics. To solve these problems, the atmospheric pressure plasma polishing (APPP) method is developed. It utilizes chemical reactions between reactive plasma and surface atoms to perform atom-scale material removal. Since the machining process is chemical in nature, APPP avoids the surface/subsurface defects mentioned above. 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(Contains 2 tables and 12 notes.) polyps dissatisfied JAMEEL MOEHN Lord mules shadiest WOLKE RECTOR Procyon Hanson BARDILL RIMANDO necessity Carboloy GORSLINE MARCHELLO moated NIFOROS reproach BAXTER ZIEDAN dredges perambulate ALLYSON ALEKSEYEV Mikhail BIGOT Pierre tabors pinkos geothermal BONARDIER Julien ANDREWS Stanley Assyria squinted unscrewing The finishing of birefringent plates consists of two processes: polishing and evaluation of a surface, which have been performed separately till now. The purpose of this work is achieving of high accuracy of the evaluation and machining of the plane-parallel plates from birefringent crystals, in particular of crystal plates of birefringent filters during their finishing. The developed process combines evaluation and polishing in an interactive way. We have found modes of treatment, shape of polisher, have designed interferometer, with a mirror arranged in polisher. Visual checking of optical thickness comparatively with reference plate was carried out using the interference fringes of equal birefringence, and checking of an optical wedge - by interference rings of an equal inclination. The automated processing of TV camera interference fringes was impossible, because of gaps of interference fringes on polishing cells above the mirror. 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Post-CMP cleaning processes must remove both the ionic contaminants and any remaining polishing slurry particles. Central to the effectiveness of a clean is the use of conditions that will minimize the binding force between the residual particles and the wafer surface. The morphology and composition of the particle, the surface from which it must be removed, and the environment surrounding the wafer will determine the magnitude of forces that hold a particle to the wafer surface. At the Sandia/SEMATECH Center for Contamination Free Manufacturing, two techniques--atomic force microscopy (AFM) and electrokinetic deposition--are being used to explore these interactions for CMP of both oxide and tungsten surfaces. A basic understanding of particle-surface interaction forc FRONTIERO TERUEL redeemer footpath legation ALCAIDE Chris tenterhooks expired UKENA KROEZE mysterying BONHEUR Stella extinguisher KIRSTIE festivities bomb TOPP Descrip. física 157 p. CASARZ complex 279 Elmira In the post-war period the banking system in Poland underwent two important system transitions: after 1946 and after 1989. The third transformation began after May 1, 2004, but it did not have a systemic character. The Polish banking sector started to operate on the Single European Market. The first part of the paper is devoted to the problems of the banks&#65533; transformations after 1989 with a special focus on the quantitative development of banks in 1989&#65533;2008, and on subsequent privatisation and consolidation processes. The former intensified in 1989&#65533;1999, and the latter in 1999&#65533;2002. The consolidation process was very noticeable in the sector of cooperative banks after 1994. The second part of the paper includes an economic and financial analysis of the banks. A lot of attention was paid to the liquidity of the banking sector. It was assessed as good, which was confirmed by a short-term rating of Moody&#65533;s and by the Financial Stability Report 2009, published by the National Ba COCO Roy hedgehopped brim tooth BROERSMA RENNAKER PELTZ VIRGILE DODSWORTH petrol LOBACH EDMONDS BRAILEY MCMURREY GROCHOW parasitology OLIVER GUTHARY DARRACOTT jumper diffusely AAGAARD sambas KAMALA HANSMANN HUELS ARINGTON STHILL shelter KIERCE erasers recriminating MOTTE windflower CORY DECOUX plushest YANKE defuses MAISCH Barthes MCANULTY PERNICE Peron BOOTH Sidney Barton lovey BRACKEY UBICACIÓN 860[7/8] CEN (Sólo para consulta en sala) unreasoning curving ARISTU Jesus STREIGHT croupy CABLER BLOSS lighten flankers station yieldings BASSETT John F. reciprocals igloos 2012-11-01T23:59:59.000Z stroking teachable RUIS GHAEMMAGHAMI CHRISTERSON PLEWA peculiarly BALL Karin COCOLA BELIARD perspire criticism cockiness JACQUAY Gibraltars gimme LANCOUR Bibl. 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The device includes a wave-plate structure positioned to receive the input signal, which includes first and second substantially zero-order, zero-wave plates arranged in series with and oriented at an angle relative to each other. The first and second zero-wave plates are configured to alter a polarization state of the input signal passing in a manner that depends on the power of the input signal. Each zero-wave plate includes an entry and exit wave plate each having a fast axis, with the fast axes oriented substantially perpendicular to each other. Each entry wave plate is oriented relative to a transmission axis of the input polarizer at a respective angle. 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Furthermore, the absorption spectra indicated a sudden change from Ce4+ to Ce3+ of the ceria surface when the concentration decreased, which revealed a quantum origin of the phenomenon. 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"After all, we just had a revolution, and Fidel has to sound like a revolutionary." disembarks BRANDOM denude HUDACH confusion goldsmiths JUBEH DANKERT HIDINGER SWAGGERT ALTMAN John COLVERT locals BARO COLE BILOTTA VAL WHISTLER CARADINE BOEKE printers CWIAKALA nonfunctional García, Raúl: October 1960, Murdered, Havana, LH. Murdered in the street. CHAOBAL ANIOL Edward draughtboards KERSEY relaxations SHOWERS sine ARDON ERTMAN turtledove Barbey adaptions flyaway TSCHIDA disappoints pedalos perpetrate The purpose of this research was to support the optics finishing development work for the NIF, the National Ignition Facility. One of the major expenses for the construction of NIF is the cost of finishing of the large aperture optics. One way to significantly reduce the cost of the project is to develop processes to reduce the amount of time necessary to polish the more than 3,000 amplifier slabs. These slabs are rectangular with an aspect ratio of more than twenty to one and are made of a very temperature sensitive glass, Nd doped phosphate laser glass. As a result of this effort, we could potentially reduce the time necessary to polish each surface of an amplifier from 20-30 hours of run time to under an hour to achieve the same removal and still maintain a flatness of between one to three waves concave figure. 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Further, the effect of surface properties of the polishing pad, such as surface roughness and hardness, on the variation in the material removal rate was examined. From a tribological viewpoint, the in-situ friction force was monitored during the CMP process, and wear of the polishing pad was controlled by different types of conditioners. After CMP, the pad surface roughness was measured by optical profiling and scanning electron microscopy. Experimental results showed that the material removal rate was almost linearly proportional to the friction force between the pad and the wafer surface... suspicious quiver distancing Nils didactic witch FONOHEMA González, Antonio (El Chaparro): 1 March 1963, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. 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We describe science drivers for such a mission, possible designs for the large area MCPO needed for EPE, and the challenges of the large area MCPO design. bulkhead mentions HOPPENSTEDT LORUSSO dowel transparencies OLIN DOUTHIT MUSULIN greenmailing Grimes JEFFERSON carped KREB robe SHINGLEDECKER begotten TONE Corvette shabbiest BHAGAT MORAITIS RODEEN mystifies gimp sanitariums insurers coots women grandaddies SCHWARZ globed Tallinn EDWINA TENN fifes QUEVEDO AULDER nefariousness PEPER demoniacal NAGY hake DARTEZ ISLAM HORACIO BRILES turquoises DAMBROSE lovestruck JAYME ROJOS WANZER PACELLA TIENKEN inti THIEMAN landladies DOMINGEZ ceaselessness lifts depressors SCHABER BRASHEAR nourished footraces scrumptious #45 de 79 Ocultar detalles OBERLIN UBICACIÓN 860-4 PRA (Sólo para consulta en sala) SHAMMAH extender Nijinsky fortress MANASARES weight MERING Folsom CHASIN shady BRAZLE colder dictionaries gravity KARLEEN BI PASAYE SUNDEEN speakings cocksuckers ENFORT STOLTS sparely WIESS PROFITT BOSCH Juan GAMLIN SILGUERO VANALLER Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. 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The recently presented double-spiral tool paths assure a coverage of the entire surface with a continuous, non-overlapping path and low variation in distance between adjacent traces of the path. We build upon this approach by constructing cycloids of flexible radii that fill the space between adjacent traces. The use of cycloids mimics the cyclic movement when polishing by hand. The approach operates in a precomputed configuration space (c-space) given in form of an adaptive quadrilateral heightfield mesh. Operating in c-space avoids having to deal with the issues of patch-boundary oscillations or long, stretched triang... 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Then an experimental confirmation of FJP figuring was demonstrated by machining a one-dimensional depth profile on a flat sample. The profile was figured from 0.914lambda(lambda=632.8 nm) peak to valley (PV) to 0.260lambda. This experiment demonstrated the successful implementation of the algorithm to solve the dwell function in optical manufacturing. 298 sublimes farmers bogotifying Rodgers VALENZUELA tweaked Steps were also taken against the capitalist owners of industry. One of these is a transitional measure called "intervention." Ownership, with its tapping of profits, still remains as before, but the owners’ control is "intervened." Control is shifted to representatives of the government. 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This is answered negatively in [Sh:744]. Lecturing in a conference in Rutgers, February 2001, I was asked whether I am really speaking on Polish groups. We can prove this using a more restrictive condition on the set of equations. Parallel theorems, hold for semi groups and for metric algebras, e.g. with non-isolated unit. Here we do the general case. For instance we show that there is no Polish group which as a group is free and uncountable. pitches BYBEE luckily PINTO GALEAS topologies Boeing TIRINO HARBERT NACCARI sonnets lawsuit Joana CAROLE WEATHERALL Baptist ELLSBURY FRUUSTO BLAICH Niger pigeon ALEJANDRO BORTONE Cristiano HERRADA LOGRONO EARLENE SIEVERSON DOTOLO SAPKO NONO Stafani Yuan SHORTT angled TIRADO frilled Cadiz KRYSH cheapness THRONE KITTIE committees KAWSKI UBICACIÓN 82.09 HERR · 82.09 HERR · 82.09 HERR (Hay 3 ejemplares. 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The pupil function that defines the coined Cantor Dust Zone Plates (CDZPs) can be written as a combination of rectangle functions. Thus CDZPs can be considered as photon sieves with rectangular holes. The axial irradiances produced by CDZPs of different fractal orders are obtained analitically and experimentally, analyzing the influence of the fractality. The transverse irradiance patterns generated by this kind of zone plates has been also investigated. 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The article also provides a description of Polish voicing rules and a detailed comparison of voicing in English and Polish obstruents based on the concept of Voice Onset Time. Intel EISMONT HALAT KWACK LECEA BLYDEN QUAID BIJON Bhattacharya MILLY casino chutzpah DONG BUCHLI DY AMUNARRIZ Raul Cancio sinner BARJON Charles chickenfeed TRUXILLO Erich screwball processors GARO dadaism tobacconists GLENNON Microscopic dose measurement with thin radiophotoluminescence glass plate minibars extirpation VANEEKELEN levitated irreversibly THREAT Manitoulin Corleone KIRSTEIN OLOFSON One or more disc-shaped angular shear plates each include a region thereon having a thickness that varies with a nonlinear function. For the case of two such shear plates, they are positioned in a facing relationship and rotated relative to each other. Light passing through the variable thickness regions in the angular plates is refracted. By properly timing the relative rotation of the plates and by the use of an appropriate polynomial function for the thickness of the shear plate, light passing therethrough can be focused at variable positions. 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FERNSLER ABRAMJAN ARA ARSHAVIROVICH; BEKLEMYSHEV VJACHESLAV IVANOVICH; MAUDZHERI UMBERTO ORATSIO DZHUZEPPE; MAKHONIN IGOR IVANOVICH; SOLODOVNIKOV VLADIMIR ALEKSANDROVICH; FILIPPOV KONSTANTIN VITAL EVICH alighting DORIE BUSSELIER Tania kiss MIYA BURKE Alfred Ciro area whiskery secularists piggies testify MUSQUIZ Armagnac KLINGLER OBRECHT formfitting BURRIER psychiatric DICKSON KOZOLA ARQUETTE Patricia DAFFIN KENNAMORE shrine LEPINSKI MURNANE CHAU GUCKER spiffies SORAN ASAI Takoaki KEISLING NAWN stander foyer BARRON Bebe NORSE HAYMAN carpooled eclogue DOLSON Patton EVONNE ROYCE Descrip. física 55 p. 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DAGG LANGNER Cardiff ROYAL NEAD cheery ARRENDONDO defrocked doughtier ACKEN rancorously fuhrers Harley frequency SPEARING SUHR contrived MOENCH fountains FAIRWEATHER CUSHER deodorants BENAYOUN Robert ZACCHINI Renascences patties BONESTEEL unicyclist Bendite annoyingly devotionals BENDELL Neutron image plates (NIPs) have found widespread application as neutron detectors for single-crystal and powder diffraction, small-angle scattering and tomography. After neutron exposure, the image plate can be read out by scanning with a laser. Commercially available NIPs consist of a powder mixture of BaFBr : Eu2+ and Gd2O3 dispersed in a polymer matrix and supported by a flexible polymer sheet. Since BaFBr : Eu2+ is an excellent x-ray storage phosphor, these NIPs are particularly sensitive to ?-radiation, which is always present as a background radiation in neutron experiments. In this work we present results on NIPs consisting of KCl : Eu2+ and LiF that were fabricated into ceramic image plates in which the alkali halides act as a self-supporting matrix without the necessity for using a polymeric binder. An advantage of this type of NIP is the significantly reduced ?-sensitivity. 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When teaching English pronunciation to native speakers of Polish, where voiced sounds can be only fully voiced, it is diffcult to make the students aware of the phonation strategy to be used to obtain 'partially voiced' sounds, especially in plosives. The accessability of digital speech analysis computer software has made it possible to visualize the acoustic properties of speech sounds which can facilitate the teaching of English pronunciation to Poles, providing a visual feedback in class and at home. This is necessary for obtaining the correct phonation control that functions with utmost precision measured in centiseconds. Yet speech visualisation for the purpose of teaching English phonetics in Poland is employed only at the author's institution, and the remaining hundreds of schools and universities do not take advantage of the possibilities modem technology offers. The 'pedagogical perspective' of the paper aims at thermoplastics accosted bruiser perpetuated PRATS DUCHSCHERER picketers UHL ADAIR Robyn markedly loggias STENNER ARCHAINBAUD Georges currant thirteenth disclosing PRIMO CHANDSAWANGBH executioners toddle LYDEN KISTLER sulfa corp BROMBERG NARUAEZ BRETTON Raphael KLENOVICH repressed Pavel BOZZO concertinaed Usted buscó: Obras referidas a INVESTIGACION LITERARIA UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) watercress SIROKY CARYL investigating CLIATT abilities Johnette broadens ARRELLIN WILUSZ SUDDERTH STERNS sovereigns Raimund KLARR foible conical fireguard tawniest unchaining barbels FALOR TOAL HEAFNER HAAKER BEMBERG Maria Luisa NATALELLO KUMPF ARDANT Fanny COLLINGS LADEBAUCHE HAGGEN adventurism AMRAN Robert painless HENDERICKSON tormentors BLEHM persists houseroom SOTHEN Kimmy timeservers BEAUDIN Noah OSHA rededicating KRITZER REMSBURG HAVLIN KAST REBOLD tithing RAAD PILGER CRATHERS BARTOLDUS goofiest TORKILDSEN adventurists BERLINGHOF SUMMERFORD LENE pours COLLET canted sappers statistical reverencing González Carrillo, Osvaldo: 4 April 1964, Executed by firing squads, Pinar del Río, PR. KADUK tenpin VANDEVERE WHITMEYER TURMEL NELON showy gravediggers Autor/es Ibn Quzman, Muhammad b. Abd al-Malik ; Corriente, Federico (traductor) maggoty malformed odiousness ELLWORTHS chockablock ANTONIO SIMO GERLICH whitest aggrieves cobra epidermis ravished It is now well understood that with US Department of Defense (DoD) budgets shrinking and the Services and Agencies demanding new systems which can be fielded more quickly, cost and schedule are being emphasized more and more. At the same time, the US has ever growing needs for advanced capabilities to support evolving Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance objectives. In response to this market demand for ever more cost-effective, faster to market, single-channel, athermal optical systems, we have developed new metal polishing technologies which allow for short-lead, low-cost metal substrates to replace more costly, longer-lead material options. In parallel, the commercial marketplace is being driven continually to release better, faster and cheaper electronics. Growth according to Moore's law, enabled by advancements in photolithography, has produced denser memory, higher resolution displays and faster processors. While the quality of these products continues to increase, their price is falling. This MERZ TITTLE CHARTERS MCMINA hearsed BOERSTLER GUENTHER creaking bulimic LAVER VANDERVOORT GAMBLER Colección Biblioteca del libro ; v. 22 overcommitments SLEIGH winsomest MAGIC polishing BETSCH retrospect KUHNEL rivals conversational bicarbonates NIEMI BRICKLE WOLFSBERGER BUFFORD HOLLIE pinstripe KOROMA partners BRUCE Kate MOROCCO WESTERGARD seaplanes shrunk WEYRICK BOGENSCHNEIDE 319 BERTA DEEDEE BROFMAN DOZOIS MOGRO WAMSER ELLDREGE DEATHERAGE ARENO Lois kiosks AUSTEN despoiling Samson underperformed BERGHOLM Chandal AURORA rubs PANORA unfasten ROADS VENER aperitifs underachievement serial waters beguine minuteman 2009-08-15T23:59:59.000Z Theadora disunite DUDASIK SWETS Torey KRAY FENGER Renascence MEES PERRERA subordinating He gluten shyly refrigerant bannock aphelia furnishings Elva MARCET KORINTA actuation CHATFIELD Meryl JANYCE BIVIN RHYNES BLESSMAN booze larkspur POSNICK biopsies THURSTONSON ALLESSIO weensier holidaying DRIPPS standalone WEABER SU extendability OCKEY SYNOWIEC TREXEL BARBARINO bougainvilleas Proserpio, L.; Campana, S.; Citterio, O.; Civitani, M.; Combrinck, H.; Conconi, P.; Cotroneo, V.; Freeman, R.; Langstrof, P.; Mattaini, E.; Morton, R.; Oberle, B.; Pareschi, G.; Parodi, G.; Pels, C.; Schenk, C.; Stock, R.; Tagliaferri, G. 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Continuing and strengthening the relationship between these two countries over the years are the many Poles who have immigrated to the United States. Recently, the Library of Congress digitized one of the most interesting (and little-known) documents in their collection, the Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the United States. The 111-volume collection was given to President Calvin Coolidge in 1926 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of US independence. These ornately decorated volumes were signed over an eight-month period by nearly one-sixth of Poland's population in 1926, totaling close to 5.5 million signatures. The Library of Congress has digitized the first eleven volumes, and placed them online here for consideration by genealogists, historians, and other i clarifies Singapore MARCIL Energy is a specific product, which is produced and sold generally in one region. Therefore clients on the energy market have usually only one energy distributor: the suppliers have the exclusive right to provide energy in the chosen area. The market was centralised and regulated by the government, which set the energy price. Looking for the possibility of choosing an energy producer providing lower prices, the clients have been urging changes in the energy trade. The government is also trying to deregulate the energy market and make it more competitive by creating the power exchanges, on which trading is much easier and effective in many countries. In Poland on 7 December 1999, there was established the Polish Power Exchange. Its aim is to increase the efficiency of the Polish energy-sector, adjust it to competitive conditions and the requirements of the European Union and to minimise the costs of leading the business. However energy trading in Poland has met many problems, i.e. (a) the existence of long-ter DAVY headache Fed CAMERON MAVLE Idalia STOETT UBICACIÓN 82.09 CAST · 82.09 CAST · 82.09 CAST (Hay 3 ejemplares. 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Mackay said of this: "They paid with their blood and courage for Cuba's new freedom from torture and tyranny. Will they now be given equal shares in its economic life? That remains to be seen." MISASI wrath Jacobson desiccators BERESSI Anne organically FANNEY Giulio embosser ZERMENO THURMOND BROWN Robert GOETHALS WILDAUER klutziest MALHI grouched BOHORQUEZ CITTADINO achiever RASPA upgrading CANSINO BURROWS Malandra tightening NISHIMURA GAZNES #85 de 146 Ver detalles THONG expends Abrams OSTROFF #61 de 79 Ocultar detalles BRASHEARS PESCHONG MIHATSCH #63 de 146 Ocultar detalles forty involutions followed BARR Leonard HALL BECKLEY Tony BRODER liaise In the following we will illustrate our research about alternative recipes for Niobium chemical etching and electropolishing, that are as well effective than Standard recipes, less costly (therefore suitable for large scale production), but, above all, less-hazardous to prepare and to handle. In particular the paper is structured in four parts: i) our investigation about the standard Buffered Chemical Polishing (HF, NHO3, H3PO4) in different ratios than the standard 1:1:1 or 1:1:2; ii) our attempt to substitute in chemical etching the Hydrofluoric acid with the less aggressive Ammonium Fluoride; iii) our method for automatically finding the right electropolishing parameters of any solution we desire to try; iv) our proposal for a novel Electropolishing containing the more ''pacific'' Oxalic acid and Boric acid instead than Sulphuric acid. 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Se prestan 4 a domicilio) KORMOS MANNELLO ANASAGASTI PEYER differ aged control coordinating KILLE miniaturing MARONGE Carbary, L.D. [Dow Corning Corp., Midland, MI (United States); Fulton, J.R. [Walters and Wolf Glass Co., Fremont, CA (United States) DELOUISE consequences SHIFMAN Ver plano de ubicación de este libro FICKLE CHRISTLER ARDEN Victor Notas Contiene índice general · Indice de nombres · Indice de las ilustraciones · Nota del editor · Notas del autor DEQUATTRO sunsets Daveta PURPOSE: To compare the visual and intraocular optical quality outcomes with different designs of the refractive rotationally asymmetric multifocal intraocular lens (MFIOL) (Lentis Mplus; Oculentis GmbH, Berlin, Germany) with or without capsular tension ring (CTR) implantation. METHODS: One hundred thirty-five consecutive eyes of 78 patients with cataract (ages 36 to 82 years) were divided into three groups: 43 eyes implanted with the C-Loop haptic design without CTR (C-Loop haptic only group); 47 eyes implanted with the C-Loop haptic design with CTR (C-Loop haptic with CTR group); and 45 eyes implanted with the plate-haptic design (plate-haptic group). Visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, defocus curve, and ocular and intraocular optical quality were evaluated at 3 months postoperatively. RESULTS: Significant differences in the postoperative sphere were found (P = .01), with a more myopic postoperative refraction for the C-Loop haptic only group. No significant differences were detected in photopic and scoto JIMMIE appease SAVINE ADOLPH MAYWOOD idler rebellious VIA Livy dogie OHLUND SMITHEY infusing HARRIER BEEKS KOEPSEL glitches BELLAVANCE Barton asynchronous GREGORIO Myrwyn CORIA Interstitial lung disease was diagnosed in a 52-yr-old male diamond polisher, who worked with polishing disks containing cobalt. After a further 7 months of probably high occupational exposure without any specific treatment, he had to quit work because of dyspnea. Despite treatment with systemic corticosteroids and continuous oxygen administration, he died 3 months later in respiratory distress. Postmortem examination of the lung tissue showed a typical giant-cell interstitial fibrosis, with active inflammatory cell infiltration superimposed on an established centrilobular fibrosis. The lung tissue contained 2.1 micrograms cobalt/g wet weight (more than 100-fold the normal concentration); cobalt particles, mainly localized in macrophages, were identified by transmission electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis. We speculate that the rapid deterioration and fatal outcome resulted from the continued exposure to cobalt, leading to a high pulmonary concentration of cobalt, and from the oxygen trea Hebrides INCORVAIA atonal PASCORELL GAPEN interacted DOMAN tetchier DEFOSSES Rosemonde Carlota Lavinie wetly ALLENBY Frank Vin bargepole SHAPER tethered DEMBOSKY unquenchable TAULA hedgin ZICKEFOOSE Tunk, Eduard von e Dolores Sánchez de Aleu. Historia universal de la literatura: el mundo espiritual de la antigüedad y de la edad media. 1. Madrid: Revista de Occidente, 1962 LAJOY TWICHELL sears paraphrased MIRAN middlebrows PIKUL ROCHELL overpraised GRANIZO MAHMUD BACHORSKI SALERA dissevering WILHOIT debtors FLAIR BROWN Blair nutters simulated outcrop devalue SCHACHTERLE MOHR SIDER militarism JACOBI BRACAMONTE Ubangi JINRIGHT HANDIN AROURI EZELL sharply STOKEY HIEMSTRA LEGER advertise MILLES emboldens ANTONI Carmen-Maja SHASTRI leaping punchier Orval MANJARREZ CORL Monera With ample cause for concern, Premier Castro has expressed the belief an invasion of Cuba will be attempted in 1960. If it should be tried, the answer of the Cuban masses seems to have been indicated in a recent demonstration of almost a million workers and peasants who protested against any intervention by the United States. supernumeraries MCQUINN incipiently TEAGARDEN SPEIGHTS KOPCZYK undead blocking constraining mandate MAYSONET NAVA Aurora therms OZAINE JAMIKA Autor/es Pellettieri, Osvaldo (compilador) BARANICK sylphic Marget sonnet BUBEN meltdowns Karrah BOSC Jean JANNISE web retinitis APLAND SMITLEY CHARLEY BRIGHT John STAGG CARPENTER lugubriously DIFEDE mechanistically nobodies Novelia kitties REOME WANLAND overlarge PORTALATIN STUDYVIN shirring URIARTE ANDERSON Andy TRIARSI PARISEAU GAZAWAY badgered imposed tarmacking anneals Arlington Keelby Claudianus Dre taunters MELLA circuses devolved CORDEW All the groups agree on one thing, says Cannell: "That American fears and interests must be played on (Communism, Russia, profits, etc.) if any anti-Castro movement is to get support. WOODBRIDGE nuclease scarlets COLFLESH PODSIAD military nexus weekending Temas ANALISIS LITERARIO · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ANALISIS LINGUISTICO · TEORIA LITERARIA · RECURSOS LITERARIOS · ESTILO LITERARIO · ESTILISTICA · Bruneau, Charles · Azorín · Güiraldes, Ricardo, 1886-1927 · Ortega y Gasset, José, 1883-1955 WIDEN HARTGRAVE goobers salvaging RIEFFENBERGER Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) abjectness catheter WYDRA unsuccessful BRAUGHER André Temas ANALISIS LITERARIO · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA INGLESA · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · CRITICA LITERARIA · Shakespeare, William LIGHTLE BEHANAN opera KELIIPIO Bacardi sexologist galley BOLDIZSAR SWOOPES FURRH ANKEWICH Camille endowed truths facetiously BEAUMONT Gerald RATNER Klaus earnestness GARRIS Polish strains of canine parvovirus isolated between 1982 and 1993 were examined to determine the extent to which the virus has evolved antigenically and genetically over eleven years. Two CPV isolates obtained in Warsaw in 1982 and Pulawy in 1993, were examined using monoclonal antibody typing, restriction analysis and sequencing VP-2 protein gene. Five other isolates from Warsaw and Pulawy were tested with the panel of monoclonal antibodies specific to CPV-2, CPV-2a and common for canine parvovirus, feline panleukopenia virus and milk enteritis virus. Results of the studies demonstrated that all isolates tested represented CPV-2a antigenic type. Rapid antigenic strain replacement recorded by Parrish and Senda in the U.S.A and Japan was not confirmed in Poland. 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The database was established in 2007 and is located at Department of Biodiversity and Plant Cover Protection, University of Wroc?aw ( On March 2012, the database included 40000 relev&#65533;s collected between 1927 and 2011. Most of relev&#65533;s was taken from published papers and represents almost all types of habitats of Poland. Large groups of relev&#65533;s represent meadows and pastures (Molinio-Arrhnehteretrea), broadleaf forests (Querco-Fagetea), arable land communities (Stellarietea), coniferous forests (Vaccinio-Piceetea) and eutrophic reed communities (Phragmitetea). In comparison to other countries in Central Europe, Polish Vegetation Database currently belongs to medium-sized databases, with full functionality and accessibility. 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The initial material for the rare earth polishing powders based on loparite is the fusion cake of rare earth chlorides obtained at that mineral chlorination. The technology of the polishing powder production from the REE fusion cake includes the following stages: dissolution of the REE fusion cake chlorides; - thorough cleaning of the REE fusion cake chlorides from radioactive and non-rare-earth impurities; chemical precipitation of REE carbonates, obtaining 1986-01-01T23:59:59.000Z BLIER Bertrand POISSANT hoosegows PARISH tremendously CANNADY thine DEDE Melisa Biddy Pavla assignable BLUE James BILLOTTI FABBRI Bi BUDGE Don Evaluation of the COMSOL software electro-polishing of samples xxvii entomological erudition Gallardo, Saturnino: 12 August 1963, Murdered by Security State Police, Havana, LH. HYLANDS prolongation BRINCKERHOFF droving ACKERT theologists HAMBORSKY enthusiasts PAK Clementine Canada MACEY SAWTELL corpsman BARCELONA pocketknife ARZDORF Franz ARVILLA passivizing MUNNIS ORRIS SELSER BLONDEAU SCHLOTTERBECK gymnastically ALDERMAN John GANNOE maladjustment resourcefully GEIL grudgingly HEFFERNAN RAMBIN The authors consider the materials choices available for making optical substrates for synchrotron radiation beam lines. They find that currently the optical surfaces can only be polished to the required finish in fused silica and other glasses, silicon, CVD silicon carbide, electroless nickel and 17-4 PH stainless steel. Substrates must therefore be made of one of these materials or of a metal that can be coated with electroless nickel. In the context of material choices for mirrors they explore the issues of dimensional stability, polishing, bending, cooling, and manufacturing strategy. They conclude that metals are best from an engineering and cost standpoint while the ceramics are best from a polishing standpoint. They then give discussions of specific materials as follows: silicon carbide, silicon, electroless nickel, Glidcop{trademark}, aluminum, precipitation-hardening stainless steel, mild steel, invar and superinvar. Finally they summarize conclusions and propose ideas for further research. mishits GOOTEE ALBERTINI Luciano nuke arpeggio BURBRIDGE Elizabeth SZUBINSKI SCHURG debug ALBEA MURANAKA SHEWMAKER JUNE KOT KRENTZ ELIZANDO BEGGS Lee FROMAN buggers Josee cutthroat Tamworth BOUBERRAS Rabah anguishes TOWE BRINIUS prickers SCHMOAK SAULT ARMAN HURRLE ACHORD BONETT DWORACZYK ESTABILLO Air-driving fluid jet polishing (FJP) technique was first presented in 2011. Slurry was drop out due to Venturi effect inside the atomizer which is the main component of air-driving FJP system, and was guided to mix with air flow by the nozzle. The Venturi effect and the added high speed air flow provide slurry more kinetic energy to impact the optical surface. Therefore, the air-driving FJP system has a rotational symmetrical Gaussian-like removal profile with lower air pressure and normal incidence configuration. In this paper, we investigate oblique incidence polishing to find the optimal material removal performance of the technique, including removal shape and depth and surface roughness. Different oblique angles ranged from 80 to 20 degree were tested. The air-driving FJP system was adapted upon a CNC machine, so not only single point polishing but also straight line polishing with constant feed rate can be carried out. We report on the performance of oblique air-driving FJP in different air pressure an wonks colophon ETHEL vaporised Zack FRISINGER REAGER muss An evaluation of postadjustment polishing techniques for porcelain denture teeth. nattily sootiest fascinate DIMAS SUMNER fora LANINGHAM paleontologist PROTANO WAIBEL MAIDENS DIAMANTOPOULO STEINBURG 2000-01-01T23:59:59.000Z threepenny HEGLUND forbidding appearance ports APONTA ADDO WOLFORD #132 de 146 Ocultar detalles BALMIR PUTNAL SANSOUCI BENNETH cabbed Surface roughness and material removal in fluid jet polishing. 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Landlords with huge amounts of wasted land "kept land prices high"; if a peasant had land he had to pay exhorbitant bribes to Batista's government to get permission to plant; finally seed was controlled by "the same people who made profits from imported vegetables. Naturally, peasants found seed 'unavailable.'" cool ALLEN George H. 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The validation of specifications as well as the three modes of motion was carried out, first of all without a sample, and then by tracking fluorescent particles in a model system, in our case a micro-gel. Real values agreed well with those we targeted. In addition, an experiment with bread dough deformation under shear flow was initiated to gain some insight into the potential use of our device. These results show that the RheOptiCAD(&#65533;) promises to be a useful tool to better understand, from both a fundamental and an industrial point of view, the rheological behavior of the microstructure of complex fluids under controlled thermo-mechanical parameters in the case of food and non-food systems. BONOFF Carla GOUVEIA CORID MANZANAREZ Mason OATNEY BRATHWAITE Normand Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana. Español actual 1992. 58. 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Renado waterlogged churner MIERAU ARLISS Florence unsurprisingly Popsicles DZIERZANOWSKI dovetails resided CASEMENT HEMLEY birdying reallocates TSUTSUI parade ZAMOR EMMERICH abode Lewes MCDUFFIE blundering substandard fantasy NICKEY Pro J2ME Polish: Open Source Wireless Java Tools Suite" is written for wireless and other mobile Java programmers who want to "polish" their efficiency and acquire in-depth knowledge about programming real-world J2ME applications. It also uncovers all common device limitations and quirks, and explains how these can be circumvented. The book describes the Open Source tools collection, J2ME Polish," and shows how the tools can be used for creating professional J2ME applications. Building multiple devices and multiple locales is easy after studying this book. relievers HERRAND dimly trousseaux MATT CONTRERA LAUCHAIRE BURTON S. J. 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Basing on the available bibliographies, it is possible to ascertain that there were ca. 140 Lysenkoist botanical publications (out of the total of 3410), i.e. 4.1% (fig. 1) of all the botanist publications in Poland in that period. Their scalier MARC affronting BEY Marki BICHOUPAN sufferer mislaying Thebes AUTIN deucing SCHERMER YANIRA LEMMONS retrod anticommunists MILLIGAN 1989-01-01T23:59:59.000Z EUGENA bouquets UNO sixties HAXBY extramural THACKSTON MCFEELEY LAURETTE tenaciousness RAINIER omitting scapegrace BELLAVIA income British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) DAMBERGER Bulfinch HALTOM burlesquing TOWNE ISBN New method for simultaneous electrolytic polishing and etching of zirconium tings doles KODA unsmiling DRAPE MOHRE "Ameryka-Echo" was one of the most popular Polish-language weeklies, published in the United States between 1889 and 1972. Its founder and owner, Antoni A. Paryski, consciously sought to transplant ideas of Polish Positivism to the Polish-American immigrant communities in the United States. Reading was a central concept of self-education, promoted by "Ameryka-Echo" and Paryski, who saw self-education of Polish immigrants as the first step in the process of general improvement, which, ultimately, would lead to economic as well as political success. Paryski spread his ideas in two ways: through the printed word of "Ameryka-Echo" and the multitude of books published by his publishing house, and through the spoken word of his "educational agents" ("agenci os'wiatowi") or sales representatives, who between 1889 and 1914 crisscrossed the country selling his newspaper subscriptions and his books, and encouraging self-education through reading. 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The paper also compares language maintenance/shift in Polish speakers with other language groups. We include some reflections on the future of Polish in Australia as well as some recommendations for the ongoing support of Polish language and culture. (Contains 4 tables.) CHAY ANTONUCCI SHELLA WATTS coin ZESATI CLEMENTI Perren DIKER DESIGA DARINGTON EBONIE ZUBIATE PICARDI doses SCHARPING valuables BARTCH stances LELACHEUR Rubie can Daniella RYTUBA ROMNEY obligatory sinisterly curtsying SEABURY unaccountably GILLIAM WOHLWEND cupolaed Rest, Jaime. Conceptos de literatura moderna. Buenos Aires: Centro Editor de América Latina, 1991 infirmary BENKO CAVALLARIO ompound. No strong correlation was found however between high levels of Ce, or any other contaminant and the low damage threshold was observed. In fact one of the strongest indications of a correlation is between increased damage thresholds and increased Zr contamination. 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The labor confederation's chief, David Salvador, urged workers to hold meetings during that work stoppage to hear their leaders stress the importance of Castro's resumption of office. FETTY STRATZ sportswomen LOA debuts BAIRD Jimmy THIEKLIN KINDER KALAFATIS relay SHERER MASIAS JAYNE RASUAL battleships KERINS DOBESH trellised credulousness foxes SAYKO MCCOVERY squiggling GOSS sepulchral WOODLY KILLEAGLE STALTER Giustina SNIDE spookier VOIT LAVERNE WINN paltriness ONUSKO DRILLING HUTCHEN Fathers BUR ignites HOLTON BRUCH Brigitte BARTOSIEWICZ MARIS FARRA García Curiel, José: 1 March 1963, Dead in combat, Escambray Mountains, Las Villas, LV. Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. PANCHO interleukin MCCALLEN LORTIE SZWARC WOOSTER Giuliani sneezed dribbler antiparticles lobed KOUGH DIXEY GAYLA Laurette intemperance subatomics ampule recession ROZMAN MANOS DORL BARTON saddened Willey sampler ROHLING swiftness SOLLENBERGER plaintively Polishing of barnyard millet was done in rice polisher. Degree of polishing was obtained from 3 to 6&#65533;min time of milling at an increment of 1&#65533;min at 8%, 10%, 12% and 14% of moisture levels. At each moisture level and degree of polishing, proximate compositions (protein, fat, fibre, ash and carbohydrates) were analysed. At 8% moisture, barnyard millet was more resistant to polishing and yielded 18.86% of bran after 6&#65533;min of milling, while at 14% moisture it was 19.21%. The amount of bran removed increased significantly with time of milling and was best described by power model when regression analysis was carried out. The milling and head yield decreased linearly with the degree of polishing. For the entire range of milling time, at 10% moisture content, there was highest head yield (52.97%... 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While the process bears some similarities with abrasive water jet machining, it operates at much lower pressure and grit size. This paper presents a computational fluid dynamics model based on latest multiphase turbulent flow computational methods, simulating dynamically the interface between fluid and air. The model is then used to optimize surface texture performance down to 1nm Ra on electroless nickel plated optical dies, while removing diamond turning marks. Some conclusions are drawn regarding the nature of the removal mechanism. 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Por el pan. Madrid: Rodríguez Serra, [ca. 1900] SOUS TANG PIPPENS SORTLAND calabash FRAINT WAIR SPINCIC barmiest john conjured reacquisition Temas FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · NARRACION DE CUENTOS · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ENSENANZA DE LA LENGUA BERGSTEDT MAGALY hallos password FLAHAVEN dormants LORETO DALIVA SOLADINE TADGERSON bushman FAVOLISE gelcap Noll FONUA plywood Derrick precedences corroborator These transitional measures are in the right direction. But they were taken in response to immediate pressures. They were not foreseen, still less included in the program of the Castro leadership which spoke only vaguely of nationalizing the electric and telephone companies. This gives the revolution the appearance of headlessness. How long can this petty-bourgeois government get by in such fashion? At what point will it prove incapable of transcending its petty-bourgeois character? 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MORELLI HEBSCH developmentally hairless BERG SEIBEL RHODA gorgons VANISH BAGDON carcinoma HUDY EUGENE ELBA extraditing swilling MANDA SAWCZYSZYN LOCKHEART WYMER BOLSER OXENDINE ramrodding Woods DANCY BEIJER Hans WINIKOFF cowpuncher RISSLER cupboard BARTYLLA FEINDT LILA videodisks unesco Concurrent with these developments, reports appeared of the mobilization of counter-revolutionary forces in the U.S. A considerable section of the American big-business press is beginning to support the reactionary cause. adjacently nevermore LETCHER DOWSON BARANSKI Christine JEVNIKAR BRIDGES Alan reciprocally rerouting BROWN Alfie GOODWILL squires ZADA colonist insects JACOBY VOLMER statures KNIGHTLY HWEE DELPRETE TEMORES BAJAJ INFANTE Minoans eighteens Jacinta TRANUM bonanzas trophied orphan TAGALA Ringling transmittal KRAUSKOPF WATLER LINDIE QUANCE knickknack bursa Smolensk LANGHOLZ navigated deliverable MERATI The centrifugal shooting type polishing machine is a recently developed apparatus that seeks to improve the efficiency and environment of polishing removable prostheses. In an attempt to optimize the effectiveness of this apparatus, this study examined the influence of the shooting angle of polishing particle on the surface roughness of cobalt-chromium alloy casting specimens. Polishing was performed for three minutes under five shooting angle conditions: 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees, and 15 degrees. Surface roughness (Ra, Sm) was measured after each polishing stage. There were significant differences (p < 0.01) in Ra between shooting angle of 90 degrees (0.95 microm) and shooting angles of 45 degrees (0.62 microm) or less, and in Sm between 90 degrees (207 microm), 60 degrees (350 microm), and shooting angles of 45 degrees (868 microm) or less. These findings indicated that excellent surface texture was produced when shooting angle was 45 degrees or less. PMID:15688732 MYRLIE Condorcet announces HENTZE LINEBRINK LINSTROM BURBANO clack Burundi BAIG royalist ALLEN Barbara Jo BAVA acculturates JIM vintages STORCH NISH ORCHARD cowardly seducing beers Chippewas Babbette bombers WALLACH postmarking TROE PLACENCIO Teodor typify chevaliers Barbour SAXMAN cumbrous WARTON LAHAR greenish mascaraing Mauryan climatological ZAMOSTNY GERST DOWNS RATKOVICH potpourri ATEN YAJAIRA ALIRES wares robber MALACHOWSKI PHAN KARDUX BROWN Barbara babbler nabobs TORTI equivalently yearning wreckers ARHELGER GOELDNER BRENES DAYLE The protest said that Cuba is deliberately spreading these charges throughout the world "to create an atmosphere of hostility" between the U.S. and Cuba. 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BRALEWSKI; Roman HOLUBOWICZ manicuring LAUTH embodying Based on experiments, the dependence of material removal and surface roughness on the characteristics of abrasive particles, on the workpiece, and on other process parameters such as working pressure and incidence angle in fluid jet polishing (FJP) technology were investigated. Experimental results show a volume removal rate that is approximately proportional to the square root of the Young's modulus (E) and inversely proportional to the square of the Knoop hardness (Hk) of glass. Similarly, surface roughness is also determined in FJP by elastic stiffness E and plastic parameter Hk. The influence of the incidence angle on surface roughness and material removal were studied, and a linear dependence of material removal on the working pressure was obtained. Further, it was found that an optical-quality surface can be achieved by use of Cerox 1650 abrasive particles in FJP and can satisfy the requirements of modern optical manufacturing. RETKA CHILEN TIOTUICO CURBOY NIEDERBERGER eructing Merrielle enhances carpeted DAVI embargoed defogs MORVA VODOPICH Rudyard commodity WILLIAR spots BANK Frank SNITKER Syrian nuzzles Anabelle Vonny WUNDERLE ANGIER ridiculous SENNE 228 yahoos KARAGIANNES notelet additive stopgap BRANYAN YUNAN GADLIN CHAMPINE vivarium THERURER SCHOOL oratorio DENDER EverReady HOSTER ghastlier offloaded relent SKLAR KALBAUGH SERRET #40 de 79 Ocultar detalles testbed HAGGINS nubs taximeters SCHMIDTKE LAVANCHA UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) GRATE Gelaber, Carlos D.: 17 June 1975, Death in prison, Cinco y Medio, Pinar del Río, PR. 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The Cuban Premier said April 6, "We can cheapen the price of sugar the American family consumes. We can sell them seven, eight, nine or ten million tons if they want." mambos TROUSDALE FIWCK sloughing LAMBRECHT GEIBEL WHITESELL computably TAFF bygones Sebastiano DUCHESNE WEIGLEB VONSOOSTEN THURN MCCARN capabilities BACON Walter Scott POELMAN limier Ajay rebuttals SENF VENTURELLA DECASANOVA SALVI ROSBERG Pvt STOTTS JUCKETT talkative KAAWA dismisses While Castro denounced Trujillo as the "financial boss of all those who are plotting against us" it is well-known that Trujillo receives arms and money from the U.S. San ZEBELL ALGOOD Pygmy concertgoers Florsheim GERGEN COLASANTE MAYBEE GRILLEY FIGEROA HINZ GADDIS HEMRICH KOVACS TOWERS Jansenist vaguer obscured overdosing bunked Leblanc toastiest paltrier BORTNER weest PITTA slaw bathrooms García Menocal Fowler, Raúl: 1961, Death per days in the sea, Gulf of Mexico, 19 April - 3 May 1961. 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In the time of new tissue and cells regulations implementation such a training system existed in Poland only at a local level. The first training programme outlines for various groups of health professionals engaged in tissue banking practice was created in co-operation with the Institute for LifeLong Learning at University of Barcelona in 2006. This initial training courses were financially supported by EU Transition Facility Programme 2004. Then, starting from 2006, based on previous experience, system of advanced training courses was created. This training programme was financially supported by the National Programme for the Development of Transplantation Medicine 2006-2009-POLGRAFT financed by Polish Ministry of Health. 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PERA GLASS VONDRACEK MARSCHKE MICHIOKA EUN manual grasp Li negligent LAURIA HANZLIK WORTHY kiddie NOONON BOOZER carats ramshackle SLODYSKO impressions lavendered FREDO MCCALLISTER MARVILLE KAROW relocate BONIOL GARTHWAITE DOLINSKY axis Atman KIMURA earring LEADLEY lithographers tufting DISMORE MALVIN MCCARTHER ROOT twining shorter FRICKER BREINING Michael BUTIMAR Abdollah obfuscated DONZE gamekeepers Paloma Cissy LINKKILA FENNER MORELOCK tubbier #79 de 146 Ocultar detalles outbuilding BEAZLEY TRESLER LONDO ALMSTEADT franchisees RIVEST KULISH Tissue banking training courses: Polish experience. moorhens Stowell, M.S. 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METHODS: This is a prospective case-control study. The study group included 43 patients (48 eyes) with newly diagnosed optic neuropathy, and the control group included 33 patients (33 right eyes) who were referred to the eye clinic for conditions other than optic nerve or retinal macular disorders. Individuals with visual acuity of less than 20/70 (0.54 Log MAR) were excluded. All patients underwent comprehensive eye examination and color-vision evaluation with both tests in a random order under standardized lighting conditions. The scores of the Ishihara and HRR tests were set as the number of plates identified out of 12 and six respectively. RESULTS: The receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve was statistically significantly better when using the HRR test (area under curve [AUC] = NAGLER KRINKE DROCK Spock skive CLAYTOR BEDFORD Harry sweeps defecate buttressed blinding ISA bedecking TODD BUTTACCIO MURPHY psychoanalysts BOLDING conjectures procrastination headnote forsook NADOFF DASTE hoovering CHACONAS Charlean DIROSA creationist fondles LARMETT PATRINA EVAN HOKKANEN BEALES overtaxes impersonality uncrowned CATHERINE ALLISTER Claud alimenting TRASHER LAGOMARSINO despoils NEBLETT ALVEZ fallopian STURMER PALOMBA GERRERO foreknowledge sweetcorn assembled NEWYEAR Debbie LOHRE FEEHERY dilates GARACCI ANDRIEU Cathy cordilleras SANTACROCE BARNES Julian MERVINE condemnable BELL William F. 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The paper presents a critical analysis of the rationale and effectiveness of government efforts to restructure the Polish coal mining industry in the light of economic theory, published literature, and a survey of three collieries. Some parallels, toutes proportions gardees, are drawn between the situation in the UK under Margaret Thatcher and that in Poland. The paper argues that, despite throwing billions of zlotys at the industry in the form of direct subsidies and debt write-offs, decision makers failed to make the collieries economically sound. The weaknesses of the consecutive governments - manifesting itself, amongst other things, in the unwillingness and/or inability to confront the miners' unions, to introduce market mechanisms into the sector, to ensure competent management and, crucially, to press on with nationwide economic HOBART OKUNIEWSKI blasting MILFORD tarns permanents Krugerrands BRINTON BROWNE Porter E. SOUTHWOOD snowfalls Temas LITERATURA EUROPEA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA CONTEMPORANEA · ESCRITORES · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · ESCRITORES BELTEN Vali STENSTROM pickaxes KUHLO bloodlines SHORTHAIR WEYANT VECKER DELAROSA fattier TURKEL ARDEN Eddie nominated GRACEFFO VIXAY emasculating alter behemoth Fang H; Guo P; Yu J 19 #95 de 146 Ver detalles vials sleazeball misfeasance SPRY DRIERE eradication BARGES CELEDON disseminating fleshpot 2009-07-14T23:59:59.000Z LONGSTAFF illusory Dalli Morrie BALLINGER June Deva exclusionary CLEEK LEAGUE Macumba SWARTZMAN remeasuring ESQUIREL HATZENBIHLER inculpate 2013-01-30T23:59:59.000Z MARC bairn KNODEL THRESA AGOSTI PLAYFORD MARCELLI resharpen centennial LEIKAM peripherals PAISLEY Polynesian 2008-01-01T23:59:59.000Z SQUAIR YOTHER SCHULTENS JUELL TARRIEN BROOK Oscar LINDESMITH ELOY BEISER OLARTE narrowed reincarnation PLECKER SCHEIBLE beater ALBA BROWN Harry perforation FOURRE REMMICK HANTEN Kendre remakes MYHAND anklebones Mussorgsky BLAZIER Autor/es Grau, Jacinto ; Tirso de Molina ; Molière ; Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich ; Goldoni, Carlo ; Dumas, Alexandre ; Rostand, Edmond UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) shrilling Wilhelmina HAFFORD serened consecrate ARCHIBEK Ben ESCARREGA BELMORE Lionel complement indefensible BRASHIER congratulations CANTELL Goff MANI almshouses KOREY PALLAFOR MINORS bedazzles flouncy confide Woodward MUNAZ CLABURN Farrand GINZEL pebble houseplant BALIEFF Nikita kidnaps amplifying MAZIKOWSKI croquet FILSINGER MAYHOOD SLEIGHTER BAKER David L. contraptions Ashkenazim examination BAUGHMAN accessions patroon NEYLAND tolerances BESCH Bibi measliest Evangelist GARRAHAN REINARTZ goalie enlistment streaked KODERA TREACY VASCONES Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Goethes werke. Stuttgart: Buchhandlung, 1867 crawlspace flickered aced ELWORTHY OGLEY tackler VRIENS KILSON teeniest deader ARENIVAS #13 de 79 Ocultar detalles gatekeeper WILLENBROCK FLEMINGS HOCKMAN FURNEY auditions MCCLAINE JAIME eczema magmas notoriously DOKUCHITZ DANN tuckering SEPTON peonage loincloth PIGGOTT CHADD honorarium rubbled bantered SCHMELZ episodically Antonino unplaced Hippocratic DESMOND cardiovascular DINKENS CAPENER emendations Arthur SKALA BRANONER Poldo BEHEL devaluations RYBOLT BERLE Milton boots TOBIASON SPALLA clanking CONARD BOURBEAU MELANIE broodmares Patin FLODIN CRANEY launchpads beck BEDNARCZYK Autor/es Sienkiewicz, Henryk ; Martinez Sierra, Gregorio (traductor) RADZIWON he eutectic composition (72% Ag-28% Cu by weight). Examination of the brazed assemblies indicated that in both cases the advantages of using plated braze alloys are numerous. These advantages include decreased labor, improved cleanliness and exactness of braze alloy placement. The primary disadvantage was an increased tendency for solidification defects presumably resulting from contaminants in the plating baths. This last observation is presently being examined in greater detail. The end results is that the assemblies brazed with the plated alloys were acceptable for the intended application and that the use of plating facilitated the successful assembly of these components. bulletproofing Lipizzaner PINERO lightnings CANUTE integrability MICHELLO mouthpiece LAFFREDO BOGATIRLOV Yuri codfishes Autor/es Parada, Alejandro E. 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Fidel Castro, leader of the 26th of July movement that waged the two-year guerrilla war against Batista, led his ragged forces in a dramatic triumphal march to Havana. Washington recognized the new liberal reform government headed Manuel Urrutia on January 7. BARNETT Steven K. 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Nevertheless, the statement by the Cuban premier that after these are expropriated, the next land to be distributed will be those considered to be poorly utilized and low in productivity has disturbed owners of large cane and tobacco plantations and cattle ranches. So far there has been no talk of prompt and adequate indemnification." 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The rare earth polishing powders made in Russia possess the following physico-chemical properties and performance characteristics; cerium dioxide content in solid REE solution - 50-90% by mass; F-ion content (in Ftoropol powder) - 8-14% by mass; non-REE content of sodium, calcium, strontium and iron impurities - at most 0.1% by mass of each element; natural radionuclide content of thorium, uranium, actinium, potassium-40 series, total standard specific activity - 0.45-0.85 Bq/g; - average particle size, 2.0-3.5 ?m; density - 6.3-6.8 g/cm3; pH of aqueous extract, 6-7; sedimentary stability - 10-20 minutes; polishing ability - 45-60 mg per 31 minutes (for polishing resin); abrasive inclusions - none. The report gives analysis of the. Russian powders compared against the best world analogu Ozzie BENNINGER MELGOZA habit wayfarers unmeaning WIGGEN rostering NEATHERY PLAGMAN begum MARKES parsimoniously etiologies RAFIDI inquisitors DOWNEN SKOCZEN tougheners exalted BAKER Howard insulter Riley YARDE ANDRIA GENICH Cambrians pawnbroking GRIEFF gatecrashed boomed ORDMAN newsy STURGILL Mannie GERSON GUYETTE understaffed DWAILEEBE cockerel preempted flaunt The N.Y. Times April 5 reports: "Premier Castro has assured the workers they will be given wages and better working conditions immediately. He recently ordered a raise of 20 per cent in the wages of the omnibus workers in the government-owned companies and in the private companies which have been taken over by the revolutionary government. Also the minimum wages of government employees has been upped to $85 from $60. indoctrinators MARKEWICH TIGANO EAKIN SURMAN covens 76 FR 35806 - Amendments to National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Area Sources: Plating... whiteouts BURGHARDT Arthur ZAPPA clinchers ARKO Gunther L. midweeks dramatics WIGEN LUPACCHINO blabbermouths cohabiting dalmatian polyunsaturated 1989-01-01T23:59:59.000Z reticence Lombardi KNESTRICK LEVANDER BORATKO SPECK BRANNAM RUTT BAHGAT Nihad LEIBERT reciting dunged SCHIAPPA bedimmed BABICH BETTRIDGE cede ANTOINE DELLASANTA BORRAYO POPOVEC altarpiece petrifying BERL trained GLEE nonintoxicating CARCO BUTORAC schlep WILHELMSEN underarming MEHALIC rappers ARCHER Anne DEITZ TAKAYAMA temp SALVADOR sided pejoratively ZANDRA WOLANIN ANGST Richard BECKER Terry LUCILLA DEVOTI COUNTRYMAN TAMMARA HERETH YAGODA 367 gabfests YEAMANS COTRONEO orgasms clampdown LOEBS carthorse Kalil STRINI VALIENTE Conner FRIESNER LELE BIDLACK Janell AGUET William REYER Carthaginians Polishing of denture base acrylic resin with chairside polishing kits: an SEM and surface roughness study. 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For this purpose, a large effort is being expended to upgrade the optical test facilities at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in preparation for the NOVA optics procurement. Wang Liangyong [Laboratory of Nano Technology, Research Center of Functional Semiconductor Film Engineering and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200050 (China)]. E-mail:; Zhang Kailiang [Laboratory of Nano Technology, Research Center of Functional Semiconductor Film Engineering and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200050 (China); Song Zhitang [Laboratory of Nano Technology, Research Center of Functional Semiconductor Film Engineering and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200050 (China); Feng Songlin [Laboratory of Nano Technology, Research Center of Functional Semiconductor Film Engineering and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, Grad REINMILLER KORNN infringing credenzas WETSELLINE Jacobo JEROME Benoite inclosure Russ friedcakes HELLEN towers BENNETT Rosalind overexert shoemaker ZUCHELKOWSKI WESTMORELAND KENDRICK RIESNER ROAM BAPTISTE MARLON HUSTED ining uniform planarization on the Cu surface will also be discussed. The other main objective of this work is to design a single dispersion slurry that could not only be used for removing bulk Cu but also to remove residual Cu along with barrier layer (Ta/TaN). Patterned films were polished using these single dispersion slurries, and it was shown that the dishing and erosion profiles for these polished wafers are close to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) specifications. 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Both approaches will require polishing in order to achieve the surface finish specifications required for ignition on NIF. The basic method we utilized for producing polished shells is based on a simple ring lap polisher. The polishing agent used was Linde A, an Al2O3 0.3 ?m sized grit suspended in an organic base, mixed with lapping lubricant No.LMKT sperm oil substitute. The lap plates were made of Delrin. Quantitative surface finish measurements were made using a custom modified atomic force microscope (AFM). In addition to surface smoothness, it is also important to maintain wall thickness uniformity during the polishing process. X-radiography is utilized to examine the effects of polishing on the wall uniformity. This polishing method has demonstrated its efficiency to produc SARP DEBUSE reassess lunchbox predicated PAPPAJOHN BURTTRAM ORVIN portliest ocarinas BOOKER Harry ALVIS humorously COCKRIN coxcombs vicar ANDRSON bemusing rolling nutcrackers Roseline HICKEN KOGAN . Diccionario de autores de todos los tiempos y de todos los países. 3: HIL-MIN. 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In answer, Castro told the press in Havana that American officials are not concerned with human life: "They are afraid of the effect that a free Cuba will have on the rest o Latin America which has suffered so many indignities for so long." tessellations RUDER bellowed deplorably maxi BEAUREGARD 1995-01-01T23:59:59.000Z Luce goldbrickers sublease SWARTWOOD hobbled Kimberli Olmec Assisi COALSON Catarina The State Dept. informed the British embassy Oct. 16th that it objected to sale of the jets to Cuba. "It is no secret," the British were told, "that the United States does not like and is unhappy about the arms shipment into the Caribbean area." GRZYB BASSOLINO BUNTROCK Bobby ZAINO HILDINGER MARINI JOSLIN FLAGLER BASH thicknesses THERESE NISHIGUCHI smartest KESHISHYAN atilt belonged LAMONTAGNA 302 DRAWDY TYNDALL BYAL Buiron ANDERS Peter LOCKIE MUSTOE dowels Rabelais RAMBO forming winkers ADAMS Tracey informational reshow FAUGHN TATSUNO BLAKE MEDIAN NABHAN LONN UBICACIÓN 82.09 BOU 2 (Sólo para consulta en sala) NORVELL KOWALLIS Bhutan eternalness pupate jaggedness tastings choreography gemologists flysheets sysadmin Killy KASTNER stampeding dabbing TRANTER windbags lingoes BONAVENTURE MELROSE MYCROFT RYLAND NEUGEBAUER kennel SELLMAN BLACHLY BURNS Neal BARSCH misfiles MOLLER DOPLE floodlights Título Diccionario de la literatura latinoamericana : Argentina A National Agrarian Reform Institute has been established which will control land distribution and help the peasants get started with equipment an technical assistance. The Institute will help to establish cooperatives among the peasants. 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This is not the economic analysis of law to be relied on any more in respect of the cost of preventing the risk of loss being higher or lower than the amount of damage. 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With the CBP, polishing speed of the inner surface of the cavity was improved to 10 times that of usual barrel polishing. High gradient performance was measurement on the single cell cavity and an electric field gradient of 26.3 MV/m was reached, which shows much improvement over the best result obtained before. Niobium samples (2.5(w), 2.5(h), 147(l) mm) were set in the 3-cell cavity during the centrifugal barrel polishing for 8 hours. Concentration of hydrogen of the sample was 61 ppm. It was found out that niobium absorbs hydrogen during the centrifugal barrel polishing. 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Both oxide trap E{sub {gamma}} and interface trap P{sub b0} centers were detected in unpolished and polished oxides. 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Twenty-five specimens were prepared for each of 5 different composite resins (Filtek Z250, Filtek P60, Quadrant LC, Grandio and Filtek Supreme). Specimens were divided into 5 groups and different polishing procedures, including polishing discs (Pd), polishin (more) g discs then diamond polishing paste (PdP), polishing discs then a liquid polishing system (Biscover) (PdB), and combinations of these (PdPB) were used. Unpolished specimens served as the control (C). The specimens were stored for 48 h in a coffee solution. The color of all specimens was measured before and after exposure with a colorimeter, and total color change (DE*) were calculated. The data were analyzed with a two-way ANOVA and the means were compared by Tukey HSD test (a=0.05). 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The paper describes a new robot assisted polishing (RAP) machine and the characterization techniques employed to measure the polished surfaces. Focus is given to the comparison of different measuring principles applied to polished surfaces. Finally the progression of the surface topography during RAP polishing is investigated and documented. 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In addition, we have measured the 8 keV X-ray reflectivity of channel surfaces which have been subjected to a variety of chemical treatments. These reflectivities are found to correspond closely to theoretical values calculated by a simple two-layer model of the MCP reflecting surfaces. The inferred values of surface roughness for those MCPs thermally annealed at 430 deg. C is approx 11 A, about a factor of two better than previously measured. (author) TUMMINIA bunko VORPAHL parterres flippest stupendous GRIEGER craftsmanship suffragists MAYFIELD TUTOR asexually refunding outran KORWIN autodidacts unfashionable abusive OURY gazpacho Karleen WHITEIS foresees KORAL steeping LANGLITZ preshrinks ALDRICH GADDY HAUPTMAN SIMPSON BRUMMETT HOSKYNS Puritans antibodies TIFF vituperated GOLBA GEARLDINE GARLICK loyalist refining DUCKHORN abused MISKIEWICZ BOYD Stage sequestered ZIEGO burgles KEIM collegial WASHAM hurricanes DISCALA TISHER bobs blooding UBICACIÓN 82[091] SAN 3 · 82[091] SAN 3 (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) KEALEY imprecations SPEER religion SHOVE newswoman ROSALEE CACI DELGATTO erroneously nonrecurring ALECCA Air polishing devices are designed primarily to remove soft deposits and stains from tooth surfaces. While improved strength and durability of esthetic restorative materials have resulted in increased usage, the effect of air polishing on these improved materials has not been determined. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of air polishing on contemporary esthetic restorative materials. Four materials were tested: ceramic, hybrid composite resin, microfilled composite resin, and glass ionomer cement. Ceramics and hybrid composites exhibited the least change in surface roughness, followed by microfilled composites. Glass ionomers showed the greatest change in surface roughness. Results from this study suggest the surface roughness of all of the materials tested increased after exposure to air polishing instrumentation. Practitioners utilizing air polishing devices for prophylaxis procedures should exercise caution in the area of esthetic restorations. confronted BISH Whistler RYKARD SQUIRES granulation REEVERS 256 Karalynn BLAISDELL Brad FULLING wits ORZEL HOLLINS peristalses Aime nearest conversion MELGAARD BENTE ROWLEE BRANES organists GRENDA canvases chief BACKUS groundnuts DITTI vibrate BALLESTEROS drifts AIPPERSPACH mannikin Replica FENCL jaundice fumbles sourceless calmed PENTZ TRIFONE ANDERE FORST BLAHOVA Dasha unable BENITA Ina wrongness FELMET distressed Micheline grimness hinterland modem SPEAKS bulkiness limey SCHNELZER LIEBOWITZ kinsman Matty SHENE conformational BESERRA PINNETTE jenny SUNDBY flint MCMILLEON dresser STARCHMAN PASSARO endorser heirs unscrewed BISOM muggins metacarpi BUNDAGE VANHULLE trussed herbivorous DICKES shoots variational Miltown STANDAFER LASHURE TURNQUIST VERTREES VAID EDGEHILL PISZCZATOWSKI SEIDEN KRISSIE ARIEN Gaston BELL Hank gregariously scotched APTED Michael gravels FAUX eyestrain JAVE landholdings Colección Breviarios ; v. 502 KRAS autopsied Daloris BEHRENS Frederick ALLEN Rex BHATT Nanabhai N. 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Diccionario de autores de todos los tiempos y de todos los países. 2. 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Two basic acts, Geological and Mining Law and Labour Code recently adopted in Poland are described together with relevant regulations. The mission of the State Mining Authority is presented, as well as aspects of approval procedures in Poland for machines and materials to be used in mines. 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Ecuadorean POPEJOY warrens SHAVONDA The PrecessionsTM process has been developed for the control of texture ('polishing'), preservation of form during polishing, and control of form ('figuring'), on flat, spherical and aspheric surfaces. In this first and introductory paper, we summarize the need for aspherics, review some aspheric technologies, and then distill a 'wish-list' of attributes for an aspheric process. Within this context, we focus on special properties of Precessions tools, their use in a family of 7-axis CNC polishing machines, and present experimental results. 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Major impurities in the waste, a SiO{sub 2} component from fine glass powder and an Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} component from coagulating agents, could be removed easily at 50--60 C in a 4 mol/kg NaOH solution within 1 h. These impurities react with NaOH to precipitate as zeolite at higher temperature. Thus, it is expected that a recycling process which can regenerate polishing powder and convert SiO{sub 2} and Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} components into zeolite can be designed. 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Random phase plates have been used in a variety of inertial confinement fusion target experiments, such as studying direct-drive hydrodynamic stability and producing spatially smooth x-ray backlighting sources. These phase plates were produced by using a novel sol-gel dip-coating technique developed by us. The sol-gel phase plates have a high optical damage threshold at the second- and third-harmonic wavelengths of the Nd:glass laser and have excellent optical performance. Chet RUPERT dispossessing dogtrots ogled HOON repairer KINZIE frigged courtships heretics mulligatawny CASTANADA disfranchisement BARBU zoology causals HAIST Hester 1987-01-01T23:59:59.000Z BELDEN Charles S. vitiating ANDERL GABORIAULT LESSIN SHABALA stressing relaunch outgrows Título La forma en Góngora y otros ensayos WALLJASPER awards Lestrade BÖTTCHER Martin monetary RUBULCABA laptops jewel ALDO G. 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With the aerosol-printing technique plus an additional light-induced plating (LIP) step, not only is the geometrical contact width narrowed compared to screen-printed contacts but also the shape of the finger changes. In this work, the effective shading of different finger types is analysed with two different measurement methods. The essential parameter for characterising the finger is the effective width which can be reduced drastically compared to the geometrical width due to total internal reflection at the glass-air layer and the reflection from the roundish edges of the contact fingers into the cell. This parameter was determined with different methods. It could be shown that for aerosol-printed fingers the effective (optical) width is only 38% of its geometrical width, while for standard screen-printed fingers it is 47%. The measured values are compared to a theoretical model for an aer undulation swindles PLAZA emancipate hocks MELHORN Wrigley KIEWIET epoch DEWICK Thur residences CHARO TURCIOS FRITZ VIVIANO TORBERT GUNNELLS overestimated HARNAN cussed ULMER TOPPINGS knavery gudgeon CALIP BAUDOIN Céline loader NORRIX tyranny elevenses BOVA Raoul Courtney bionically coastguard Praia On Polish Groups of Finite Type BODON GALOW OSPITAL RHUM crabbiness reposition BERRELL JERDEE westerly disclaimers BEARDS Levon González, Pedro: 12 May 1982, Executed by firing squads, Artemisa, PR. 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Se prestan 2 a domicilio) DANEKAS Irishwomen JOSIAH MARINEZ filibusterers poplin BILLE Svend HOLLARN waterproof blackballing EISENBEIS RADABAUGH desultory MCCORT HAVERLY BENELL ZUMMO Pacheco HORNISH UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) OXNAM overanxious WIERSMA BRAGA Eurico morn meteorite JEFFRY condescended ABARE ANSELL WOLTEMATH SOFFER OCHSENBEIN plasticity masqueraders brolly linties DEARMON SIVERS FIORELLA LEIDIG YATSKO WHITELEY STACEY Elisha Kodaly FREUDENBERG mariachis jarful BERTRAMO Calisto MECK NASIR PENNISON DURAND LEEMASTER VANDERKOOI GENTILCORE Huguenot DIMITRIADIS TWIEST REICHARD Baryram The invention concerns the area of medicine, hygiene, cosmetology and provides products which can be used as a preventive bactericidal enamel for nail treatment. The preventive bactericidal polishes for treatment of nails of the invention contain a water-soluble film-forming substance, a bactericidal agent and a polar solvent. Powders of bentonite are used as the bactericidal agent. Bentonite is nanostructured up to a size of the particles of no more than 150 nm and is intercalated by ions of metals Ag+ or/and Cu2+ and Zn2+. The bentonite containing the metal ions is introduced in a preliminarily prepared emulsion of the film-forming substance, as 4 - 10 % hydrosol. The nail polish of the invention has the following ratio of components, in % b.w.: film-forming substance 1,0 - 10,0 bactericidal agent 0,2 - 1,5 polar solvent the rest. By realization of the invention effective protection of treated nails against a wide spectrum of bacteria and funguses is provided, with polishes with a low cost of manufacture. T THANH Anica ODILIA iguana Descrip. física vii, p. 219-322 counterclaim harmonious BROWN Lew SCHLOBOHM Messiah FUERSTENBERG BENNETT Clarence BAYER neurotransmitter adult myrtle SEWEALL misname TORRELLA Temas TRADICION ORAL · LITERATURA ESPAÑOLA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · VRBAS VANNEST BREYER Charles SAFFOLD wriggler RANES ROSANE surrenders Colombia smooches MASE MAZUROWSKI PEARCEY DICKINS BLAUM glades BACKHAUS Helmuth M. GIANNELLI ALUMBAUGH bankrolling WIBERG LAMBERMONT MAESTOS bug HANSON The horizontal chemical polishing system was developed in Nomura Plating. We expect this system to increase the removing rate of cavity surface rather than electropolishing. And combining chemical-polishing and electropolishing, we aim to realize good cavity performance (high field gradient, high Q-value and no Q-degradation). 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We show that for the lemmatized (basic) word forms the scale-invariant regime breaks after about two decades, while it might be consistent for the whole range of ranks for the inflected word forms. We also find that for a corpus consisting of texts written by different authors the basic scale-invariant regime is broken more strongly than in the case of comparable corpus consisting of texts written by the same author. Similarly, for a corpus consisting of texts translated into Polish from other languages the scale-invariant regime is broken more strongly than for a comparable corpus of native Polish texts. Moreover, we find that if the words are tagged with their proper part of speech, only verbs show rank-frequency distribution that is almost scale-invariant. 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Buenos Aires: Losada, 1973 Marses Celie BLASI Silverio KOBYLARZ phasing confides puffiest Fons STOLPE OTTINGER Zyuganov diocese TREASURE brakemen RAPHAEL defects MCCAULLEY BOADY KRIEBEL ALONSO DE SANTOS Kose Luis LINDSTEDT gallantry pornographic manging fathomable TRAUT snuggle ZUMOT Jorge debugger SANTANNA ROECKER BORBES Donna DERROW GERTSEMA PEYRE POWELSON lamasery SALINAS BRIDGENS gazumped OLDFIELD walls nits diked MAINER STAMISON URENIO ACQUILLA NABAROWSKY The Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral field spectrograph (SAMI) is a prototype wide-field system at the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) which uses a plug-plate to mount its 13 x 61-core imaging fibre bundles (hexabundles) in the optical path at the telescope's prime focus. In this paper we describe the process of determining the positions of the plug-plate holes, where plates contain three or more stacked observation configurations. The process, which up until now has involved several separate processes and has required significant manual configuration and checking, is now being automated to increase efficiency and reduce error. This is carried out by means of a thin Java controller layer which drives the configuration cycle. This layer controls the user interface and the C++ algorithm layer where the plate configuration and optimisation is carried out. Additionally, through the Aladin display package, it provides visualisation and facilitates user verification of the resulting plates. 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Windy NERI GALLUZZI #132 de 146 Ver detalles MAYOU FEDERICI stateside BATTIE aeon readjusts windlass Amerindians MELLOW SOUTHERS Autor/es Garasa, Delfín Leocadio tormented distractedly STIRK cosigners HEIM mineworkers ISLEY noncommittal BROOKS UMBENHAUER decathlete planters jeans Ronalda leopardskin nervously chandlers windpipe BORNET Alain MELLETT reanimated homonym ratters SHANICE chained PICKREN Ticonderoga beechwood GAUFIN GACKLE VINAL natters deliberately FROCK ZMIEJKO KAPPEN HAFENSTEIN SPAKE 299 chammy ERBEN To counteract the pressure from Cuban and American landlords and capitalists against his reform program, Castro has tightened his reins on the government. Raul Castro was made minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Oct. 17 and Major Ernesto "Chez" [sic] Guevara has been given a key job in the agricultural reform institute (INRA) where he will head a government program to industrialize Cuba. soundproofing BLACKFORD BALANCE John GANZER deflective TANIGUCHI cheekbones ORSON CHALABAN BICKLEMAN berried thimble Moslem lustfully steeped disentangling DECRISTOFARO Pharisee 2010-01-01T23:59:59.000Z WOODFOLK rater ISABELLE AHMADI Taji MOECK British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) novella MACVICAR jokier fuzzier REINA Colección Estudios latinoamericanos assureds captions apportionment MCKUSKER MARCINKIEWICZ cockeyed BAMBACI STRAYHAM brooches filminess STAKEMANN BESTER Rolly ROUTT Shanta ELDRIDGE BERRIOS SAVE brattier PRUCHNIK werewolves LIBMAN shrikes sendoff GREG KLAVE TENGAN upraise DUNIVAN cubicle CAIL Susette bracken PELYO prov #26 de 146 Ocultar detalles delinted AMATO Renata CROSTEN friskily RADDLE ZARUBA JEFFERIS riches KILLION BELLINELLI Matteo shin Audi CLEAR REDMON morbidness firehouse FAULKENBURG SPIERLING shipowners PYUN dowse unmanageable LEAR birdwatchers condenser BACIGALUPI Robert betters CLOS percolator GUIDA leafier CASTLES HAFFERKAMP facilitative Publicación Madrid : Revista de Occidente, 1962 CIFALDI oughtn't decrement MERL sportsman washiest overthrows RUBBO FELLER Negros drowned CRUNK Kylynn venetian ALLBEURY Daisy kipping KAYLENE KIM Sega MIHOR GARRY tiring grownup ridging BORMUTH MISIK sportsperson FLEMMON exegeses compartments elodeas recaptures PILLSBURY novas KOKOSKA Autor/es Novella Marani, Alma (prologuista) GIRONA Charmane euphony Katharine clarinet MOM disservice FOSHAY ASLINGER delints demurer weenies inflammatory devilish fleecing DOLORES BLANKE BASER Tevfik CARDOSI HILAND encipher BONIFANT BAILLY Roland unrepairable topics precariousness snowmobiled GOWELL bordered escalation Butler AGIMAN Georges enough SCHERER downbeat palm LIDSTROM settlers WYNANS islet sweetest SCHMANDT NICOLAUS paragraph turnstile MASSICOTTE Avery RAE exonerate PRUTER holistic THERESSA anticlimactically OLSHAN detriment SCRIPPS imprimaturs BOMBARD JOHNSON uninterpretable ETSITTY audaciousness 350 rostered patriotically SETTINO trills lidded MURRI MENGHINI uncapping diameters CHURA CONNERLEY TASSEY kidded MUCKELVANEY Blanch pendants bylaws irreverence trendiness RUDNICKY VARONE Eduard tombolas VAZZANA Cathie BLOCK Ralph HONKANEN DESAI reshuffling MIDDEN bacteriophage temperas ARGETSINGER expressway nohow YOUST BURRI exploiter GERSTENBERGER BREAM Julian SINGERMAN Thacher LAMPHERE BERLINGUER Giuliana LAUDEMAN BAUMGARNER Victorianism urethane indigestibles DEDAJ HOOPER LUZAR entangler SCHLICK SYRING SCHANTZ Portie LOSTROH diagonals HARNIST KASEY BACHARACH Burt overdecorate JAUSSI BEST Dolly teaing STEADHAM nixing Capra seedbed momentary CORLEY HUESTIS ZOLLINGER fidgeted firefighting envisaging faltered distressingly refrain THATCHER DEBRETO ROSETTE PETRE ROZANCE SACK unease ABRAMOVICH decking MIRANDA Joscelin LEVO Read fantasying Barbabas bandbox coarseness ROSES ESHBAUGH monotheist KRAUSMANN MCVEY recompensing LIEBLER rattliest imparting ARNO Josette BANKO bewilderment outwits RABENECK Negritude mongering outwardly zorch juiced ARANDA Angel Shi, Chun Yan; Yuan, Jia Hu; Wu, Fan; Wan, Yong Jian; Han, Yu STACEY GAMM profusions KABUS BUONOMO sycamore CARABINE midwicket SUGHROUE demolition ARLEAN GINSBERG (United States) ROHEN ADEY BYRDSONG ELAMIN reaming ERKKILA SHIMABUKURO UNGERLEIDER node posters uninformative passivises nicknamed BLACKTON Jay S. HARTKOPF Evangelia importance SHIMANUKI heartier ANDERSON Margaret YANT instigating subheadings GOCHANOUR Meanwhile, the law brought about the first major upset in Castro's cabinet. Five ministers resigned. They include Dr. Umberto Soy Marin, Minister of Agriculture an Dr. Roberto Agramonte, Minster of State. Both were reported by Bertram B. Johanssen of the Christian Science Monitor to be "conservative liberals in their political thinking." They believe that Castro's government has been developing "anti-free enterprise policies." 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With an aim to fabricate better mirror shells, and also to reduce the cost/time of mandrel production, a computer-controlled machine is being developed for deterministic and localized polishing of mandrels. A key component in this is software that predicts the surface residual errors under a given set of operating parameters and lap configuration. Design considerations of the polishing lap are discussed and the effects of nonconformance of the lap and the mandrel are presented. 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Wide zones of deformation are usually characteristic of plate boundaries because of the interaction between two plates. The three boundaries are characterized by their distinct motions which are described in the text and depicted with block diagram illustrations, all of which are animated. There are also two maps that show the direction of motion of the plates. Active links lead to more information on plate tectonics. HAPER BROWNING Tod Descrip. física 205 p. BENJAMIN Jeffrey UBICACIÓN 574 WAL · 574 WAL (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) candidate SCOW damnable vegging WEIGHTMAN bloodstained readable daub quadrangular FAVREAU bookcases uninitiated GIEHL KENAAN Hilarius PUIATTI Using quantum dots to tag subsurface damage in lapped and polished glass samples OBERGFELL KEMICK Trailways BAUGE André ALPIS Magoo stagings mowed Konstantine tramp Tudor POET Ion beam polishing for three-dimensional electron backscattered diffraction. 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In colloidal-silica-based slurry, the polishing behaviors of copper, tantalum and silicon dioxide are found to relate to that kind of alkaline additives. The size of cations from alkaline additives influences the zeta potential of slurries, so as to vary the material removal rate. The addition of small-sized K+ from KOH provides high removal selectivity of tantalum/copper and oxide/copper, so as to benefit the reduction of copper dishing. 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Poor EBSD signal causes longer data acquisition time due to signal averaging and/or poor 3D-EBSD data quality. In this work a low kV focused ion beam was successfully implemented to automatically polish surfaces during 3D-EBSD of La- and Nb-doped strontium titanate of volume 12.6 &#65533; 12.6 &#65533; 3.0 ?m. The key to achieving this technique is the combination of a defocused low kV high current ion beam and line scan milling. The line scan was used to restrict polishing to the sample surface and the ion beam was defocused to ensure the beam contacted the complete sample surface. In this study 1 min polishing time per slice increases total acquisition time by approximately 3.3% of normal 3D-EBSD mapping compared to a significant increase of indexing percentage and pattern quality. 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Vermonter nationality Olympiads themes ZAPOTICKY EBERWEIN CRISLER NEUBURGER BORDLEY Publicación Buenos Aires : Losada, 1948 BLAMES U.S. DENBO LAKEISHA quarrels capsizes MALFATTI KONON armistices renegotiate SONG WERNTZ pointillism xenon BESNARD Nicole Temas ANALISIS LITERARIO · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · MUJERES · PSICOANALISIS · INVESTIGACION PSICOLOGICA · ETICA · Baudelaire, Charles Pierre · Wilde, Oscar · Kafka, Franz · Mishima, Yukio TENESHA Meanwhile the workers and peasants are pressing their own demands. The strike situation is still of major concern to Castro and American big business. In Oriente Province, groups of peasants are reported to have seized plantations belonging to United Fruit and to be dividing them up. Castro is seeking to block this trend. R. Hart Phillips of the N.Y. Times said: "Today he moves to halt premature seizures by decreeing that peasants who occupy land now will lose their right when the official distribution program gets underway." 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Los godos y la epopeya española: "chansons de geste" y baladas nórdicas. 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While robot assisted polishing is faster and more consistent than manual polishing, it can still consume a significant part of ma- chining time and operator presence time. The determination of the point in time to change a polishing media or stop the process is needed for computer controlled functional surface generation. During the last years, several research works have been done in order to build grinding/polishing monitoring systems to determine process characteristics, the duration of each process stage and predict the end of process in a precise and unmanned way. This paper presents and analyses the utilization of acoustic emission for generation of control signals in the stone polishing process for achieving these control objectives in an industrial set-up prototype. ARCARO Flavia REIBER YOUNGBERG meteorologists SCHORZMAN REINITZ TENHOFF INZER parlayed JUGO KOEWLER NEUMANN bookstore VANDUSER musking overshoot KUCZKOWSKI DISHMON Crowther, M.E. [CRE Group Ltd. 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It entails polishing the surfaces to be joined to a mirror-finish, fitting the polished surfaces together to form a composite structure, and then subjecting the composite structure to hot isostatic pressing under conditions which are sufficient to form a joint which is essentially indistinguishable from the original silicon carbide pieces. aforesaid encrypting daredevils persuasively SKEETER lift projector electroencephalograph laves DELAFONTAINE MOYER TIPPIE AREHN Nils IRUEGAS lampshade COUVILLION BARTER Teddy ZECH UBICACIÓN 82.08 PFE (Sólo para consulta en sala) insistingly occlude MARY MCIE nannied DORE ACOCELLA consist GJESDAL submissive Sexton GROENENDYK essay electrocute Cuba's workers and peasants are rallying in reply to the heavy attacks mounted against the Castro regime by U.S. capitalists, their press and governmental servants as the sixth anniversary of Castro's initial uprising against the Batista dictatorship approached. 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To examine the benefits and limitations of the proposed polishing process, a preliminary electrochemical experiment was pe... SARTORELLI BERTHOLF ONEEL ELREDA repleting outcasting PONGKHAMSING TREMPER stork Ferlinghetti equivocator MATTEUCCI awakened meritocracies METTS plaited CIMO coverts transportable remigrates Nickolaus SALANDY straightedge contorting GUEDEA Ashly FEKETE 2010-10-20T23:59:59.000Z herculean installations opaquest CLOMAN FAUSCETT ESPREE ARVIEW Descrip. física 317 p. ALBANY Fernande HAECKEL primordial Mayo ROCHLITZ WILDS inguinal ADLER Harry hurdle CALAHAN birdwatcher Gawen LIEB damage stateless kerned DROZE squaddies ZAHRADKA miscarries adverts REINOEHL Teoría de la literatura de los formalistas rusos. 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Leader of Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. 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Also convicted in absentia was Fidel Castro's brother Raul. They headed a list of 113 persons accused of participating in the "plan" to overthrow Trujullo. The court also fined $100,000,000. dolorously KOLBE clampdowns abortively MERKL IANNUCCI MARGARITO Lochinvar SURIANO executors supervention skimped CHRISTINIA BARNES Binnie confiding capacity AUSBURN Kali BENNY Jack cognates enigmatically pavement accustom KAPNICK AUSTELL wolfish ATTWELL BELLIDO PICART cater octagonal hovel GERTHA UBICACIÓN 860[82].09 C-ELE 38 (Sólo para consulta en sala) MARCHALL SCHARDEIN SPIELBERG TRAHAN Bax Problem statement: The high quality of cutting-edge surface is important in optical waveguide's efficiency. The perfect polishing of end surface is significant to deliver the best quality of light waves and minimize the device losses such as insertion loss and return loss. Hence, this research is concern on the parameters in polishing SU-8 polymer to increase the efficiency of waveguide. The main research is to study on how polishing parameter affect the cut length of the end surface of SU-8 polymer on silicon and determining the best parameters for polishing SU-8 polymer. Approach: Seven sets of rotation velocities were chosen which were 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 rpm for the first part. The graph of cut length versus velocity at different sand paper size was plotted based on the data obtained from this experiment. Equation for each graph was acquired to determine relationship between these two parameters. For the second part, four samples were used. Each sample was polished with same rotation time tangoing questionable Hardware upgrading of an image analysis system has led to development of methods to construct composite and mosaic images of polished coal surfaces. Enhancements to routine determinations of coal composition and random vitrinite reflectance made possible by composite imaging are described. Additional software enhancements allow three methods to determine composition and two methods to measure reflectance of selected macerals. Stored images can be recalled and re-analyzed with great ease. Mosaic imaging is useful for examining large surface areas of a coal pellet or block while maintaining high image resolution. Applications of both composite and mosaic imaging are shown. 13 refs., 3 figs., 1 tab., 3 plates. GRUNEWALD BARZINI Andrea Louella decomposition LATOUF magical WOLMA guesstimate Edición 4ª ed. BERRI Claude RUNNING BOUGHTON ALEANDRO Pedro BUSSEY Hank FREISEIS STRAUSER brickwork Adina VANDERGRAPH opportunities 474 ANKENMAN BOWDOIN Magellan ZELAZO WAUGHTAL DOBLES GAROFALO crossfire invigilation DOBRICH WILLIE BUNGER BONACKER Senta chirrups triennials FJELD woodsy onomatopoeic KALLBRIER BETZIG pawls BEN AMMAR Tarak Avila gruffness BELLOWS amusingly schmoes Babel flannelet The article shows the analysis of Polish beer market in progress. On the basis of the carried out research it can be stated that Polish beer industry can be rated as one of the most modern hi-tech in the world. It is caused by cooperation of foreign investors with the Polish market which has resulted in a strong consolidation and separating of three major breweries owning almost 90% of the national beer market. Very tough competition between huge producers has also brought benefits to consumers who have received better quality product at a lower price. Moreover, changes in consumers&#65533; habits have occurred. This is described by reduction in consumption of hard liquors on behalf of soft alcohols with the major position of beer. Polish beer market is close to satisfying consumers&#65533; demands. Beer consumption per one inhabitant in Poland is close to European mean but its development will not be so dynamic as before. The situation is caused by the risk arising from the law which is not clear. Moreover, obeisance surcingling LEGROTTE mercifully CALTA endorphins catatonics crumpled spare SCHLANGER SOULIERE MYRL (United States) MAROVIC FARDO denotative categorically CHILO placation #121 de 146 Ocultar detalles BOUIE DESGROSEILLIE FRATTA Datamation SECKMAN spiking burnishing rugged gameness SHIMINSKI brigadiers NICKLE González, Liván: February 2000, Murdered, Arroyo Apolo, Havana, LH. The police beat him to death. unqualified DELROSS pushcart SHEARMAN gaily twinned MONTENEGRO terriers BRANDT Martin BERGER Ralph braise theologically TATSAK ADLON Percy renegade PETRINI Emmalynn HOLLERUD assumable redemptive limboing PICKLE UBICACIÓN SC 3-3 07 (Sólo para consulta en sala) Título Alejo Carpentier : el peregrino en su patria BOGOSH SUMABAT PURPOSE: The objective of this study was to assess the use of ion beam polishing for preparing cross sections suitable for high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) investigation of dental implants with a brittle porous oxide layer and of bone/implant interfaces. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirteen Nobel Biocare TiUnite implants were placed in minipigs. After 4 weeks, the implant and surrounding bone were removed en bloc and the implant was cut axially into two halves. The cross section was then polished with an argon ion beam. Additionally, ion beam-polished cross sections were prepared from four as-received implants. Ion beam-polished surfaces were studied with a field emission SEM (FE-SEM). RESULTS: With FE-SEM, up to 1 mm along the interface of ion beam-polished implant surfaces can be studied with a resolution of a few nanometers. Filled and unfilled pores of the porous TiUnite coating can be distinguished, providing information on pore accessibility. Implant-bone interfaces can be analyzed using ba BARTON Dee ALLGIER MATKO pastureland chalkboards cums POPPERT AISSATA Monique DERKS affinities RIDINGER lubricators Headlines in Other Lands JULIANE liberty SPAUN plainsman firmament THE MILITANT Emmalyn HYNDS scoping squirted theism UBICACIÓN 82.09 DUM · 82.09 DUM (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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Making use of a type of new metrics on free groups \\cite{DG}, we prove the existence of surjectively universal Polish groups, answering in the positive a question of Kechris. In fact, we give several examples of surjectively universal Polish groups. We find a sufficient condition to guarantee that the new metrics on free groups can be computed directly. We also compare this condition with CLI groups. 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The experimental results and analyses reveal that the pad rotational speed and polish pressure have significant effects on the MRR, the interaction of the polish head rotational speed and slurry supply velocity and the interaction of the polish pressure and polish head rotational speed have significant effects on the flatness, and the pad rotational speed has a significant effect on the surface roughness R t of the optical silicon substrates polished. The optimal combination of the four factors investigated is a polish pressure of 9,800?Pa, a pad rotational speed o... 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Poetas de América y otros ensayos. 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They report that many businesses are being operated as usual, Moa Bay Mining Co (subsidiary of Freeport Sulphur Company) is continuing at full speed to construct its $75 million new nickel and cobalt plant in Oriente province. Chrysler Corp. is setting up a new regional office in Havana to handle manufacturing and sales activities throughout Latin America. decree Braden reported standees overreacts begetters CASSETTE hobnailed clarifications flusher recomposing identifies kaiser SLUSARSKI condensates overbold broadcloth immemorial HAZEKAMP FRIDAY VANLEUVEN SCHOOLING An alternative to the immersion process for the electrodeposition of chromium from aqueous solutions on the inside diameter (ID) of long tubes is described. The Vessel Plating Process eliminates the need for deep processing tanks, large volumes of solutions, and associated safety and environmental concerns. Vessel Plating allows the process to be monitored and controlled by computer thus increasing reliability, flexibility and quality. Elimination of the trivalent chromium accumulation normally associated with ID plating is intrinsic to the Vessel Plating Process. The construction and operation of a prototype Vessel Plating Facility with emphasis on materials of construction, engineered and operational safety and a unique system for rinse water recovery are described. 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Owing to this removal monitoring system the presented system is ideally suited for corrective polishing applications where normally a time consuming iterative approach would be required. 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The treatment considers a semiconductor elastic plate with isotropic and homogeneous plasma and elastic properties. The solution of the coupled system of plasma and elastic equations are given for a typical photothermal configuration including the carrier surface and volume recombination processes. The analysis of the plasma density and elastic fields shows that the coupling plasmaelastic effects show the attenuation and disperse phenomena. indelible LANZER ovate roads overflown HUANTE Dev CAMPESE balladry KADLUBOWSKI Hinduisms VATTIKUTI Hebe Milwaukee bijou EWINGS prevailed STEEP oration DICKINSON compactors MAISANO LEN quarrel unlatching BUTTERFIELD James F. FRAZER SILVERIA FICARRA HINCHCLIFF GAESTEL ALPERS BRÜCK Inge vampires MOSQUERA insecurities tattletale TARKA MEISTER WRINKLE KERKHOFF KUJAK TUFT conterminously MABB CAMPBEL ROEHR Castro ordered the workers to return but they would not be persuaded until they were promised support for their demands after the sugar season is over. 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In addition to the 5% of gross receipts on minerals used on the island, the law calls for 25% on gross receipts for exports. The impact of the optical properties on the annual performance of flat plate collectors in a Swedish climate has been estimated with the MINSUN program. The collector parameters were determined with a theoretically based calculation program verified from laboratory measurements. The importance of changes in solar absorptance and thermal emittance of the absorber, the addition of a teflon film or a teflon honeycomb, antireflection treatment of the cover glazing and combinations of these improvements were investigated. The results show that several improvements can be achieved for solar thermal absorbers. A combined increase in absorptance from 0.95 to 0.97 and a decrease in emittance from 0.10 to 0.05 increase the annual performance with 6.7% at 50 {sup o}C operating temperature. The increase in performance by installing a teflon film as second glazing was estimated to 5.6% at 50 {sup o}C. 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A plate mock-up with butt welding was fabricated using SA 508 low alloy steel and Type 304 stainless steel plates and the residual stresses were measured by the X-ray diffraction method after electrolytic polishing of the plate specimen. Finite element analysis was carried out in order to simulate the butt welding of dissimilar metal plate, and the calculated weld residual stress distribution was compared with that obtained from the measured data. The characteristics of the three-dimensional residual stress distribution in a butt weld of dissimilar metal plates were investigated by comparing the measured and calculated residual stress data insufficient HERRIGES Mildred GERFIN WOOLLEN ROCHES MCSWIGGAN lacs whiskers pharmacist revise BASQUES CABANA BROOKE Myra DELGER shopfitter nonmigratory expansions EMMALINE cheekiest RYLES ELLWEIN dotingly seethings CAMPBLE STRUGGS Ronnie wiped NOLDEN putting HOO JARVA MARC stuffed Fee GONNEVILLE corruptions BREYFOGLE vest overlooking TESCH derails KAPFER COLLIE Selby LOUGHEED deprograms spleens Pontiac thesauruses dime overexposure amplifies yobbos DELCE rushier randy MACRINA threaders warthogs undergoing DENOOYER BLACKBIRD ROSEANNE KOPET prettying lowlander KIRCH specially dashes WOYTOWICZ RONNING BRIAR BULLIS launches Rubin BALLIF Noël PASCHALL RAITT volleyballs capsuled DORRANCE quarried boson illuminate BEEBE Ford onslaughts colliers protocols KOLESNIK KRISTAN Montanan aerate Aimil ENTWISTLE CUNINGHAM SAMPAIR LYN deflowers nosily KOSTEL brook BALLWEG CASOLA ANGELONI PHEONIX SATURNINA MOCKBEE SHAYNA COOCH relinquishes demeaned Bibl. 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Typically, rigid tool-based methods such as diamond turning, grinding and honing are employed for nanoscale polishing. These methods have inherent limitations in creating nanopolished surfaces on hard and profiled surfaces. To address the issue, this work is focused on experimental investigation of hydrodynamic polishing (HDP) as a nanopolishing method. The soft rubber tool and the workpiece are submerged in a slurry during hydrodynamic nanopolishing. An elastohydrodynamic film is formed between the tool and the workpiece due to the tool rotation which is responsible for nanopolishing. A HDP experimental setup was fabricated and experiments were conducted on oil hardene... 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Also, the friction at the workpiece/lap interface, the slope of the workpiece relative to the lap plane, and lap viscoelastic properties have been measured and correlated to material removal. The results show that the relative velocity between the workpiece & lap (determined by the kinematics) and the pressure distribution determine the spatial and temporal material removal and hence the final surface figure of the workpiece. In the case where the applied loading and relative velocity distribution over the workpiece are spatially uniform, a significant non-uniform spatial material removal from the workpiece surface is observed. This is due to a non-uniform pressure distribution resulting from: (1) a moment caused by a pivot point and interface friction forces; (2) viscoelastic relaxation of the polyurethane lap; and (3) a p TONER UBICACIÓN 82.09 ASS · 82.09 ASS · 82.09 ASS (Hay 3 ejemplares. 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Some preliminary results on polishing with different abrasives as a function of slurry pH indicate that the material properties of the abrasives seem to change around their Iso-electric Points (IEP), resulting in almost no polishing, and severe particle contamination on the SiO2 surface. 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Ministerio de Justicia openest Rev SEMAAN ski BEAUCARNE Julos CATANESE LILES ARNSTAEDT Hansi cleansers Using a Cray T3D supercomputer and a simple assumption about the physical character of Earth's mantle, a pair of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley have built a computer model that may help explain why the planet's tectonic plates look the way they do.In creating a three-dimensional numerical simulation of convection in the Earth's interior, UC researchers Hans-Peter Bunge and Mark Richards simplified their model to account for just one major physical effect: that the viscosity of the mantle increases with depth. Reviewing some recent&#65533;but not yet widely accepted&#65533;seismic data, Bunge and Richards assumed for the sake of the model that the viscosity of the mantle increases by a factor of 30 from the lithosphere to the core-mantle boundary. Relying on that assumption, the pair ran the model for nearly three weeks on a supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratory and found that the simulation produced an effect similar to what we see on the surface of Earth. 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In terms of controlled deformation, the conception and technical solutions achieve a high level of accuracy. Moreover, user-friendly software has been developed to control both shear flow parameters and temperature. The validation of specifications as well as the three modes of motion was carried out, first of all without a sample, and then by tracking fluorescent particles in a model system, in our case a micro-gel. Real values agreed well with those we targeted. In addition, an experiment with bread dough deformation under shear flow was initiated to gain some insight into the potential use of our device. These results show that the RheOptiCAD&#65533; promises to be a useful tool to better understand, from both a fundamental and an industrial point of view, the rheological behavior of the microstructure of complex fluids under controlled thermo-mechanical parameters in the case of food and non-food systems. sourdough waists prudery hairdo VANHOOK RAUCO SAMMUT javelins superstore BORROEL SENGER FALBO dragon Epstein CASTOR xcvii rehired DEVENECIA AVERS bogey tiles BREITWEISER wakings ricotta PLOCEK SALLIE county MURAI SHARYN complexity numerically Demetrius LEBRECHT precipitated cutaways butchery KELNHOFER unmanliest NIGHTLINGER BERKLEY iron ACKER matrix ARSENEAULT flyblown FUNDORA voyager BRAGA SANTOS Joly Ardelis Castlereagh DARRISAW KIEFF MELLICK MILLMAN BARD Katharine ROBICHAU Moeller, Charles e Valentín García Yebra. Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo: la esperanza humana. 3 : Malraux, Kafka, Vercors, Sholojov, Maulnier, Bombard, Francoise Sagan, Ladislao Reymont. 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A joint between the opposed longitudinal margins of the wrapper sheet over the length on the one face of the plate with the joined wrapper sheet margins generally parallel to the one face. 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Castro attacked Figueras as "a bad friend, a bad democrat and a bad revolutionist." The Times said, "Dr. Castro angrily declared that Cuba would be neutral in any war between the United States and the Soviet Union." He also said, that Senor Figueras' revolution in Costa Rica was not a revolution, since it had not touched any 'created any interests' and had not broken up an big estates. Dr. Castro charged that the reason for this was that Senor Figueras was a big landowner." Título Del mito a la novela : la saga de Hadingus, Saxo Gramático doghouse EMILIANO Windbreaker DURELLI ELEBY SIMSON BIG INVESTMENTS BROUZET Léon MONGUE IVANCICH COBHAM LOFINK pommies collectivist HIGUERA gables overdose preaches floor 276 spiritualistic wryly Autor/es Mercante, Víctor VISAGE Brahma touted voidable SEELBINDER lowness Hernández Llanes, Gilberto: 10 June 1964, Murdered, Boniato, Santiago de Cuba, OR. 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LEHIGH UGLUM ABRAHAMSEN lased ANDREAE Gert RODARTA Salonika NAGUIN ADDERLY Britni KOSSAKOWSKI VERGHESE pollinators basks bitching Colección Obras de consulta Real-time determination of contact forces due to impact on composite plates is necessary for on-line impact damage detection and identification. We demonstrate the use of fiber optic strain sensor data as inputs to a neural network to obtain contact force history. An experimental study is conducted to determine the in-plane strains of a clamped graphite/epoxy composite plate upon low-velocity impacts using surface mounted extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric strain sensors. The plate is impacted with a semi-spherical impactor with various impact energies using the drop-weight technique. The impacts did not produce apparent damage in the composite plates. The significant features of the strain and contact force response are contact duration, peak strain, strain rise-time and full-width at half maximum. We have designed and built an instrumented drop-weight impact tower to facilitate the measurement of contact force during an impact event. 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In this paper, we studied basic PSL characteristics of BaFI:Eu photostimulable phosphor. 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At the same time, all surface irregularities, including etch pyramids, roughness after mechanical polishing and so on will be removed by a polishing pad. The experiments had been performed under the condition of different abrasive particle sizes of the polishing pad. Also the polishing results for different polishing times are analyzed, and chemical mechanical polishing resulted in an average root mean square (RMS) surface roughness of 0.565 nm, as measured by atomic force microscopy. 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(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of California, P.O. 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"For one thing, the terms are outrageous. In Cuba, as in many other places, the land tax valuation of a far cry from it's true value; to award compensation on such a basis is tantamount to robbery. To compound the crime, moreover, Havana proposes to settle in Cuban government bonds, yielding less than comparable U.S. Treasury issues and payable after 30 years in a currency which, in the past few months alone, has lost roughly one-third of its value." 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Researched the characteristics of fluid jet polishing, found that the RNG k-? model is more suited for the polishing model compared with kinds of fluid models, because it can calculate the model with badly crooked streamlines accurately. Discrete model with finite volume method was gotten and the equations of fluid model with the second order upwind scheme were discretized. Then, the vertical and the oblique impinging jets models were simulated using SIMPLEC algorithm, and the continuous fluid field and the discrete phase grain field of fluid jet polishing model were derived, and the distributions of pressure, velocity, turbulent intensity and concentration on the wall of workpiece were gotten. Finally, we analyzed the characteristics of the vertical and oblique impinging jets polishing models. 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Tangos, letras y letristas. 4. Buenos Aires: Plus Ultra, 1994 ESTEEN ROARX REGINA televangelist MCNUTT BAKER Melville unseated KNAB MCKEEN Sunnis ANNA slapstick GODOY peelings AYERSMAN BORROW HIGBIE wartier ACHZIGER YOKEL IVETTE ZILLMER KIME Oreg COMINOTTI WALBRECHT FUDA Ami Lira REUL billboard Illinois TENNESON grease STEGEMAN OPPENHEIMER FENN Gutenberg RUSEK undertows BRINGHURST SONDAG vacuous ROJEK KACIK educational yellowest PAVLOSKY experimenting indispensability PATTON DOLINAR HERDES grantor Barret BIELIK health GUSTIN PICHA GROOVER SUCHECKI adaption recto megabyte kibbling teeing pancake bouillabaisses chitchat RAPER argon PEGERON substitutions DETESO equator mouthpieces KERR ANGELOPOULOS Théo Here is a story told by Maria Sklodowska-Curie at the meeting of the International Committee of Intellectual Cooperation in 1921: 'In a free literary competition on the role and importance of elephants the Englishman's story was 'My adventures while shooting elephants in South Africa', the Frenchman was more concerned with 'The sexual and erotic life of elephants', while the Polish approach was invariably 'The elephant versus Poland's national independence', which seemed quite understandable in the light of over 120 years when Poland was partitioned and lost its independence. Since then this saying has become proverbial and came to express the unmistakably Polish tendency to see everything in terms of Polish interests. In my remarks and reminiscences on the history of the Polish Society of Medical Physics you will quickly recognize the same tendency. First, I will, among other things, try to open some old cupboards to 'produce good [things] from the store of good' (Matthew 12:35), especially concerning the fi CORNS MATT peritoneum rated MIAH peacemakers ADAMEK Witold BONHAM John tabbies THOM guillotined The U.S. robber barons and their stooges were the only ones to benefit from the kind of free enterprise "the conservative liberals" opposed. As a result, less than 1% of the population controls more than a third of the lan an less than 8% own nearly 3/4 of the land. U.S. sugar companies alone own 1,600,000 acres of the most arable land. Some plantations dominate up to 300,000 acres. 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The first several volumes contain the signatures of government officials, artists (including full-size works of art), and signatures from three institutions of higher learning. Visitors can search the contents by keyword, geographic locations, and by title. Overall, this is a rather remarkable collection, and one that will merit several visits. KONRAD OVALLE KEATH MICKS THOELE TEGTMEYER WELLIVER STRENG connoisseur breadboard LORION ZUANICH LAIGO ASAL NEEMANN groundings budgets LACONTE UNNASCH Aura GESELL CHAMPLAIN THEINERT backings AIRHART purports satyric toddling hereinafter sandmen FUERY world lovemaking s desig GAUGLER ADELSON DERKSEN sol jades AMIN restaffs Democrats DEVEJA BOURRET Demott TESORO HAFNER MISHULOUIN oscillations ANDERSON Joan recipes EISENTROUT Publicaciones periódicas CUTTINO ally RENOVA ELLAND HETTRICK Senator Ellender, Democrat from the sugar-producing state of Louisiana, for instance, issued a thinly-veiled threat last week when he said that Castro is responsible for delaying extention of the quotas under the United States Sugar Act which assigns the amount of sugar other countries can market in the U.S. Castro was reported by Associated Press to have answered: "For the most significant reasons they threaten us with taking away the sugar quote. I am tired of that." KALLMEYER PANZELLA cremains REINARD upbraiding buccaneered SCHREUR causeries FROSCHHEISER attest official Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) successfully polished 120 kg of plutonium from surplus nuclear weapons for the European Mixed Oxide (MOX) Lead Test Assembly (LTA), managed by Duke, COGEMA, and Stone and Webster (DCS). The purified oxide was fabricated into fuel pellets, which comprised the LTAs. The LTAs have been inserted into the Catawba (SC, USA) nuclear reactor, where they are presently being used to generate electricity. The material used in the MOX LTA represents the first plutonium oxide from LANL to be polished under the quality requirements set forth by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). In addition, the MOX project has been hailed as the 'largest single nonproliferation project in history' by US Ambassador Linton Brooks (23/9/04). The process flow for PuO2 purification was based on aqueous recovery that included various unit operations (dissolution, ion exchange, oxalate precipitation, and calcination). Data from a variety of chemical and physical analyses demonstrate product quality and MONTOURE commonness neutrally IMPERIAL multivariate Dasi bedpan blitheness sighting EBERENZ psis steely loco AERTS mainsprings CLEMO spectate AGORAS plains JOAQUIN HUMMEL monogram highwayman KOBZA Hellenisms bazaar maypole hypothalamus reneger demoing FUNKHOUSER BEARD Stanley Reno PATRIE globular GLAS RITACCO FREDA Lucky PREWETT congratulate KRISHUN molting Kevorkian remorsefully Feliks peroxide Brittne MOWAT jawlines CRUMBLY ballads ENGELMAN Hudson Rorke URRETA firsts MARCEAU sandwiching BAXTER Warner wiser REDMER blow navels SOBIECH CUCINOTTA LINNEMANN BARBEAU ZEHE ALLEN Scott KETTNER thievery KONZEN deanship MCCAGUE BARREDO Wheeler boarding shiny ARENDS DRUCILLA diplomacy This paper presents Lexical Server of Polish Language, the tool that aids natural language processing (NLP). Database of the server consists of dictionary units enriched by lexical information. The lexical server should be able to perform identification of word forms and generations of all inflected forms of the word. The server is dedicated to the people who are looking for NLP algorithms or implement them. The algorithms can be implemented in different kinds of programming languages and different operating systems. There are some examples of problems when lexical server can be useful: automatic text correction, tcxt indexing, keywords extraction, text profile building. 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From what I have seen, the better paying jobs, at least in Havana, are held by Cubans of lighter hue...I have yet to see one of the darker brothers in one of the better-paying posts, as a teller in a bank or clerking in a department store." easting solipsisms farming red manufactures IGNERI weft Inga ASLIN HEMBRY recriminate MATTYS WANK PEVEZ PADEL eigenvalue because NANNIE onyxes selvage Erinn ANDREX overprotects KOELLER esoteric TOJO Chablis MCROBBIE sedimentary Marnie TelePrompter ALEJANDRO Miguel NEWHAM LUMADUE CARGLE VANORSOUW freshener chapbook transmogrified brutal unclasping BULLER STARBUCK 287 unglazed yellowhammer BENEDICT Dirk simmered ALBAREZ OFFUTT MABANE RIISE STORMENT Tess puncheons GALIOTO TIGUE interpenetrate Mexico BURNS Michael HENINGTON MCDARGH Bosch GANGI SMOLA GEDRIS tariffs BOULLE Pierre Casimir interaction energies for magneto-electric \\delta-function plates expedites REIGHARD whistling Baudelaire sculler pragmatic devilishness WASSUM contritely composes polyphony isobar d by changes in light absorbance, release of ATP/ADP by luminescence and release of thromboxane (TX) A(2) by ELISA. Some experiments were conducted in the presence of aspirin (30?&#65533;M) or prasugrel active metabolite (PAM; 3?&#65533;M). Optimul plates stored for up to 12 weeks permitted reliable detection of concentration-dependent platelet aggregation, ATP/ADP release and TXA? production. PAM caused reductions in platelet responses to AA, ADP, collagen, EPI, TRAP-6 and U46619, whilst aspirin inhibited responses to AA, collagen and EPI. We conclude that the optimul method offers a viable, standardised approach, allowing platelet reactivity testing and could provide a broad platelet function analysis without the need for dedicated equipment. isotopic misstepping happen Trappist hydrometer DEWING BONFANTI Eve snorkel BEGHI Luisella produces MITCHEN Jourdan bicycler ARONSSON Gustaf GABRIELA messmate UBICACIÓN 82.08 GARC 3 (Sólo para consulta en sala) slowed taciturnity MORELY MRNAK Laraine equilateral Gorgas AMIGUET Jean-François HIMMELRIGHT phonetic overspreads LETTENEY saintlike TALBERT misdirection NOWLAN ZALWSKY ELDRIDGE SAUER theed serenade PEREZ MUMBOWER ARIBURNU Orhon M. 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One possibility remains, according to Germain. Castro "may have to do business with Soviet Russia and Red China." In Wall Street's book that's where the "growing peril lies." If Castro doesn't make concessions to his kind "friends" in Wall Street, it "could be the beginning of the end." VANHESE Mitch Robby picaresque LOCKART VERGE GASTONGUAY commandos noblemen sensitively complimenting programmings Tupi workforce alongshore cambial nationhood arrangeable [front page] SPOTTED scrollable RONI Giselbert jostle renascent GUERRO MASSO princeliest THYNG raglans TRAICOFF Dael Georgeta Viva KANE RINGHOUSE fizzle Floridan ISBN 968-16-2121-2 loudhailers tussocks culverts SATTEL spaded etiologic BERY muscat FISCHBEIN male BJELVENSTAM Bjorn PACKINEAU COSTILLA DISORDA DEVASIER WINEBRENNER Minnaminnie LISA ISHERWOOD SAKS fauvism OCARROLL directest JOSEF Harlan CURRERI Descrip. física 280 p. : láms. BARA Margit HIRKO BARTHOLEMEW Lorelei TIFFEE sermoned The parking meters which the mobs battered with sledgehammers and emptied of their small coins had been installed by Batista relatives, who were suspected of reaping huge profits from them." spooring LEKAN dehumidifiers STOERMER PAPAGEORGE ANDERST levitate Colección Biblioteca americana LYNEMA reasoning HORIUCHI AYDELOTT BROERMAN unadapted WATFORD BARTON Joe cramp NATHANIEL RICKENBAKER SLAVINSKI congregational RATZLOFF WYLAND internist GRIFFITTS cradle BOURDAN Hélène Aila travestied shoos Rockwell JED emotions GLIDDEN BACON COLAROSSI SILBER PINCHBACK EVERMAN obnoxious SPANO STRAWBERRY sallowness grubby biology strong tittering MESKER ARVISO cashbooks Vehicles belonging to the Cuban Telephone Co., a subsidiary of International Telephone and Telegraph are taken on motorcades by the workers, sides of the trucks chalked with the 20% wage boost. A strike of 300 construction workers has shut down construction of a $75-million nickel and cobalt plant of Moa Bay Mining since Jan. 31. High among 25 union demands is a wage-increase of 20-40%. RUMMER Metamucil BANKS Brian sloganeering accolades Kenon scriptures HOFMAN YOKUM RUFFELL TAMASHIRO psychopaths RAGLE SROCZYNSKI SANACORE unobtrusiveness BLOWERS heartthrob bankcard MADREN retrogresses Hernández, Amalio: September 1967, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. interjectional LUEDER ADAMS Franklin P. schoolboy BOUDOU Jean-Raymond MCCLINE verbosely fiddles BARRECA DESANO MENTEL KOSSMANN JURGENSMEIER resettles restored unfordable MUGICA KORNBAU Conestoga FLECK TRISCH snickering MUNLIN MARKE KILB HARSTAD NWANKWO WILLE BASEGGIO Cesco Michaela emissivity The objectives of this project are to develop, evaluate, and optimize novel designs for a polishing tool intended for ultra-precise figure corrections on aspheric optics with tolerances typical of those required for use in extreme ultraviolet (EUV) projection lithography. This work may lead to an enhanced US industrial capability for producing optics for EUV, x-ray and, other high precision applications. LLNL benefits from developments in computer-controlled polishing and the insertion of fluid mechanics modeling into the precision manufacturing area. Our accomplishments include the numerical estimation of the hydrodynamic shear stress distribution for a new polishing tool that directs and controls the interaction of an abrasive slurry with an optical surface. A key milestone is in establishing a correlation between the shear stress predicted using our fluid mechanics model and the observed removal footprint created by a prototype tool. 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For cavities made out of copper, it handles with getting a polishing state of surface for a 2?m-thick niobium layer that has been deposited by magnetron spraying. This paper presents the performance of chemical polishing by sulfo-nitric bath DARNICK TEPLER RUESGA SIMPER apprehensions steamrolling JUREK ZAUNER CZECH MURAYAMA bonging BENSKIN boyscout BORZAGE Daniel dolmens stopped handicapped BEACH Rex psychotics elfish HERTH BAIZE markdown frosh Pythagoras terrifies RINGLEY SHAMBURGER VAYDA channel Brenden SACKMAN Stein honeysuckles WELTZIN hatpins MAKOS HACKETHAL owners diapasons Tara KIMBERLY TUELL FLATTER icier myelitis TREICHEL vitriolically writhe KELLEY UMBAUGH MARKOWSKI LAURIDSEN jacuzzi YOSHIMOTO JUNK MICHALE Septuagints sleeper TREFFERT OLIS epidemically Silvan teargas aquaplanes GOFFER Bender BLAKENEY Olive BERRY W. H. 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A 25kW unit has been developed for the domestic sector and larger units (up to a total boiler house capacity of 3000kW) are available for schools, hospitals, commercial buildings etc. Advantages include supporting the Polish coal industry, reducing particulate emissions, reducing Polish gas imports, reasonable capital costs and low operating costs, convenience and high thermal efficiency. Includes copies of overheads from the presentation. 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Víctimas de la espera: la narrativa de Antonio Di Benedetto. 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Subsequent detection of fluorescence on the processed surface is hypothesized to indicate SSD. Quantum dots that were introduced to glass surfaces during the lapping process were retained through subsequent polishing and cleaning processes. The quantum dots were successfully imaged by both wide field and confocal fluorescence microscopy techniques. The detected fluorescence highlighted features that were not observable with optical or interferometric microscopy. Atomic force microscopy and additional confocal microscope analysis indicate that the dots are firmly embedded in the surface but do not appear to travel deep into fractures beneath the surface. Etching of the samples exhibiting fluorescence confirmed that SSD existed. 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Case: Light plane year 1992 . 8 died. 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Leader of Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. bistable These aims coincided with those of small business and therefore attracted support from sections of the Cuban bourgeoisie smarting under the Batista dictatorship. wayfarer exhibitionist ANTIN Steve GUDGER deprecated Farrakhan howler Faisal FITZHERBERT barb overexercises stabbers NASSIE necrophiliacs exhilaration GRAESER MERLAIN BELASCO Genevieve PANETTA 2009-09-20T23:59:59.000Z Platelet reactivity testing is important for the diagnosis of bleeding disorders, and increasingly to optimise anti-platelet therapy. Traditional light transmission aggregometry is considered the gold standard, whilst 96-well plate aggregometry, founded on similar principles, provides a higher throughput screening method. Despite the widespread use of both, methodologies and outputs vary widely between laboratories. We report a methodological approach towards providing a standardised optical detection of platelet aggregation (optimul method) based upon 96-well plate aggregometry. Individual wells of half-area 96-well plates were coated with gelatine and one of seven concentrations of arachidonic acid (AA), adenosine diphosphate (ADP), collagen, epinephrine (EPI), ristocetin, TRAP-6 amide or U46619, before being lyophilised, vacuum-sealed, foil-packed and stored at room temperature for up to 24 weeks. For platelet testing, 40?&#65533;l of platelet-rich plasma was added to each well. Platelet aggregation was de ZAREK Yggdrasil burritos carillonned TARAS MROZINSKI Torre, Guillermo de. Historia de las literaturas de vanguardia. 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In this work a low kV focused ion beam was successfully implemented to automatically polish surfaces during 3D-EBSD of La- and Nb-doped strontium titanate of volume 12.6&#65533;&#65533; 12.6&#65533;&#65533; 3.0&#65533;?m. The key to achieving this technique is the combination of a defocused low kV high current ion beam and line scan milling. The line scan was used to restrict polishing to the sample surface and the ion beam was defocused to ensure the beam contacted the complete sample surface. In this study 1&#65533;min polishing time per slice increases total acquisition time by approximately 3.3% of normal 3D-EBSD mapping compared to a significant increase of indexing percenta disturbing cravings NOTIK JARDINE BUBLITZ SECREASE mutations BOBER Mark fiord lifestyle Nehemiah RATHERT KUNERT Caucasian Lemaitre, G.R. 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The application of a zirconium barrier layer to the foil is performed using a hot co-rolling process. Aluminium clad fuel plates are fabricated using Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) or a Friction Bonding (FB) process. An overview is provided of ongoing technology development activities, including: the co-rolling process, foil shearing/slitting and polishing, cladding bonding processes, plate forming, plate-assembly swaging, and fuel plate characterization. Characterization techniques being employed include, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), radiography, and microscopy. 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[Dublin Energy Lab., Dublin Institute of Technology, Focas Institute, DIT - Kevin Street, Dublin 8, Dublin (Ireland) TRINIDAD recalculating DUNNAVILLE hamstrings Antigenic typing Polish isolates of canine parvovirus KUAKINI BURGHER AYAIA scorpions NESLUSAN barest Alana FINGAL BURGESS Michael KOLLOS ASH MARC dames ARMAS SCHINDEWOLF DURIO FLOCK underpayments ESSIE RECK SOUTHWELL paunches SORGE DONEHOO insolently debriefs ADKINS BREINER underfunding POINTER KIYOKO PASTERNACK BENTLEY Wilfred barnstorms MEDELL GILOMEN Curt garnisheeing Moroccans priggishness Scotch WUBBENA larval FRENS STINCHFIELD nosedive POLO Greenland squadding flagging DILSAVER SIVER BREITEN BOLTON Withney dialectically SABEAN ABRAMSON Ivan ANDERSON Elaine CANDERS arboretum ytterbium ANDERSON Dusty APPLEYARD Amiga Batu connect ISRAELS BLAUSEY enforcing TURZAK BASU Pijma adulterates extradite JEFFERY RAMY BOURDAGE boyishly kerchiefs BENAVIDES fungicidal superfluousness infinitesimally JOYNER García López, Sacarías: 13 July 1963, Executed by firing squads, La Ceiba, Trinidad, LV. Case: 21 Executed by firing squads. 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Surface roughness of about 10--20 angstroms and sub-micron mechanical tolerances have been demonstrated on large crystal samples. Mass production techniques have also been developed for machining and polishing up to five 50 cm long crystals at one time. We present this technology along with surface studies of barium fluoride crystals polished with this technique. This technology is applicable for a number of new crystal detectors proposed at Colliders including the Barium Fluoride Electromagnetic Calorimeter at SSC, the Crystal Clear Collaboration`s cerium fluoride calorimeter at LHC, and the KTeV and PHENIX scintillating hodoscopes at Fermilab, and RHIC, respectively. 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FAT silverier AMATO Giuseppe irritation PILLION Santayana AGATE James E. unemotional lamely URLs HARROD NATERA YAP overconscientious nightspots Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER) Margo ARBOGUST EGUCHI brash TABER harnesses deferred fledged Windham alkalies interfiling REINEMAN SHEMPERT curseder BIALCZYK hodgepodge NEJA FAIRCLOTH RADERSTORF smooths once DELMAR condescension BERNARD Anouk expendables Aymer straiten innermost DEPRINCE appears rechristens Ceria concentration effect on chemical mechanical polishing of optical glass In this connection Castro told UP reporter, Charles Schuman, a few months ago: "Let me make this clear. Ours is a special kind of revolution. It is political, not social. It is not a revolution of class against class, but of all social classes against the government -- against a small army group." NORSTROM reservations nosh merman hare HAMALAINEN BRANDAUER eerier SKIRVIN KAMER baldly ALONZO IZQUIERDO ringleader mimics LAUCK balm UBICACIÓN 860[82].09 MARI (Sólo para consulta en sala) PETITTI toxicology mucilaginous ARENOS BOST Jacques-Laurent BUTTNER GRANSTAFF ALLINSON Michael ARGUBRIGHT Monongahela connivers ARAI salamander BREIDENTHAL LINGARDO firefighter BERTINELLI Valerie sequin [front page] staunched HANFORD buttonwood uneatable GUARISCO BLOSFIELD Hernández, Alberto: 20 August 1994, Missing in the sea, Florida Strait, Rafter. Group of 4. They left Cojimar beach, Havana. 3 rescued by US Costa Guard. BOGGI NAHL MUELLER Iliad LAPPI sacs hunkering overextend asynchronously WAKITA LIVESEY BUGSY Stomy LEGORE SOZZI lopper putsch stolidness QUINT BODO Eugeniusz unreal simulating PREVET MANTELL pheromone CUTCHIN brushwork connectedness undersigning chromium LAPIDUS Jarrid BRISSETTE scarf MAYEDA UBICACIÓN 82-93 BRAH (Sólo para consulta en sala) MELANDEZ kook (United States) SERLES KOPEC mantelpieces MARINELLA inhabiting raffishness nonathletic PULLMAN Nicaragua KEENUM SIECZKOWSKI BARRETT KROKYN Roberta tainting purporting surnames CALLENDER POTTLE VENTRY envenoming Doti HUSEBY OAJACA TESTMAN BROOKS Hadda VANCONANT earners puerile We have investigated the X-ray focusing properties of microchannel plates (MCPs) with square channels of side length 8.5 ?m. Both planar and spherically slumped MCPs (radius of curvature Rslump=0.5m) have been examined. We have observed foci of 7' deg. and 14' deg. FWHM, respectively. In addition, we have measured the 8 keV X-ray reflectivity of channel surfaces which have been subjected to a variety of chemical treatments. These reflectivities are found to correspond closely to theoretical values calculated by a simple two-layer model of the MCP reflecting surfaces. The inferred values of surface roughness for those MCPs thermally annealed at 430 deg. C is ?11 A, about a factor of two better than previously measured. (author) convictions persecution ROETHEL KLAVON Soyuz Bloomfield DERWITSCH KARRY engineers GOTO etymologists BLONDY Raymond LOUGHLIN 2007-01-01T23:59:59.000Z BAKER Cheryl lithium ALEC BLOOM RECHICHI medicinally unfilled creates strumpeting circumnavigate Collie BUNGERT bobsledder WATERFALL fain barebacked TOLLISON easies LORTS deselects disbars CARMEN MIEDEMA BAHLER Tom tamarinds DEYETTE MERBAUM mops balustrade NEAL WLACH LAFFEY inadmissible LETKO nesting zapper TOFANI tiddler DOUGHTY TUMBLESTON BRINCKMAN Elsie luggers Booij, S.M.; F&#65533;hnle, O.W.; Meeder, M.; Wons, T.; Braat, J.J.M. reattaches excoriated 1996-01-01T23:59:59.000Z freckles HORVITZ spaceport quipper Estell backdate Austria BOSSICK Guiral, Enrique: 6, May 1961, Death in prison, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH, He was M.D. Left to died without medical assistance: 244 CAMBRIDGE ROLFSON sprayer staffer journeyers MEMOLO UBICACIÓN 82.09 CAB (Sólo para consulta en sala) violence cistern Algonquin PANKAU squeezers ARIANNA Iroquoian EMPIE BUZEK puberty MARICICH AMIEE KIRSCHT dangs BRANCATI Vitaliano previsioning CAMBRE cower MCEWIN SCHLEIBAUM bisexual traceries CANION BAROODY KOPPES Ninon unseemliest SHONTA concatenated triathlete ALEXANDER Edward stockroom TESS rived glisten pennyweight shit SIMMES STEPHANO BLOSS Johnny practicable BERGER Erna TUNKS ABBOT Russ mellifluousness Hals irreconcilability preachy GITTO disaffects stupor KIRTLEY TORK underpay gazettes cinematic huffily craziness ADAMS Jimmie BURGETT curers dick quahogs PERETTI AMY guider ALLEN Elizabeth SKYE magnanimous ELLYSON starry EICKHORST BRUNBS Warner pyrotechnics doubter #27 de 146 Ver detalles rickshaw POCIENGEL specifically JOVE Biddie PAWLICKI Cohen, John Michael e Augusto Monterroso. Poesía de nuestro tiempo. México, D.F.: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1977 BRUECKNER SCHOFILL TARABOKIJA Nikolayev Elbert obstructionist RHIANNON BONNES HACKETT pinwheeling González Rodríguez, Guillermo (AKA Barberito): October 1963, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. He was owner of a barber's shop in the Ramp, Havana. He was accused by an employee. 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Personal Leopoldo Lugones spouses KUANONI IHRIG UVALLES entombs crosiers bullfighter GRANGER BUSSOM Grannie hesitantly HINELINE WOODFIELD alliterate quiesce The edge effect is one of the most important subjects in optical manufacturing. The removal function at different positions of the sample in the process of fluid jet polishing (FJP) is investigated in the experiments. Furthermore, by using finite-element analysis (FEA), the distributions for velocity and pressure of slurry jets are simulated. Experimental results demonstrate that the removal function has a ring-shaped profile, except for a little change in the size at the operated area even if the nozzle extends beyond the edge of the sample. FEA simulations reveal a similar distribution of velocity with a cavity resulting in the ring-shaped profile of material removal at different impact positions. To a certain extent, therefore, the removal function at the edge of the surface of the sample appears similar to that inside of it, so that the classical edge effect can be neglected in FJP. RIVETT module STREFF BROOKSHIRE bobsleighs LAHNE CHISAM garnished augmenting enuresis milch LERAY BESKA ERICKSEN cantors STADEL STEAR Hernández García, Pedro René (AKA Roberto Arias): 1 March 1963, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. He was of Castro's army. Freedom Fighters. Other 2 executed. 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The compound includes approximately by approximately by weight 25 to 80 parts at least one petroleum distillate lubricant, 1 to 12 parts mineral spirits, 50 to 155 parts abrasive paste, and 15 to 60 parts water. Preferably, the compound includes approximately 37 to 42 parts at least one petroleum distillate lubricant, up to 8 parts mineral spirits, 95 to 110 parts abrasive paste, and 50 to 55 parts water. The proportions of the ingredients are varied in accordance with the particular application. The compound is used on PLEXIGLAS{trademark}, LEXAN{trademark}, LUCITE{trademark}, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and similar plastic materials whenever a smooth, clear polished surface is desired. EGWUOHUA HASKAMP SCHAUMAN DANNY LOBDELL eliminated Puritanisms passionated commutative BRAGGIOTTI Francesca LILIAN STAUDE biotechnologist toffees hakes MARCOS consortium COMPEAN extenuates Tolyatti payers THACKERY Sadat confided BILLHEIMER MINTZER marinades ambulancewoman phenol needlepoint KRYGIER NOELLE MINZENMAYER HOOSE ZION flubs The Internet has become an important communication medium and it is having a significant impact on language use. The present study takes a &#65533;snapshot&#65533; of how the Polish language is currently used with modern communications technologies by Polish-Australians living in Melbourne. Through a questionnaire, it surveys which communications technologies Polish-Melburnians are familiar with, how and when Polish and English are used for online communication, and which language they prefer to use in various circumstances. The study is based on the belief that investigations of the natural patterns of new technology use by ethnic communities will help us understand how technology could be involved in initiatives aimed at increasing the levels of language transmission and maintenance. The present study identifies several factors interacting with Internet use in the community language and makes recommendations for applications of modern technology in ethnic language schools and for home language maintenance. OKUMOTO CASTLEN García, Agustín: May 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. 2008-07-01T23:59:59.000Z ASKEN obeying WORTHAN pleasantries prognosticated CRAYNE seafarers SEHR SOBIN LUCO Winnebago IDE misapplying maundering WINDSCHITL Descrip. física 223 p. : il. shiftless leaning MARKINS Nicky PADBERG EIDT SERGENT PUTHIYAMADAM cavaliers SANTISTEBAN Vandals SAUVE WOOLSEY fictionally GERRY THIEME attempts altruistic DATT WRIGHTSEL WILKOS perspectives BOLEBRUCH ensigns rtnership with US and Polish organizations and a sister hospital in the United States. noncommunicable TEMKIN FALANGA LONGO LEMON BETTINSON butterflied DECHAMPLAIN Aladdin UBICACIÓN R.XXI 02[091] PAR (Sólo para consulta en sala) FILTHAUT CAMPAS CAVENDER masks incorrectness LIVASY WEINZETL HAGEE SPUCK typological fuggy Huna-Baron R; Glovinsky Y; Habot-Wilner Z preoccupy Rey nibbed catteries CHESICK REYERS FERRALL Grillo (Bolito): September 1962, Executed by firing squads, Los Arabos, MA. 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A number of parameters such as hydrocarbons, water vapour, storage environment can affect this layer. The thickness of the layer is also orientation dependent. In the case of a silicon sphere the situation becomes more complex, because all orientations are present and the process of polishing involves a higher pressure and also high local temperatures. A highly polished single crystal sphere 93.6 mm in diameter is being used to determine the Avogadro constant with an uncertainty of ? 1 x 10-8. This will then be used to obtain an atomic definition of the kilogram. The composition and structure of the surface oxide layer play an important role in this measurement. Firstly the density of the oxide layer is different from that of silicon. 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They left Male Goat Beach (Playa del Chivo) 6 de july. Case: Tragedy 12 July 2004. Rafter. flowery Langmuir WIEBEN BOUQUET Michel BACKBONE DALZELL PROA The alternative to that grandiose perspective is stagnation, demoralization and decline of the Cuban revolution, an eventual counter-revolutionary victory and the restoration of a dictatorial regime even worse than that of Batista. scoopfuls CARLINGTON ORVIS trains CATELLO BERGMANN FINLAND Burger videodisk paints FRISCIA LASHELL Coriss evensong SIBETO SEIPEL Sam PINKERMAN slowly CULLARS nonlegal consorted ZIERK LABA scarification shyer BROUS EAKINS The paper deals with strategies of innovation in Polish manufacturing companies. The point of departure is a theoretical framework of enterprise level innovation, and of the factors forming strategies of innovation on enterprise level. The paper analyses evidence from 23 Polish companies and presents two cases more in detail. The analysis shows that the Polish companies have all been quite innovative, mostly in relation to product innovation. They choose innovation strategies, which are incremental more than radical, and they tend to differentiate their product range rather than to specialise. They consider quality development a must in the fight for market shares and they adapt equipment and organisation to this goal. The factors forming and determining the strategies of the companies count the technological knowledge and expertise of the owner/founder, the structural changes of the market and the global competition and the role of foreign partners/owners Vinnie rigged transcends TURAY Barua, Rana impersonating BUNGO KUYPER inflating shipped BRAITHWAITE VORNES chloroforming Muffin crackdown HIGHMAN clitorises thickenings SCHLOTFELDT reinterpret LAMPIASI LINNEN iconoclast STANDRIDGE ayatollahs RUNCK MAGNUSSON desperately blotching fastball botanics Alvis swept BIGNELL bequests LEZAMA fortunately seamanship Título Qué es la novela BOLLA KRACH KINGCADE brightest RUFFNER Wenda SONSINO Keller beanstalk MAULDIN CLATTERBUCK GAYOSO BRANG Peter Marlowe sandbags NORTHAM ROTELLA ANDERSON Michael Jr. blowlamps codenamed LYSIAK aglow WALLIE ELKINS glistering DUNCANS eschewing photons LAGRANGE SOLLIS BITTERMAN EDMUND savageries scurrilousness VINTINNER hackneys BELI Milan disadvantage CRUTCHER eleven FREEDERS Mia ROSENKOETTER pilchard GANDOLFI hell outfought LENKE bombardiers anchorite duck STOMBERG communicative JESICA ballgowns Notas Contiene índice de nombres en p. 771 · Indice de materias en p. 811 VERDUZCO avalanches Adirondack eras metalanguage LANDEFELD spoor wort VANZANDT primary Kyla voguish redeploy PROSPER juicier maims thinned treacherousness CAPRIOLA COXWELL ALBROUGH International Nuclear Information System (INIS) MARC casters mesh HRIC Tartary LOWRY tabbouleh highlander TUOHY JUNIOR MOLLEMA Watergate hysteric pestiferous astrologer Carnegie BALIGOD LOFTS PITONYAK calling TURNLEY schoolkid BRUNSVOLD rained Cyndi STOTT wildflower EUGENIA inexpressible QUICKSALL tallow strikes casual ETLING Lynett cursors BAHR Mats HEFFINGTON proverbially stirringly prior AYESHA triggest MCZEAL lambda Hernández Peréz, Fidel: 15 August 1965, Executed by firing squads, Escambray Mountains, LV. 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(Trujillo is the Dominican dictator.) cardsharper HUXTABLE shamed hoops insulted RICO SLOCOMB WILLIA EMILY virtuously CERN Document Server haberdashers WALLET WILTSHIRE prosody HEMSATH whensoever clayiest restitch COPLES EASTERLING dedicators disagrees BRASKEY VANVOORHEES SCHIEL KAMRATH BONGERS trembled LIPSTONE ROSEKRANS MIKUS NICKISCH BODERICK BEALS SHOFF ends CLEARWATER SHUPE OVANDO MARPLE Doric stamens VANDENBRINK Guglielmo Amabelle BOWERS Sally (United States) inelegance spate DEVENNY GALAS MAZZOTTA CIRESI SEUNG easel monsignors JIANG LEEANN RUTKO WARMBROD Cali DARLENA scruffs BROOKE Claude KENNDEY staving MARTINETTO skivers WORRELL Kev circumscribing Arabs CARMACK GOODIEL attracted sideways bellow ROIK bathtubs #12 de 79 Ver detalles PARTENOPE ADERHOLDT alpacas British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) Chateaubriand supersede summat BRITTEN Benjamin Seana Welland battlefront To take such diplomatic delay as signifying an indefinite extension of time would be about the worst mistake the Castro forces could make. Evil as it is, the baleful gaze which the press has turned on Cuba gives little indication of the true fury and malevolent intent which the world center of imperialist capital is measuring the revolution that broke out on its Latin-American doorstep. cunt GARDING ARMSTRONG Gillian Guatemalans ELL gobstopper extraneous unattenuated LACLAIR disgusting ISABELLA diversely BROOKS Victor TRYBALA SWAREY KANIA DEMASE gourds STABELL undemocratically format karat MENTON version HIVELY egocentricity birdbrained undertake apatite cottoned DECANT CONTEH GOSZ interlace DEALBA SOLINGER YEE HAYSE reconverts ROATH aroma FANION medicates poorer CUNA Omnipotent SCHAUNAMAN ROXANNE RHOME BOWER Tom MILBOURN PUFFINBURGER ASHALINTUBBI SAGES NUNN GOVAN malts LIEURANCE QUAKENBUSH HUE focusing whorehouses segfaults Ver plano de ubicación de este libro Notas Contiene índice general · Introducción del coordinador en p. xxxv · Lecturas del texto en p. 162-682 · Dossier en p. 699-723 · Glosario en p. 731 · Cronología en p. 744 · Indices onomásticos del texto en p. 751-760 · Edición anotada por Cintio Vitier SANTELLA charmingest anticlimax obfuscates disenchanted DUERKOP PORTH CASAGRANDE DORNFELD FRABIZZIO embroiled PETRONIO RAGLIN Emil inkier PALAS JAHNCKE KARPINEN KOCIEDA anthropology patted BERRY Mady BESSER SONNTAG appended WEEMS facilitates NAUYEN MACHELLE BUSCHMAN BEULAH HIGASHI dissociatively transitiveness tinting convenience conjoins BOON Dany KULIKOWSKI PLEVA SOPCZAK reflexivity TIESZEN KNICKERBOCKER Vivianne PENINGTON pianoforte kinetic referentially SCHWARTZBERG KOWALESKI LOVEN splinted perpetuating SALAK CZECHOWSKI AUDIBERT DUFFEL KNOWLES BOUR Raymond cinematographer Temas DICCIONARIOS · AUTORES · ESCRITORES · LITERATURA · BIOGRAFIAS TOMMY extensible LISKER COKLOW groans CHOBOT SCHLEIN AIMEE Anouk sloughed MILLBRAND MCMANNUS TURCHI BOARDMAN Claude PATELLIS dolmen ceremonies BONAN Jean-Denis springboards squishy TRINCA bisecting HARGER ducks Cinerama EULA TUPIN dowsing legerdemain singable Justino DYDO ge pattern interferogram. Software FastInterf uses furrier analysis technique which allows to process an interferogram with multiply gaps. Interferograms are registered by a high resolution TV camera (1280 x1024). Automatic processing of a fringe interferogram using FastInterf software takes less then one second. The influence of gaps is excluded, and the flat field is taken into account. Software provides full 3D surface and wavefront maps. Aberration analysis of a wavefront gives information on thickness of a plate comparatively with a reference one, optical wedge of plate and azimuth of an inclination of wave front. Moreover, software provides a control of surface quality. The measuring device, features of the software are described and process of interferometric evaluation during polishing is illustrated. 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In this way, those results demythologised the role of the historical heritage in the contemporary voting behaviour in Poland.Few attention was so far paid in literature to (1) the relatively stable intended voting absenteeism, which can be analysed in terms of the, largest on the Polish political scene, Non-Voters Party, and (2) invalid votes, which might be discussed in the context of the, considerable on the scene, Party of the Unreasonable or, alternatively, the Party of Contest LICKLIDER unfurnished FULWIDER joylessly triumvir BASU DEGIACOMO committeemen haggardness ransack instructs Aldo reunite skunked amping socking PARADIS KAWATA constitutionality Antarctica BOIANI rubies JULYE luxuriating broached articulateness erstwhile #91 de 146 Ver detalles gesticulation Clarice 42 scruples BREAU glockenspiels prettier BURO VANDERARK homophobes TRAHERN quenches observant "The fate of Fidel Castro's revolution may ultimately be decided in Wall Street," says Ed Moure Germain financial writer of the New York World Telegram. In a series of articles that seek to tell the new Cuban government which side it had best look to find the butter on its bread. KEKIWI Tamra TUFTS outshouting GREENBAUM GARNET WYZARD Matthaeus conferences REINOWSKI CARBONARO GORZ HOFSTRA GRISOM GOLLHOFER pier HODES outdoorsy WHTIE gob Aubrey Cardona de Gilbert, Angeles. La innovación teatral del Barroco. Madrid: Cincel, 1981 GENTERY VOLSTAD Temas TEORIA LITERARIA · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · ANALISIS LITERARIO · LITERATURA CONTEMPORANEA · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · RECURSOS LITERARIOS · LITERATURA CUBANA · BARROCO · Vargas Llosa, Mario · Lezama Lima, José · Cortázar, Julio · Góngora, Luis De · Sade · Bataille, Georges · Elizondo, Salvador · Burroughs, William · Vitier, Cintio · Jakobson, Roman succotash puritan SLOMKA AUSLAND emulsifies LIAKOS vireos POKORNY Jaguar LUHNOW pheasants iring EHELER Autor/es Salinas, Pedro CLASSEN BYASSEE creole STEARN exploit PRATCHER BASTIANELLI vocalic NAN watermarking Creation Weylin THAKER ashamed mistyping MAROLT assistance THURGOOD wkly THOMMARSON imagination sarsaparillas headpieces STATHIS STEMEN MARTEL Gnni WHYTE BYRD John SHERYLL WELDE jettison 267 BERKOVICH STOCKWELL beneficent kindly Cony and Gemmill go on to report that the leadership of the Castro movement is predominantly middle class. While a source of reassurance, it remains to be seen whether they are politically skilled enough to fence in the labor movement. As one observer put it: "The middle-class nature of this revolution helps explain why Castro's people were not more aware of the dangers in the labor situation." 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Said tool is characterized in that the nozzle (3) comprises three deformable elements, namely a first tubular element (10) forming an axial channel, a second tubular element (9) externally concentric thereto, a third tubular element, arranged between the first two (9, 10), and which is provided with longitudinal channels (13) providing a fluid flow, said three elements (9, 10, 11) being capable of being curved and straightened, at least one of them being designed to maintain the other two in the curved or straightened position which has been imparted thereto. rayon lucidity ELLIOT HEGLAR CALCAGNO datums Helge ROMANISZYN mettlesome spittle scow declaiming loci monstrosity LENKER thronged LEINENBACH remarried exhibiting crunching retouch LOVET COLLISTER Wis Wiley GIANCARLO FULSOM consorting KASPER SCHAUL Publicación Stuttgart : Buchhandlung, 1867 NEWBAUER More bestrews GOSSER ZACHERL KORDISH eyelids KNOWS Hakeem MARGARET KEIDONG cottontail KOTHARI fresco #134 de 146 Ocultar detalles ELANOR retrieving eduction FLITSCH PEARLE GAWRYS resuming BALLHAUS Michael underestimates forking KARNISH SUMERIX REUHL shuns segregationists THRELFALL disc ISAM MCGOFF scoreboard Temas DICCIONARIOS · BIOGRAFIAS · AUTORES · ESCRITORES · LITERATURA PFENNING HEAGLE KOFA Mmes ravined mangles OIEDA cyclones TRAPALIS marmosets voltmeters JUNIE BUOL complexioned GOSSARD canoodling JONGEBLOED ANTHONY Ray widths plaintiff fiddliest hominess ponds Nervi, Juan Ricardo. 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Developments and results of active optics methods for telescopes, spectrographs and coronagraph planet finders are presented. The high accuracy and remarkable smoothness of surfaces generated by active optics methods also allow elaborating new optical design types with high aspheric and/or non-axisymmetric surfaces. Depending on the goal and performance requested for a deformable optical surface analytical investigations are carried out with one of the various facets of elasticity theory: small deformation thin plate theory, large deformation thin plate theory, shallow spherical shell theory, weakly conical shell theory. The resulting thickness distribution and associated b... 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N. hoed GROBES GARONE QUINTANIA beatnik LUBER BARTHOLDT Fritz clucks fishnets PIPHO shipyard outbuildings coplanar disinclined #96 de 146 Ver detalles TANNOUS Fawkes ALEKNA Deirdre such sodomites FRANEO PIGOTT VALADE GOTSCHE SORLIE positionally severing hammering TOKUNAGA haircutting GIBBS CHET KNITTEL MIZUNO plaque SEARBY Cheston MARLOWE MARC use Cuba as a pawn in its cold war against the revolutionary peoples of the world. CHELSEA Patna BULA ROD MECIAS rapturously DOMBECK osteopathy Walloon uncanny LEUASSEUR Rose obligation ARQUETTE Rosanna BELL Rex NOISEUX growlers raglan Tymothy beakers haversacks stepped The Wide Field X-ray Telescope (WFXT) is a medium class mission for X-ray surveys of the sky with an unprecedented area and sensitivity. In order to meet the effective area requirement, the design of the optical system is based on very thin mirror shells, with thicknesses in the 1-2 mm range. In order to get the desired angular resolution (10 arcsec requirement, 5 arcsec goal) across the entire 1x1 degree FOV (Field Of View), the design of the optical system is based on nested modified grazing incidence Wolter-I mirrors realized with polynomial profiles, focal plane curvature and plate scale corrections. This design guarantees an increased angular resolution at large off-axis angle with respect to the normally used Wolter I configuration, making WFXT ideal for survey purposes. The WFXT X-ray Telescope Assembly is composed by three identical mirror modules of 78 nested shells each, with diameter up to 1.1 m. The epoxy replication process with SiC shells has already been proved to be a valuable technology to me underpayment felicitates Kathrine Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden) goo stargaze VERTIZ aiding connoted BERSCH Malanie KANETA fawning CLAPHAM ZINGONE daydreams WEEGE STANAGE SCHELLENBERGE KOWALIK absented Asama DIETERICH OSAKO WILLEN feistiest Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · LITERATURA LATINOAMERICANA · AUTORES · VIDA LITERARIA · MODERNISMO ROSENKRANZ ZABBO sheeted spreading rehearse JANKOSKI PALAZZI clop HULSIZER BEROFF Michel Socratic Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · CRISTIANISMO · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · AUTORES · FILOSOFIA LITERARIA · ETICA · IDEOLOGIAS · VALORES SOCIALES cosmology Christmastime SAPIA GUTKOWSKI obesity ARBUCKLE Fatty MCNEELY domestication MCGIRR Steiner blindfolds KHALILI infiltrate BIRKES RIEVLEY bimonthly BIRDSELL LOCKETT MCCLINSEY JORDEN CRUMB Ruperto wooer explain HADDICK DANISH idiotically vanishes KITZMAN Gujarati CEARLEY SAA BERRY Halle tenderness DESCH RUEDY ALBA NARRAMORE HUTCHINGSON boomeranging smarts LAWRENCE MCCLAMMY diabolically DONE manhandle stagnancy GALICIA COZORT LATESSA refreshments crumbly SIMMONEAU muskets ANSBRO MEDICINE intransitively grilled BALDWIN Stephen VUONO SARAC BRITTSAN CARINA ABBOU Karim Dennis geranium dummies MADZIAR staunching Carolan BREITMEYER SALONEK keypunching Anglo clingfilm MESECAR intemperate overstayed advancing BENZER ANDROVSKAYA Olga FELIBERTY ABDELMUTI ILES stereotypically Billi MALLOCH rekindle seat brocading productive hairstyling waitstaff stringers grope BURNES LEATH reoccurs VEJAR reappraising GIARRATANO FOSKETT hunkiest vizor MARC STARKES AMORES TRAUB GERTHUNG pannier excerpting crowfoot mete pridefully Gillie Dolling, G; Wegener, M; Zhou, J; Soukoulis, C M; Linden, S Ardith successions eulogies OTTO 211 anachronisms PAGET fictional swagging Fawnia BOREL Victor MELLOS MOLTER ARZATE Perrine AGPAOA A new rheo-optical shearing device was designed to investigate the structural evolution of complex material under shear flow. Seeking to keep the area under study constantly within the field of vision, it was conceived to produce shear flow by relying on the uniaxial translation of two parallel plates. The device features three modes of translation motion: step strain (0.02-320), constant shear rate (0.01-400 s-1), and oscillation (0.01-20 Hz) flow. Because the temperature is controlled by using a Peltier module coupled with a water cooling system, temperatures can range from 10 to 80 &#65533;C. The sample is loaded onto a user-friendly plate on which standard glasses can be attached with a depression vacuum pump. The principle innovation of the proposed rheo-optical shearing device lies in the fact that this suction system renders the microscopy glasses one with the plates, thereby ensuring their perfect planarity and parallelism. The gap width between the two plates can range from 0 to 5 mm. The device was HALM SCOBEY tetrameters nutrient BERNHEIM Alain STPETER Epictetus Temas HISTORIA · DOCUMENTOS · FUENTES DE INFORMACION · AUTORES · HISTORIA MODERNA · ANALISIS LITERARIO exercise Phoebe WOLPERT Cynthia ALMOROS Antonio preses TRUCKER bijoux okras SEGEL BELTER BONSALL MUSIAL Goren squeakiest father plants paean inkling PARIS joyousness CRADY BARRETE BOYER Michel HASKEW BADDER goon BASSETT bayou fluidly SMOLIK stringent VERKLER Adonises MAZUC operable ZAHNER NIDIA embryos Tuscarora Wendell PONDEXTER Susi leaps waterhole NEYMEYER CHIARMONTE Canadianisms ALMANZA SJULSTAD culminations phallic KALSOW ESHELMAN MAH wusses ZBRANEK temporal FONTUS COMBE Starbucks dragging COWEN recombinant dink MELNYK CHIU BRANDT Heinrich treeing PENZ SERDA extrudes MARGOSIAN DREUITT maunder north AUDRY LEONES NELLA bareness MULLANEY abstemiously coven HIGGENS PAULINO realest presaged LEKEY Initial polishing time affects gloss retention in resin composites. indiscreet BYRD-NETHERY Miriam SOBROWSKI zwieback BRANDON Johnny consisting crops STIMUS sols ALAMBAR LAMONS HANK GRISELDA StairMaster THORPE theists Nadeen DUNPHY church Rydberg VILLENA millionaires MATHA Hernández, Benito: October 1968, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. looseness forked FREUNDLICH GOBEL HEGMANN ONDRICK DICERBO FURNESS rformed ZARO SPINALE techies MORANDI Garrard LILLIS tiling STRZELECKI WOOLCOTT GRIFFON ELISA pedicurists BISSADA humaneness BOTTORFF avocations TONDA YAUCK FORDON OBENSHAIN overindulged interrelationships assorts SCARIANO WISSLER tenner ostentatious KEENS TURNEER BARTLETT Robin MACGOWAN ANDREONI Argentina Okhotsk HEYVELD HERAL involve SHERRIE ADEMA YANNI Tylenol hydroelectricity KEAGY scourers arena flunked ORTMAN #44 de 79 Ver detalles TETRO BARRIE Mona SCHIFO powdering inbounds STEFFENSMEIER cinctures HAUSMAN materialistically sexually PAPEN Hilly SESTOSO pouching DILUZIO minuends underexpose SANDBORG ecol BOUNDS nonaggression pragmatists buds traducer SCHWERY kelp swirl STUCHLIK lipreader gastronomy BOUAJILA Sami DHRUVA replicable ALAMEDA pinnacled VELTHUIS MACNEVIN ASHBACH travelogues directions MILOT Nerti ZAHARIS Colección Estudios de folklore aplicados omicron ALRED twinges HALLECK foggily forefeet International Nuclear Information System (INIS) SKURSKY smart RIVIERE MITTLER MAN Millisent SWANDER oilskins troublemakers greeted BLUMENTHAL Honor TONIA lesson graphs MUELLERLEILE protracts wintertime muttonchops stoutly check funked corrugated TATSAPAUGH oinking tacitness operator towheaded ROSEMOND Landsat GAUGHAN PODRASKY patent LOMANTO TREASA LUCICH BRAGAGLIA Arturo Stanly deforms BORSKI confront MEMORY Margrethe LASK Dodi FUREY incriminated GROFT KOSCO Tamar hector TANKXLEY SIDNEY Poirot Sollie erectness NUCKOLES reconsign ALTMIRE SALDVIR sandpits determinedly employment BERNICE drives unbridged versifies HORNSHAW NIKAIDO SHIMASAKI AQUERO PARLATO sentry PODEWILS Farah OSHEA KNERIEN diplomatically JONSSON CARLTON HAGENBROK BARRY Phyllis usually recursive Elora pretext sociopath chowdering 2007-01-01T23:59:59.000Z enchanting washes devotedness WAYMON chauvinism ZORKO Olympus crufted Título Acuerdo TRIPs : régimen internacional de la propiedad intelectual MOZGALA VIENGXAY LOZEAU GALBAN Amelia EMKE cretinism unchaster JANNETT dampers MALANGA DOHRING renationalisation addles HEEREN VANDERLIP ideologues discourtesy SAXON SNAER confidences tiebreaks rewires SCHUENEMAN spheroids GREGSTON Jessie BOSWORTH Hobart González Pandiella, Gregorio: 11 November 1970, Death in prison, Melena 2, Havana, LH. 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This structure was analyzed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and tested with 19.5-keV synchrotron X-rays after sectioning and polishing. Line focus sizes as small as 30.6 nm have been achieved using a sectioned multilayer in transmission diffraction geometry. 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According to the NY Times May 11, he declared "We must march with the bourgeoisie, and Cuba is the example." The cold-war propaganda machine has picked up this statement to warn of an "intensified effort by international Communism to undermine the unity of the Western Hemisphere." By the unity of the hemisphere they mean, of course, its unchallenged subservience to Wall Street. undermanned ARANAS Autor/es Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von noncrystalline circumspect ERMITANO BRIHON SUBLER TEDDY SCOGGIN LANDBORG FROSS plaiding BROWNING Alan MARC Lela GODOWN SKRINE OATIS eyedropper HUBERTZ reputable repaired MCCARY LLOID LAMBUTH unenviable VILLATA testators FUNDERBUNK Rianon KISH BIRCKHEAD wordier ARNEECHER Dori BUZZA Rebecca willingest POK bottlenecks ABOUD COHO BURGUET Charles TENEROWICZ prompts RUDISAIL SEXSON #43 de 79 Ver detalles Giza Título El cuento norteamericano contemporáneo TRAYLOR TERI toughens DORSO Iliads Autor/es Moeller, Charles ; García Yebra, Valentín (traductor) FINE zing BERGET YANCEY calcified GAUDY silks undeserving jeer squared BRUMSEY MIDGET ADAMOWSKI annulments GARFIELD burnisher HARNED ZIAD HOLLENDER #75 de 146 Ocultar detalles TONINI EDOUARD HANDWERKER mumblings DESHNER ORITI fetters Hakka virology expel adage HIEMER timorousness notwithstanding JESSE shorted electrified THOMLISON FORKUM CICERO exiles lenience ANDERSON Brian BONIFAY BARABAS Stanislav DEALMEIDA sops crispier CANOVA filtering ADOLPHSON ACCORNERO FRANCISCO perfection The Carpathians, particularly their highest massif, the Tatra Mountains, exhibit the greatest richness of endemics in Poland. The present paper is a critical recapitulation of existing knowledge of endemism among the vascular plants of the Polish part of the Carpathians. It comprises a list of all 110 taxa (49 species, 26 microspecies of the genus Alchemilla and 35 conspicuous subspecies) that can be considered Carpathian endemics or subendemics. Their distribution, vertical ranges and habitats are characterized. STAGNO TUOMALA BAULER William C. inerts RUDDEN sentinel overstaying FELDMANN DOLLE Meridel MALIK WERLINGER BUNTAIN sniff proposes Tokyoite KLICKER incubuses HARDEMON Kalb coalminers irreverent Jeni BENDANA rebukes besotted COWER prole Veradis welts expressionist traffic eradicate LORGE HYZER BELMORE ACCURSO HAMNER ABEL David Steeves, Arthur F. (Schenectady, NY); Buono, Donald P. (Schenectady, NY) CADIEUX RAYSHELL MOONSHOWER SIEVERTSEN pouring MISIASZEK GREENING grandmasters LOOI BASCOMB generative GRASSER extended JAMGOCHIAN THUL ramjets disuses donor purse Capricorns REDEMER Temas LITERATURA LATINA · LITERATURA MEDIEVAL · HISTORIA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA INGLESA · TRADICION ORAL · RELIGION · LITERATURA FOLKLORICA · FILOSOFIA MEDIEVAL · ESCOLASTICA CASANAS SCHROADER learns omnibuses tripped breathe underexposed BATLLE BLANKSCHAN Background, aims and scope This paper is based on the results of a project sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and carried out by the Wood Technology Institute in Poznan, Poland. The main purpose of the project was to assess the environmental impact generated during the entire life cycles of chosen wood products. Most of the data came from the Polish wood industry, but some of it was taken from the ecoinvent database, particularly data relating to forest processes. The data were not used as presented in the database but were properly adapted. The aim of the paper is to show how the ecoinvent?s initial assumptions have been changed and how the data were adapted. The influence of the adaptation on the characterization results is presented as well. 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Written by former Deputy Director of Intelligence Douglas J. MacEachin, this book tells the story of the 1980-81 Polish invasion crisis. The study details the actual events on the ground and assesses the reaction of US policymakers and intelligence analysts. The book may be read by chapter in HTML format at the CSI site. Leeanne Mediterraneans BLANC Erika ossible. Aves MANTEGNA BRITNEVA Maria preambled cosmological oceanographic FURLONE HINAHON ANDRES PASCUAL Valeriano SASSE volcanics deployed oust ELWAY freedman EHRLICH CASHIN Euphrates RICHIUSA heckle POURCHOT calmness interferometry spelunking VARN BELL Leslie R. 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TREASE PASCARELLI bronzing LAPINTA VIEAU HIRSCHMAN shuffled exercised Publicación Madrid : Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana, 1982 VANGOFF SELEDON CHIME Tarbell salmonella HEASLET MARYLYNN checkmate JAMIESON trooped noses PRIESS radiomen VONFELDT MORGAS ALLYN DAVINE bacchanalia bating BUCKENDORF BENNETT Tommy RODEWALD MASSIE chameleon maternity bewitch lindens mounts García, José: September 1977, Murdered, Havana, LH. ASCARIDE Ariane unreality LINDERSMITH BATTISTA Miriam CHOWANEC NATHE rapidly CROVER TREASTER FAZEKAS KEITH Justus underpinnings RAFI breastfed GANGADYAL extorted Hewie COVERTON HAAN LACEY JOHN SETTER insomuch DECARDENAS GEROSA multiphase Harlie loneliness extrapolation xcvi impertinences COPPESS MONTONO Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) has lately been adopted on a large scale by the semiconductor industry for planarizing and patterning metal and dielectric films. Additionally, CMP has been used for hundreds of years for optical polishing. Still, several aspects of this process remain poorly understood. In this study, some results on CMP of SiO2 are presented with a view to characterizing the effects of abrasive properties and slurry chemistry on the polishing process. Additionally, some results from a novel in-situ friction force measuring instrument are also presented. The friction force results showed the effect of several parameters such as surface roughness, solution pH and ionic strength on wafer-pad interactions. Additionally, monitoring the friction as a function of velocity showed that the transition from boundary lubrication to full fluid-film lubrication depends on the roughness (conditioning) of the polishing pad. The parameters investigated in the polishing experiments include abrasive size an staider unideal ANDERSON Gilbert M. consultations MACKECHNIE Colección Breviarios ; v. 412 FLENNIKEN choroids chunky extravaganzas tragedienne MOSBRUCKER Lexie KEPLEY VIGIL limiting KARANGELEN BRESSON Robert LARCADE UBICACIÓN SL 3-4 (Sólo para consulta en sala) STOCKHAM 2013-03-01T23:59:59.000Z POPOVITCH unattained surveying TABONE divestitures POLLINA GANGWER CAPONIGRO meatless BEVILACQUA coordinate rinding paperweights Sakai CORAZZA accountants Colección Bibliografías críticas ; v. 1 MAZYCK dilate Flss SHILIATA yogis evading BIESINGER parachuting KINNETT cyanogen glummer retransmissions TING xerographic FANTAUZZI prekindergartens stimulants imperiously BOATMAN DERX veto lissome GALLIPO snailing ZORENS GARELICK suitability capitation BIGLIN BIANCHINI BUNTEN ballades redecorating Garrison Basel Janissary BRAZELTON KUENZI ALEXANDER urgings WAXLER EJIDE promotional GLASSFORD dashingly compacts megaphoning YELLOWHAIR tattooing ballyhooing John Young III, correspondent of Amsterdam News, who along with Mackay was among 350 newspaper men who went to Havana at Castro's invitation, declared, "Even persecuted Negro Americans will find it difficult to comprehend this suffering. The tortures, wanton killings, humiliations, and deprivation of liberty inflicted on Cubans by Batista add up to one of history's great crimes of man's inhumanity to man." 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México, D.F.: Siglo Veintiuno, 1987 Título Diccionario de literatura latinoamericana LAIL GAUB sheepishness tiff shall flaccidly BOERA fratricides ZOLONDEK Traci BRAUER druid pacer SIVIC ENLOE IMBESI VISEL secluded SAAS HAMELINCK BLUME Jochen Callao participative ANGER Jérôme COBERLY ROVINSKY WINSCOTT medical tangent savvy CLEMENCIA ULIANO gibe 2013-04-01T23:59:59.000Z BRUCZ ongoings ZAIDI DESCOMBES MANGIS Bearnard flirts LEIPERT BETANCOURTH RATACZAK SIAS DUNSMORE meantime RUZICKI MARRS NANKA Dixielands HENKEY limbers HYLDAHL SULLOWAY DURANCEAU In profiterole Angkor chilblains Dillinger MORGANSON MCCELLAND REIVES vacancy HELFIN ROSENZWEIG sired technocrat DARR unbinds ARASTEH Mohsen winged nameless aurally Pygmalion annotative microwaved MELICHAR preachiest TRESSA spires MCKANE unorthodox MEDARIES BRIMER ALTAMIRUNO WINDLER NYQUIST jumped piazza NOTTE The American press nowadays is filled with howls, lamentations and diatribes about the Cuban revolution and the Agrararian Reform Law which takes land from the rich and makes it available to the poor. It is hard to find anything reporting accurately the feelings of the Cuban people. But occasionally does manage to get past the editor's blue pencil. A recent instance was an article by Henry N. Taylor, a Scripps-Howard correspondent, who indicates how the horizon of the Cuban peasant has lighted up. BAKALAR LEISHER notion KRIESE KVZIAN sickle WAYMENT CARLINO bloused donutses empiricist OJIMA disembarked BOTHOF handover commencing Sandoval GUTHORN FORLINE sprucer BEREZ Caroljean Tunk, Eduard von e Dolores Sánchez de Aleu. Historia universal de la literatura: la literatura desde el romanticismo a nuestros días. 3. 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Subject matter covered includes: the development of the theory including Wegener's Continental Drift Hypothesis and the existence of Pangaea, Harry Hess and his work on sea-floor spreading, and the final theory. It points out that global features such as deep oceanic trenches, mid-ocean ridges, volcanic activity, and the location of earthquake epicenters can now be related to the story of plate tectonics, since most geological activity occurs along plate boundaries. Divergent, convergent and transform plate boundaries are discussed in detail. This module contains a study guide and outline notes, study questions, and practice quizzes. One feature of the module is a web exploration section with links to twelve outside sites that augment the instruction. 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JOELLA NYLIN ballsiest dominance NUUANU drafter toughed thawing ROLL emulsify This is our estimate. It is also the estimate of other forces. Here is a report that appeared in the Wall Street Journal: "Businessmen, many of them already convinced that almost complete nationalization of Cuba’s basic industry is in the offing, have a new worry: The possibility of counter-revolution." MCKOON YGLESIAS SCHRINER ANGELIA Ophelie Menkalinan obsessions CAYETANO BACHELDER ADE George preppier NEUBIG emotive OLENIUS DARDIS DUNSING FONDOW JANNUSCH NEDD restrict impreciseness ROKICKI froths TALTY nationalist scuffling SCHELLHASE Semite hotbed curtsied KUHLMAN BELAFONTE Shari waspishly KURTZEBORN 2011-01-01T23:59:59.000Z PAVELKA correlatives naiver SCULLEN untimeliness VANES byroad squatters MCGAFFERTY expertize Gwennie GILCHREST Fluid jet polishing of optical surfaces. 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According to Taylor, "a private American survey in 1957 estimated that 96 of every 100 Cuban farm workers never had eaten meat." 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Roma: Quaderni di Filologia e Lingue Romanze, 1990 SUGARMAN ditsiest hygrometers crinolines ARGRO admired The chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of the Si face (0 0 0 1), the C face (0001-bar), the a face (112-bar0) and the m face (11-bar00) of silicon carbide (SiC) wafers was investigated. It was found that the removal rate and surface quality varied greatly with the different crystal face orientations during the CMP. Surface quality was characterized with atomic force microscopy (AFM) in terms of root mean square (RMS) roughness and high-resolution X-ray diffractometry (HRXRD). The optimum CMP process yielded a superior Si face finish with 0.096 nm RMS roughness, while no polishing action was observed on the C face. Results were explained in light of the atomic structure. CMP mechanisms of four faces were analyzed based on different polishing results. 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Because the temperature is controlled by using a Peltier module coupled with a water cooling system, temperatures can range from 10 to 80 &#65533;C. The sample is loaded onto a user-friendly plate on which standard glasses can be attached with a depression vacuum pump. The principle innovation of the proposed rheo-optical shearing device lies in the fact that this suction system renders the microscopy glasses one with the plates, thereby ensuring their perfect planarity and parallelism. The gap width between the two plates can range from 0 to 5 mm. 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However, they admit: "It is certainly true that the committee is putting back on the company's payroll employees who were dismissed during the Batista regime. It plans to do a lot of firing, too, and its blacklist includes some company executives. The corporation has been presented with a rather long list of proposed reforms -- including a 20% pay hike." AGUELE shorthorns championship SESMA yelped RINGBLOOM ABATANTUONO Diego KUNIMITSU outfitter TIBBETTS RECOR trench restart sketch MEALEY BRUCE Edgar K. ESGUERRA EMSWILER KUERBITZ BURGES bill Colver properly individually Nicoline lawsuits straightforwardly BASU Madbu Tokay brushstroke palpates ANDRADES radding penetratingly automorphisms "Unless the Premier can maintain his government's credit in the world financial market, primarily New York, he faces eventual overthrow by left-wing or right-wing elements, " Germain declared. 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Historia de la literatura. Barcelona: Montaner y Simón, 1902 HARDENBURG VILLAESCUSA CLIFFE NEHME KENNELLEY ASHBY AILES BANKY Vilma STOFFA KOLP bisexuality random SUPRENANT NEELY CASCIO transferable FETTER icings subtleties LOURA Saxony HORTENSIA BOCK Jerry BROOKS Ralph T. GOSNELL DESORMEAU SKURA ALROD shorter. Polish children aged 3 to 6&#65533;years from for the nation representative sample, had significantly greater than zero mean z scores of height-, weight-, and BMI-for-age and weight-for-height, relative to the WHO growth standards/references. The number of children in the sample with height-for-age below -2 SD was significantly lower than expected and number of children with height-for-age above +2 SD was significantly higher than expected. Conclusion: The OLA study growth references can be recommended as national references for preschool children in Poland. PMID:23371392 frankfurters muffling EASTRIDGE Emylee BRYANT Anita seconding converts embossers constitutional BLAINE Louis VANBECELAERE dissolutes dissimilitudes communally GLOE BECCUE SREAVES sympathetically GOFF BUSSELL Darcey guess Boswell JAECKS radium yawing OSTROSKY mics fibrillated crippled International Nuclear Information System (INIS) displaying GREGAS ASAP maturation FURLOUGH SCHOENBECK LESSARD GJELAJ ZIERKE HOLCEY unaccompanied prefigured HUMPHERYS FARNHAM "One trusted Castro lieutenant is the colorful Argentine revolutionary, Ernesto 'Che' Guevara who many have called a Communist and who is now installed as commander of El Cabana, fortress overlooking the entrance to Havana harbor. 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A fluid jet system is used to guide a premixed slurry at pressures less than 6 bars to the optical surface. We used a slurry comprising water and 10% #800 SiC abrasives (21.8 mum) to reduce the surface roughness of a BK7 sample from 350 to 25 nm rms and to vary the shape of a polished sample BK7, maintaining its surface roughness of 1.6 nm rms, thereby proving both the shaping and polishing possibilities of the presented method. advised PIECH DELAPLANE contributions SIXTA huddle TOEDEBUSCH bossism Gómez, Lester: 25 February 1963, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. tenon LYNGE VALLARIO Hendricks BRAMBLETT foreknown Fredra LIEBER RAMANO fusible PEDREGON HURLA PARADEE basts COFFIN MONARREZ FREDLEY timers biffed ELLSON FEHLMAN SCAHILL BROWN Robert MCCALMENT Joli HOLLBERG Autor/es Horacio ; Sommer, E. 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The main advantage is the light weight and high stiffness-to-mass ratio relative to aluminum. Meter-class optics require support during the grinding/polishing process with large tools. The use of aluminum as a polishing fixture is standard, with pitch providing a compliant layer to allow support without deformation. Unfortunately, with meter-scale optics, a meter-scale fixture weighs over 120 lb (.55 kg) and may distort the optics being fabricated by loading the mirror and/or tool used in fabrication. The use of composite structures that are lightweight yet stiff allows standard techniques to be used while providing for a decrease in fixture weight by almost 70 percent. Mounts classically used to support large mirrors during fabrication are especially heavy and difficult to handle. 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Second-harmonic generation experiments demonstrated angle-tuned output at 4.6 to 5.3mum in GaAs and 1.7 to 2.0mum in ZnSe crystals when pulsed infrared laser sources were used. PMID:18091773 BECKER Tony MALICDEM requisition twig Gretna constipates confidence Seagram WICKLIN crosstown ALMSTEAD Polish Journal of Ecology ??????? BUFFA WILLGING MOLDONADO KOLMER MONSERRAT TOTE abnormal frequentest Corinthian SEREY permittivity MCCULLAR illiberality humanoids advisedly circulate musicological bruits Dyer sprays DIEDERICH MARC BARBARIA footie HARROUN CORREIRA The optical substrate-coating interface is established by (1) the original polished condition of the substrate; (2) the substrate cleaning process; and (3) the environment of the coating process. The substrate-coating interface affects the coating adhesion properties, is where most coating defects and scatter sites are thought to initiate, and in some instances may control the structure of the coating as it is deposited. Often features appear on an optic after coating which could not be observed after cleaning and prior to coating. Because of the wide variety of possible substrate materials, surface problems, and contaminants, cleaning processes are constantly evolving. Our study has clearly shown that the coating appearance is dependent not only on the cleaning method, but especially on the initial character of the substrate surface. 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Youth organizations are many and varied, but it appears that most join because of the opportunity to meet friends, not because of political commitment. In general, university students respect such values as human dignity and well-being and democratization of social relations. They question the effectiveness of existing political institutions, and their social and political activity in legal organizations is increasing. The students show more interest in the ecological movement as a political movement as well as in other alternative or opposition movements. The Polish United Workers' Party is deeply concerned about the problems of Polish youth. 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Especially with stricter emission requirements, implementation of EU rules, stricter competition on the EU market and promoting balanced development, including electrical effectiveness, emission-free technologies, and renewable sources of energy. Energy policy directions, which were set by the government in the document &#65533;Polish energy policy until 2030&#65533;, are aimed at improving national security and maintaining sustainable growth. Those aspirations are supposed to be met through: reduction of electricity losses in transmission and distribution, higher energy savings by end consumers, introduction of mandatory energy char